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Bathroom Remodeling Tips

You don’t have to go to the study room for a day, but you have to go to the bathroom everyday.

Therefore, the decoration of the bathroom can not be ignored, if the decoration is not good, it will directly affect the comfort of the house.Follow below the remodeling tips to renovate your bathroom!


First, the bathroom layout

How to put down the toilet, bathtub, basin sink,bathroom faucet in a limited space?

How to separate dry and wet, keep it clean, easy to use, set up bright lighting and ventilation?It’s of importance to decorate the layout of a bathroom.

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Second, the selection of materials

Material selection, should use less cloth, solid wood…etc.,but choose more anti-corrosion, anti-rust, waterproof and breathable materials.

Especially for ceilings, you should choose a material that is breathable and moisture-resistant, because the water vapor and moisture in the bathroom can cause the ceiling to deteriorate and rot.

1) For families who come again and for children, choose non-slip bricks, such as a woolen pattern on the surface or a raised floor tile.

2)If for the bathroom faucets,the good quality copper will be best as it’s Inhibition of bacteria,also it’s durable and long life time.

3) If a bathtub is used, the height of the waterproof material is higher than the upper edge of the bathtub.


Third, the bathroom height

The bathroom equipment needs to be installed at a suitable height. If too high or too low ,it will be inconveniently, reducing the comfort of life.

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1) The height of the rain shower head is between 205 and 210 cm.

2) The height of the basin sink is about 80 cm, and the width of the left and right should not be less than 50 cm.

3) The height of the mirror should not be lower than 90 cm and the top should not exceed 200 cm.


Fourth, the colors of the bathroom design

The bathroom itself gives a feeling of dampness and darkness, and the sense of urgency is stronger, so it is best not to use dark colors for the color of the bathroom.

1) Try to choose elegant and fresh colors, such as white.Meanwhile the faucets and bathroom accessories should be matching the whole color of the bathroom.

The most popular colors are chrome,white and chrome,PVD gold,brushed nickel,matte black…etc



2) Put green storage in the bathroom, you can suddenly make the bathroom full of life.


Fifth,Bathroom moisture and ventilation

 Many people will ask, why does my bathroom always have a taste? Why is it blocked sewer? In fact, this problem has been doomed as early as design and practical.

1) The floor drain is generally 2% of the slope adjustment, but in many cases the actual slope adjustment is only 1%. This is mainly to consider the aesthetics of the slope laying caused by the slope adjustment. The bigger the slope is, the less likely it is to accumulate water.



2) If there is no windows in the bathroom, install at least one exhaust fan to keep the bathroom dry.

3) After the remodeling of the bathroom is completed, a waterproof test should be carried out to check whether there is leakage on the surrounding wall and the ground,in case of the the water in the toilet be blocked.This is the key point to ensuring the quality of the waterproof project of the bathroom.

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