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Eight Pitfalls Of Buying A Bathroom, See If You’ve Fallen Into The Trap?

Bathroom Business School

One. Counterfeit Origin

The vast majority of ceramic bathroom on the market are produced in Guangdong, Guangdong products, whether in quality, style or brand are slightly better, has also been recognized by most consumers. It is the use of consumers of this psychology, some unscrupulous businesses such as the floor around 2000 in the “European classical event”, the same will not be made in Guangdong is not the hard ceramic bathroom package made in Guangdong packaging, cheating consumers, in order to figure out illegal profits.


Second, To Fake The Real Thing

On the market, brand-name bathroom whether in color or style, are leading the fashion trend, to attract the eyes of many consumers. Therefore, some businesses use consumers to pursue the brand psychology, the production of some imitation brand style bathroom, the price is only half or one-third of the brand name, some consumers because of greedy cheap to buy this imitation products, but not the brand’s service and quality assurance.

Eight Pitfalls Of Buying A Bathroom, See If You've Fallen Into The Trap? - Blog - 1


Third, The Act Of Switching

Although consumers fancy branded products in the store, but unexpectedly some unscrupulous businesses have taken the act of switching, to be delivered to consumers at home when it is the same style of the other branded bathrooms. If consumers have objections, then return the product, if consumers do not see the flaw, the opportunity to earn the difference in price.


Four, Not Marked Price

In some sanitary stores, not all goods have a price tag. Often unscrupulous businesses only marked out one of the lower price of goods, to be asked by consumers of other goods, to take advantage of the opportunity to inflate prices, so that consumers unwittingly into the price trap designed by the business.

All of these are some of the illegal businesses on the market for profit and misdeeds, consumers in the choice of ceramic sanitary ware must beware of all kinds of fraudulent businesses. Professionals say, just in case, consumers are still to some regular brand business selection of products better.

Eight Pitfalls Of Buying A Bathroom, See If You've Fallen Into The Trap? - Blog - 2


Five, Defective Products Low Price Input Refined Housing Market

“There is a huge demand from large real estate companies, but they are also very aggressive in suppressing manufacturers’ prices, keeping them very low. So, building materials dealers do the hardcover housing market brand profit is very low, even no profit.”

General ceramic sanitary ware products themselves have levels of points, mainly divided into premium and qualified products (or called B products), the so-called premium is the best quality ceramic sanitary ware finished products, the testing of the products are up to standard; and qualified products are selected from the finished product, slightly defective products, mainly due to color difference, size deviation, flatness and other problems and can not be included in the premium defective products.


Sixth, Cost Savings, Engineering Class Bathroom To Reduce The Formula Standard

With the tightening of the retail market in recent years, home improvement and engineering channels have undoubtedly become the eyes of many sanitary ware enterprises, “meat and potatoes”, in order to seize the engineering market, many companies showed the “engineering special products” slogan, some companies even said open up a special engineering Class bathroom production line. In addition to open up an engineering sanitary product line is unrealistic, the so-called “engineering special products” sometimes just small and medium-sized brands in the original production line, lower raw material allocation standards for the production of products.

Eight Pitfalls Of Buying A Bathroom, See If You've Fallen Into The Trap? - Blog - 3


Seven, Business “Steal The Dragon To The Phoenix”

Due to fierce competition in the engineering channel, the backlog of qualified sanitary products exist to be “civet for prince” situation, through the replacement of packaging and other ways mixed into the terminal retail market, mixed with superior products sold to consumers.

Premium and qualified products factory, most of the standardized manufacturers will be marked on the packaging, store retail process businesses are also obliged to inform consumers of the level of purchased products. However, there are still some loopholes in the market: bad businessmen to replace or remove packaging, qualified products posing as premium products to sell; small and medium bathroom brand does not follow the rules of packaging, according to the dealer requirements to pack the factory products, fish eyes mixed with pearls and other phenomena occur from time to time.


Eight, The Agent Shady

Currently called foreign selling point of the bathroom shop or bathroom products accounted for half of the mountain, but the real import of bathroom products is rare.

At the same time, bathroom products to obtain foreign “birth certificate”, must pass customs inspection and obtain a customs declaration, bill of lading, container invoices and other full proof. However, the reporter visited and found that some claim that the import brand of sanitary ware products can not get a valid import credentials.

Customs declarations are easy to get, as long as the sanitary ware produced in China to ship abroad, outside the “packaging”, and then shipped back to domestic sales, so that to get the customs declaration, the value of the product soared several times. However, this customs declaration is limited to a batch of goods import certificate, some unscrupulous businessmen will use the customs declaration, falsely claiming that each batch of products are imported, some consumers do not know much about this, it is easy to be fooled.

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