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Bathroom, The Last Line Of Defense For Adults Escaping Reality

Bathroom Business School

Bathroom, The Last Line Of Defense For Adults Escaping Reality - Blog - 1

If you have 100 square feet in your home.

How much space are you willing to leave for the bathroom?

If only 50 square feet.

And how much space are you willing to leave for the bathroom?


In Japan, where the living space per capita is pitifully small worldwide, even a one-bedroom apartment house can take up 20% of the family’s total bathroom space.

According to the barrel theory, if the bathroom is the short of the whole family, then the bathroom determines the quality of life of a family. In the 2019 Home Living and Consumer Trends Report, it is mentioned that the bathroom is the fastest growing home space in terms of attention, and small, beautiful, high-quality bathroom designs will have a huge market space.

Bathroom, The Last Line Of Defense For Adults Escaping Reality - Blog - 2

The soaking bath scene in “Like Father, Like Son

The bathroom is the quintessential place to express the fantasy of how you would spend your money if you had it,” says Paul Fussell. It’s a showroom for families to aspire to nice things: chrome basins, fancy trim, magazine racks, small utensils, bottles and jars, creams, skin lotions, even water containers for flower arrangements and electric toothbrushes make an appearance in there.”

Nowadays, Chinese people pay more and more attention to the bathroom, and young people are more willing to spend money for the bathroom. From the former “copper kitchen and iron bathroom” to the current “gold kitchen and silver bathroom”, the bathroom is no longer just a simple toilet + shower space, it has even begun to replace the living room, as a most private entertainment space.



The Bathroom Is A Short-Lived Adult

The Last Line Of Defense To Escape Reality

The Japanese have a sophisticated and interesting outlook on life and bathroom culture.

In “Peeping into the Toilet”, written by a contemporary Japanese stage designer, Oko Kawarito, we show the toilets of various celebrities in Japan, their understanding of bathrooms, and even their eccentricities related to bathrooms.

Bathroom, The Last Line Of Defense For Adults Escaping Reality - Blog - 3

In the toilet of a poet, there are postcards with Latin mottoes on them; the phrase “Talking about ass, I want to wash it” in the toilet copy of the advertiser, Kishi, was thought up after experiencing TOTO’s warm-wash toilet and discussing “the value of this 150,000 yen” with the other party; in some homes, there are special urinals for men; some people even move their computers and fax machines into the toilet to save space, making it a small workplace ……

The more you know how to live, the more interesting the bathroom becomes. Hang pictures in the bathroom, arrange flowers in the bathroom, light candles in the bathroom, and even bring a dresser into the bathroom to make waves all you want.

Bathroom, The Last Line Of Defense For Adults Escaping Reality - Blog - 4

Source: “Teddy Bear

In this absolutely private and intimate space, all the objects that appear are only for your body. They don’t even have to be trendy, fashionable, or win over your friends, just the function they serve, the scent they give off, the effect they produce, and the fact that they actually make you more comfortable is the biggest benefit.

Because for adults, the bathroom is the last line of defense for their brief escape from reality. When the door to the bathroom is closed, this is a space that is completely your own. A door that no partner, parent or child can push open without permission.

According to Jingdong “bathroom bathing habits survey”, 63.4% of people will first go to wash their hands and change their clothes when they get home, the bathroom is a space for them to relax themselves and switch states. Some people choose to relax quietly in the bathroom, while others choose to brush jitterbug, watch the news, or listen to music and play games.

The 35-year-old Dong Ran Ran is a mother of two children. It’s a “habit” of Dong Ran Ran after she had two children. It’s a good idea to go to the bathroom before you can’t stand it any longer. The actual time of the day, you’ll be able to get the most out of the day. The actual actuality is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a little bit of a few of these.

Bathroom, The Last Line Of Defense For Adults Escaping Reality - Blog - 5

Dong Ran Ran said, “After having a child, every room in the house is a child’s room, and probably only the bathroom is really my own. Actually, my husband has been sharing the responsibility of taking care of the family, but the two children can be really overwhelming at times. I don’t want to be comforted by long speeches or hear the ‘every mom must go through’ chicken soup, I just want to be left alone for a while.”

For adults, the bathroom has its own “do not disturb” properties, quickly calming the surroundings, physically and psychologically isolating distractions and allowing the mind to focus and work quickly, a space that is most conducive to inspiration. Says Epson Welsh, “The bathroom is now the receptacle of intelligence, and every fool who comes here for convenience pretends to write down what other fools have already written.”

The bathroom is a source of inspiration for Tao Zhang, a creative director of an advertising agency. Tao Chang says, “All my five-star ideas and plans were thought up while sitting on the toilet or in the shower.”

For this reason, the bathroom at home took a lot of care and consideration from Juan Tao: the 10 square meters of space is divided into washroom, laundry, storage, shower and toilet; the color scheme is calm, soft and explosive, with gradient cement tiles and a colorful tile puzzle opposite the toilet; and the atmosphere is created with work in mind, with a Marshall Bluetooth speaker …… installed in the storage area. Back home, the bathroom becomes a place for Juan Tao to communicate with creative people from home and abroad, stimulating him to create more inspirations.

Bathroom, The Last Line Of Defense For Adults Escaping Reality - Blog - 6

Source: Shame On You But Useful

Nowadays, Chinese people are becoming more and more aware of the delicate and interesting aesthetic side of the bathroom, after all, everyone has to go to the bathroom every day, and when you go to the bathroom, you are not just going to the bathroom. It’s where your physical and spiritual instincts are opened, where you have memories and aspirations, where you can have a flash of light, and where you can look down on the world. The world is yours only when you get along with yourself.



When The Body Doesn’t Feel Good

Let The Bathroom Soothe You.

A less-than-fancy bathroom can probably only be called a toilet. A bathroom shouldn’t just mean a toilet, a showerhead and a roll of toilet paper. It should have more hidden functions than just satisfying basic cleaning needs. For example, when you’re tired, you can light a candle with essential oils, take a shower and soak in the water, which is better than drinking and watching movies.

In the opinion of R. Keith Sawyer, a psychologist at the University of Washington, a bathroom is incomplete without a bathtub, just as a life is incomplete without love. According to his research in the “science of human innovation”, the bathtub and bed are most likely to trigger creative inspiration, and such inspiration may be able to change the world.

There are a lot of tune about “bathtub is not practical” on the Internet. For people who are not used to bathtub, it is true that installing a bathtub is a suspicion of pomp and circumstance. But the bigger reason is not clear own demand, this pot actually should not let the bathtub to carry.

In fact, bathtubs are the choice of more and more families. A bathtub is considered a kind of spa from the physical to the spiritual, and only those who have experienced it know the various flavors.

Bathroom, The Last Line Of Defense For Adults Escaping Reality - Blog - 7

Source: “The Reason I Can’t Fall In Love

The bathtub has evolved to fit all sizes of bathrooms, so don’t think that only a large mansion can match the bathtub. In the case that there is no large space and cannot install the standard size bathtub, you may wish to consider the small mini bathtub or Japanese deep soaking tub, which can also relieve fatigue. Small bathroom can choose to buy small bathtub, the smallest can be 0.8 meters long, Japanese-style bathtub can even be as small as 0.6 meters.

In these years, the concept of wet and dry separation is also gaining more and more attention. The Japanese four separation is the world recognized reasonable layout: the dynamic line is reasonable, clean and sanitary, can be used separately without interfering with each other. The four separate areas are toilet, washroom, bathroom and laundry room. If possible, the bathroom can be equipped with underfloor heating, air heaters and electric towel racks. In the south where there is no heating, these two artifacts make it so you never have to shiver to take a bath again.

If you already own a bathtub, the smell is probably the most important part of the bathroom that needs a makeover.

Because aromas are the one thing you don’t see in a bathroom that’s classy.

In the UK, there are two things you will invariably find in an upper class bathroom: the Mason Pearson hairbrush and the Kent County Wooden Comb. They are trusted symbols of social status, just as aromatic toilet paper and a pink johnny rug are symbols of the middle class.

According to the BOE’s “Bathroom Bathing Habits Survey” report, 33% of respondents said that a good bathroom condition would greatly increase their positive feelings about the place, and nearly 40% of them said that a bathroom with a favorite scent is the most important.

Nowadays, some public bathrooms in shopping malls and other public restrooms are designed with fragrance dispensers concealed in the plasterboard ceiling, which emit a fragrance every 45 minutes or an hour. The pleasant scent directly enhances people’s positive feelings about the bathroom. With a little thought, a bathroom can smell classy.



A Bathroom Where You Can’t Drink And Read And Fall In Love.

Not A Good Bathroom.

The bathroom is the space in the home that integrates the most functions per unit area, and it can be particularly cluttered when it is poorly designed. Therefore, the bathroom is the place where you spend the most money.

Designer Wu Wei says, “In my home space design, there is a concept of ‘space retention index’, which is the time people spend in this space. Modern people spend more and more time in the bathroom, and a lot of changes in their living conditions take place in this space. Such as washing here before going to bed and then enter the state of rest, after waking up from here to enter the state of work, after work from here to switch back to the state of life ……”

Bathroom, The Last Line Of Defense For Adults Escaping Reality - Blog - 8

Source: “Toilet Goddess

“I think the bathroom has become an ‘energy storage center’ for people, a space where we make ourselves alive when we go from a very tired state in this space, and where we also need this space for energy storage transformation when we go from a working state to a rested state.”

In terms of use function, a bathroom where you can’t drink and read a book and talk about love is not considered a premium bathroom. Because today’s bathrooms also need to take on the role of a private entertainment room.

Wu Wei said, “More and more people are accustomed to using their mobile phones in the bathroom, and I will listen to online classes and audio while taking a shower. Living room and functional enrichment is a major trend in the development of bathrooms. For this reason, the bathroom has gone from once being placed in an inconspicuous corner to now occupying a location with better light and views, and growing in size, all representing the status of the bathroom.”

Bathroom, The Last Line Of Defense For Adults Escaping Reality - Blog - 9

With the proliferation of smart homes, bathrooms are becoming more and more technologically advanced. A modern bathroom, it will have a smart toilet, there will also be dechlorination and even a shower with aromatherapy essential oils, there is an automatic dimming, de-fogging, a smart vanity mirror with triple magnification, there is a singing Bluetooth speaker bath, the smart home can even do a switch to control the temperature of the water coming out of all the faucets. These are not the future, but have already been realized, and have mature products.

Hu Rui, founder of Rui Zhi Space Design said: “As people spend more time in the bathroom, the more functional the bathroom will be. Of course, young people have requirements for value, and they prefer minimalist style. 80% of customers will choose in-wall sanitary ware, in-wall spray nozzles, wall-mounted toilets, hanging bathroom cabinets, etc. I will pay special attention to the materials used in the bathroom. I would pay special attention to the materials used to decorate the bathroom and would not design it to be a space with tiles on all sides to keep it from feeling like a cold bathroom. Now the bathroom decoration materials have become more and more integrated with other spaces, such as using nano-cement and micro-cement.”

In Hu Rui’s view, the bathroom’s “seniority” is very delicate.

He said: “More and more people are used to carry out make-up and body care steps in the bathroom, so the choice of the bathroom mirror, will tend to choose a mirror with a light source function, and the light source should be played from the front of the face, in order to better play the function of the make-up mirror. Many people are used to reading or swiping their phones on the toilet, so the overhead light source near the toilet will also increase. And shower lighting will be relaxing with light strips, niches, etc. A combination of flood, point and functional light sources, such as wall sconces and other artistic effects will also be used. The color temperature of the bathroom lighting must be between 3000K and 3500K.”

“The lifestyles of young people in big cities have changed dramatically from what they used to be, and the functions and scenes in bathrooms have also changed dramatically. In the bathroom decoration design, pay attention to the practicality of the supremacy of the basis, the pursuit of value, through the design of lighting, the use of emerging materials, go to make the bathroom value higher. On top of practicality, all things in the bathroom can be presented like works of art.” Hu Rui concluded.

Bathroom, The Last Line Of Defense For Adults Escaping Reality - Blog - 10



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