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Re-Exposure! Another Overage Toilet Spontaneously Combusts Causing Over $10,000 In Damage! The Toilet Is 8 Years Old, The Shower Is 8 Years Old, And The Faucet Is 5 Years Old And Has Been Scrapped, So Get Rid Of The Overage Bathroom In Your House! Too Dangerous!

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Toothbrushes have to be replaced after 1-3 months, because bent brushes can damage your teeth and gums; towels, slippers every six months to replace the new, or breeding bacteria will attack your skin. But did you know that the bathroom products you use every day also have a “safe shelf life”! According to the relevant data, the service life of household toilets is 8 years, showers 8 to 10 years, faucets 5 years. However, many families have bathroom products overdue “service” phenomenon.


Even The Best Toilet 8 Years Of Use Should Also Be Replaced!

A few days ago, the region reported users toilet overage using a sudden fire incident, fortunately, no one was in, otherwise the consequences are unimaginable, the toilet this is convenient for our life in the bath products, but overage use is very dangerous.

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Ten years ago, the use of overage toilet, the probability of safety accidents doubled. There are some potential problems with safety. And overage use will lead to toilet accumulation of a lot of dirt and bacteria, endangering skin health.


Toilet Maintenance Is Very Important

In the use of the toilet, it is necessary to do a good job of cleaning and maintenance of weekdays, the purpose of doing so on the one hand to extend the life of the toilet, on the other hand to avoid invisible bacteria affecting health.

1, we should always clean the pipe and flush hole, filter. The best way to clean the pipes and flush holes is to use a long-handled nylon brush and soapy water or neutral detergent to clean them, and it is recommended to clean them at least once a week. The filter should be cleaned at least once a month.

2, the toilet ring bacteria, to focus on cleaning. The toilet rim is very easy to get bacteria, so it should be cleaned after using the toilet. In addition, the toilet is easy to stain urine stains, feces and other dirt, after flushing if there are still traces, must be promptly removed with a toilet brush, or easy to form macular stains, will also breed mold and bacteria.

3, the inner edge of the toilet at the outlet and the outside of the base should also be cleaned. In addition to the pipe near the mouth, the inside edge of the toilet at the outlet and the base of the outer side are hidden dirt and dirt places, cleaning the toilet first lifted up, and with a clean toilet spray inside, after a few minutes, and then toilet brush thoroughly scrubbed again, preferably with a fine head of the brush, so that can better clean the inside edge of the toilet and pipe deep. Then scrub the base and other crevices.


The Best Faucet Is Reported For 5 Years

“Our faucet doesn’t leak either, I thought it would last a lifetime, so why do we need to replace it?” For the citizens of Mr. Sun, he is the first time I heard that the faucet also has a “shelf life”.

According to expert advice, for the home is using the drinking water faucet, no matter how good the brand, the best 5 years must be replaced once, because the general use of more than 5 years of copper faucet and water pipes, lead release will increase, was drinking, easy to affect the human nervous system, lead poisoning often appear after fatigue, depression, heart failure, hypertension and other symptoms. Therefore, it is best to change the kitchen faucet every 5 years. And for the laundry and other non-drinking water faucet, with a long time is not much of a problem, but 6-8 years also need to be replaced.

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Faucet Maintenance Is Very Important

After installing the faucet, the surface of the dirt fingerprints and other recommendations every other month to clean, rinse the surface with water with a soft cloth to wipe dry; and the appearance of the brightness maintenance can be a month with car wax cleaning once. The surface cleaning is for the sake of beauty, internal cleaning is the most important factor affecting the service life. In addition, if the faucet appears to reduce the amount of water or water diversion, it means that the faucet’s bubbler is blocked, then you should remove the bubbler, soak it in vinegar, use a small brush or other tools to clean the debris, and then reinstall it.


The Safe Life Of A Shower Is 8 Years.

According to industry insiders, the safe service life of the shower room is 8 years, because the shower room tempered glass, after a long time, the metal pulley that fixed the glass is easy to damp and rust, the adhesive will also age. In addition, most showers self-destruct for reasons related to long-term improper use.

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Even The Best Showers Need Maintenance.

First, the maintenance of the pulley

1, avoid the following force ramming shower room activity door, so as not to cause the activity of the door off;

2, pay attention to regular cleaning bath room slides, pulleys, slider, add lubricant (lubricant or lubricating wax);

3, regularly adjust the adjustment of the slider screws, to ensure that the slider on the shower room activity door of the effective load and good sliding;

Second, the maintenance of tempered glass

1, do not use sharp objects to hit or impact the shower room Glass surface, so as to avoid damage;

2, do not use the corrosive liquid to wipe the shower glass surface, so as not to destroy the surface gloss;

3, do not use coarse material to wipe the shower glass surface, to avoid scratches.

Three, the maintenance of aluminum alloy frame

Oxidation coloring products (refers to gold, silver, silver, brushed silver and other surface coloring class): these products relative to the electrostatic coating products are not easy to fade, but can’t use rough materials to wipe the surface, more can’t use sharp objects to engrave the surface. If stains appear on the surface of the aluminum shower, please use a neutral detergent to clean the surface and wipe it off.

Bathroom products overage use has been the most serious problem, bathroom is not clothes, broken can be repaired, once the failure or overage use, there are very big security risks, light or injury or lead to death, so on the one hand, we must buy regular brand products, on the other hand, must be eliminated home overage use of bathroom products in a timely manner.


In Addition To Overage, What Bath Must Be Changed?

Replace The Bathroom Without 3C Certification

3C certification is “compulsory product certification system”, which is a kind of product evaluation policy system implemented by the state in order to protect consumers’ personal safety and national security, and strengthen product quality management in accordance with laws and regulations, so no 3C certification is illegal. Smart toilets are electrical bathroom products, the state regulations in the domestic sales of smart toilets, must do 3C certification; In addition, the shower glass must also be certified by 3C.

Counterfeit And Shoddy Products Must Be Replaced

Sanitary brand and product counterfeiting has existed for many years, counterfeit and shoddy products are even more terrible than over-age sanitary products, the quality supervision of industrial and commercial sampling failed in many areas in recent years, most of which are counterfeit and shoddy, and frequent registration of quality supervision and industrial and commercial law enforcement sampling black list, these products are generally to save production costs, and intentionally jerry-built, not in accordance with safety standards of production, these products are mostly extremely cheap, several times below the average retail price of the market, if you have these products at home, please replace them in a timely manner, so as to avoid unnecessary losses to the home due to poor quality products, is no child’s play.



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