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Toilet paper holder tips

Small toilet paper holders contain a lot of knowledge

In life,there are always some small assistant, make our life more convenient.
A clean and convenient BATHROOM is decorated with bathtub,shower, toilet, basin. But in addition to these play a role, some BATHROOOM ACCESSORIES also play an indispensable role.


Some families, the bathroom does not have a toilet paper rack, toilet paper will be placed at random in the corner, not only unsanitary, but also not be found at crucial moment.

At this time, you need to equip the toilet with a close companion – the toilet paper holder, to give yourself the convenience at your fingertips.

There are actually many types of toilet paper holders: uncovered toilet paper holders, flip toilet paper holders, platform toilet paper holders, toilet paper trays, double toilet paper holders, and combination toilet paper holders…

There are so many types of toilet paper holders, how do you choose the one that suits you?

Moisture-proof assistant – toilet paper tray

In the bathroom, there are often such awkward situations: when the toilet is needed, the toilet paper is found to be wet!

In some bathrooms, there is no separation between wet and dry, the bathroom is connected to the shower area, or adjacent to the sink basin. After washing hands or showers, water will be splashed on the toilet paper. And in such a bathroom, toilet paper is also very easy to wet.

Solving this problem is very simple, a toilet paper tray can be solved. Fully enclosed design to fully protect toilet paper.

Simple – no cover toilet paper holder

Modern people, the decoration is more pursuit of simplicity. Under the premise of retaining the basic functions of the product, the shape is as simple as possible, which can make the bathroom space more simple and beautiful. In these spaces, it is suitable to fit a non-covered toilet paper holder.

480908BN toilet paper holder

It can be used as a toilet paper holder or as a towel ring at any time. It is extremely simple and practical.

480908BYB recessed toilet paper holder

Intimate design – platform toilet paper holder

The platform with a toilet paper holder is designed to combine the paper holder with the storage.

The upper part of the toilet paper holder is used to temporarily store small items such as mobile phones and keys, and the lower part stores the toilet paper being used. When you go to the bathroom, you don’t have to worry about the phone going to the toilet.

480926BYB paper holder

Be prepared – double toilet paper holder

If the toilet paper is used up in a critical moment, then it will be embarrassing. The general toilet paper holder is designed for a roll of toilet paper and has no storage location. In order to make it easier to replace the toilet paper and avoid the occurrence of embarrassing in the use, the double toilet paper holder was born.

482031BYB paper holder

Toilet paper holders, according to the style, it is simple variety. Everyone needs to choose the toilet paper holder that suits them according to the actual bathroom decoration. The purchase of small toilet paper holders also has great knowledge.



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