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Don’t Know These Three Things About Buying A Bathroom Infrared Heater? Beware Of Being Fooled!

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House renovation, bathroom installed Bathroom Infrared Heater are becoming more and more common, many people say installed Bathroom Infrared Heater regret, regret not installed earlier!

Bathroom is also one of the small appliances to enhance the sense of well-being, without a bath, the moment after the winter shower to get dressed is really too cold, so the bathroom at home is really necessary to install a bath, that bath should be how to choose it? Today, Seven is going to tell you about three aspects of Bathroom Infrared Heater.

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Types Of Bathroom Infrared Heater

There are four main types of Bathroom Infrared Heater commonly available on the market today.

1. Heating Lamps

Using the thermal radiation heating principle of infrared light bulbs, rapid indoor heating can be achieved. However, due to the small heating range, users often have hot heads and cold feet.

640 2 112. Carbon Fiber Bathroom Infrared Heater.

Heating through carbon fiber heat, heat up fast, long service life. But because the carbon fiber reflective layer is often exposed outside, it is easy to absorb dust over time, which affects the heating effect, the box is easy to get hot, and there are safety hazards that can easily cause fire.

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3. Air-Heated Bath Heater.

Heat is generated through the PTC ceramic, and when air flows through the PTC and is blown out, it becomes hot air. The heat is very balanced, there is also lighting, air ventilation, air supply and other hardcore functions.

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4. Light Heating + Air Heating Type Bathroom Infrared Heater

The advantage of light heating + air heating type Bathroom Infrared Heater is that it combines the advantages of the two Bathroom Infrared Heater, to avoid the shortcomings of the two used separately, when using double heating flow Bathroom Infrared Heater, first turn on the light heating to warm the bathroom, start bathing choose to turn off the light heating open air heating, so as to avoid the glare of infrared heating bubble light and light heating type Bathroom Infrared Heater to warm the bathroom caused by uneven heat distribution.

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Bathroom Heater To Buy Points Of Note

 1. Power

The power of light heating Bathroom Infrared Heater is generally 1100w, the power of carbon fiber Bathroom Infrared Heater is generally 700-2000w, the power of air heating Bathroom Infrared Heater is generally 1500w or more, 2000w is mainstream. According to the use of the area to choose the power of the Bathroom Infrared Heater.

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2. To See The Additional Features Of The Bathroom Infrared Heater

Now there are a lot of additional features, such as lighting, hot and cold air drying, 24-hour ventilation, automatic odor sensing and other functions, and in general, the more advanced features of the Bathroom Infrared Heater, the more expensive the price, this depends on individual needs to choose.


3. See The Shape Of The Bathroom Infrared Heater

Shower is actually also very particular about the shape, after all, installed in the bathroom ceiling, if the shape is very ugly, it will affect the beauty of the whole space, but also pay attention to the thickness of the bath, width and other parameters, such as bath with 300 × 300mm, 300 × 450mm, 300 × 600mm size to choose from.

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The price is usually related to the function, relatively speaking, single-function products are less expensive; multi-function products are more expensive. Usually light and warm type Bathroom Infrared Heater are the cheapest, other types of Bathroom Infrared Heater are relatively more expensive. If economic conditions allow, you can choose a higher price products.


5. Brand And Quality Of Choice

Some of the big brand products are of good quality, safe and reliable to use, and usually offer a three-year free warranty.

High-quality soft light luminous efficiency and long service life, when choosing, should do field tests. Genuine manufacturer of Bathroom Infrared Heater are generally combined design porcelain base, the lamp base can be permanent use without maintenance. The poorer Bathroom Infrared Heater of the lamp and bulb glass shell is easy to fall off in the high temperature.

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Other Notes

1. Try Not To Choose Infrared Heating Bath Heater

The home of infants and toddlers should pay special attention to infrared infrared eyes will cause permanent damage, infants and toddlers are particularly interested in shiny things, in the bath to infants and toddlers, looking up posture will remain the longest time, which does not know to prevent the eyes of infants and toddlers will cause great harm.

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2. It Is Best To Choose A Bathtub With Two Motors

A ventilation, a blowing air heating, there are now single-motor Bathroom Infrared Heater, through the switch function to achieve blowing air and ventilation, such a Bathroom Infrared Heater in use, blowing air and ventilation can not be carried out at the same time.


3. The Best Choice Of Bath Heater Mechanical Switch

The mechanical switch is actually more economical and durable than the trendy touchscreen switch.


4. Sequence Of Use Of Bath Functions

In the use of bath heater, especially when using the heating function, it is important to pay attention to the order of use, open the heating function before opening the first to open the blowing (some bath heater switch comes with a chain function) and then according to the need to open the heating 1, heating 2; in the off heating function, the first off the heating switch to confirm that the bath heater blowing out the cool air and then off the blowing switch.

The advantage of doing so is to make the heating element quickly get a good cooling, not because of the residual heat of the heating element to speed up the entire bath heater body function aging, to extend the service life of the bath heater.

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