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Data | Which Is The Strongest R&D Investment Of Pan-Home Listed Companies? High-Level Talent Demand Growth

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Data | Which Is The Strongest R&D Investment Of Pan-Home Listed Companies? High-Level Talent Demand Growth - Blog - 1

Investment in R&D is an important support for companies to maintain high growth. In the past year, despite the impact of the epidemic. The innovation path of these 30 pan-home companies did not stop. 2020 R&D investment amounted to over 3.8 billion yuan, up 12% year-on-year from 2019.

A few days ago, kitchen and bathroom information based on a sample of 30 A-share listed companies related to the pan-home, their R & D investment analysis. 2020 R & D investment of more than 100 million yuan, a total of 15, respectively, Oppein home, Magmeter, Topband, Kinlong hardware, Diou home, Dongpeng Holdings, Zhibang home, Jianlin home, Sofia, Huida bathroom, Xilinmen, Solux technology, Gold Medal Kitchen, Goodluck, a total of more than 3.4 billion yuan. Oppein Home ranked first, with 699 million yuan.



Xinyu Technology, Jielilai, Songlin Technology R & D investment ratio ranked in the top three

Sofia R&D expenditure capitalization

From the perspective of R&D investment ratio, Magmitech, Xinyu Technology, Jielilai, Topband and Songlin ranked in the top five. Among the top ten companies, eight companies invested more than 5% in R&D.

Data | Which Is The Strongest R&D Investment Of Pan-Home Listed Companies? High-Level Talent Demand Growth - Blog - 2

Note: The net profit in this article is the net profit after deducting the non-net profit

As Magmite, Topband belongs to the transmission and distribution of gas, instrumentation and apparatus industry, sanitary ware is a secondary business, R & D investment and the proportion are higher than the home ceramic kitchen industry. Excluding these two companies, R & D investment ratio of the top three for Xingyu Technology, Jielilai, Songlin Technology, are kitchen and bathroom companies. It is worth noting that the three companies in 2020 withholding non-net profit increase are down state.

Data | Which Is The Strongest R&D Investment Of Pan-Home Listed Companies? High-Level Talent Demand Growth - Blog - 3

From the viewpoint of the number of R&D staff to total employees, Magmite and Topband ranked first and second. They are followed by Seagull Sumitomo, with 19.96% of R&D staff; Zhibang Home, with 17.69% of R&D staff; Solux Technology, with 15.91 of R&D staff; Jianlin Home, with 14.46% of R&D staff; and Oppein Home, with 13.85% of R&D staff.

In addition, 30 companies, Topband and Sofia have capitalized R&D expenditures, accounting for 22.52% and 2.48% respectively. capitalization of R&D expenditures is a very rare situation in the home furnishing industry, which can also be seen from the number of companies. Basically, most of the household manufacturing enterprises choose to expense all the R&D expenditures. This phenomenon is also reflected in international kitchen and bathroom companies, most of which are also recorded in the statement of sales and general expenses.


Kitchen and bathroom companies’ demand for high-level, highly educated, and complex talents grows

Employee education structure is also critical to the further development of enterprises, and in the past two years, many head companies to improve entry-level education requirements. Kitchen and bathroom information learned that for basic positions such as copywriting, entry requirements for full-time undergraduate graduates. For middle-level and above positions such as manager and above, a full-time bachelor’s degree is required at least, and a full-time master’s and a doctoral degree is required for senior management positions and professional positions.

Among the 30 companies in the statistics, 8 companies have more than 20% of undergraduate and above employees. In addition to Magmite and Topband, Ile Home, Kinlong Hardware, Zhibang Home and Xilinmen ranked in the top three. They are closely followed by Hotata, Solux, and Oppein Home.

The pan-home industry is currently facing a shortage of talent, especially in the ceramic sanitary industry. Ceramic sanitary ware industry personnel can be simply divided into skill-based, management, marketing. Among them, skilled personnel refers to the professional basis of a discipline, but also the professional basis of this discipline and the industry fully integrated talent. Management talent as ceramic sanitary ware manufacturing technology and market ability aggregator, is the industry’s management of composite talent, need to have a comprehensive understanding of the entire industry chain. Marketing talent as the main sales staff, need to have a certain understanding of the entire terminal market, while taking on the challenge of multi-channel development capabilities.

At present, China’s ceramic sanitary ware type industry skilled personnel counterparts of the university mainly for Jingdezhen University of Ceramics, Jiangxi Ceramic Arts and Crafts Vocational and Technical College, and South China University of Technology, materials science-related professional. In recent years, due to the development of information technology production, the industry has recruited a lot of information technology talent, software development, structure development of high-tech talent at high salaries. And management-oriented talents are more from internal promotion or recruiting electrical and other elites with high level industry. And most of these talents enter the R & D and front-end positions, the production line and other positions mostly recruit low education, experienced / inexperienced mobile personnel.

Among the 30 listed companies, the number of production staff accounted for more than 50% of the number of companies reached 23, while 30 companies with less than college education (high school and below) accounted for more than 40%.

Ceramic sanitary ware manufacturing industry due to high temperature, high humidity production environment, in the case of the old group of production workers retired or left the job, the major companies are currently facing recruitment difficulties, especially during the order blast, ball millers, loaders and unloaders and other front-line production workers are particularly difficult to recruit. In Chaozhou, for example, the average office worker in Chaozhou, with a monthly salary of about 3,000-4,000 yuan, while front-line production workers at one time the highest salary up to 20,000,000 / month. Young people do not want to enter the production line, the older generation retired, with the mouth gap facing an expanding situation. In addition, the kitchen and bathroom information released “Data | Pan-home listed companies female executives only 23%” pointed out that the current age of the main managers are mainly concentrated in the age of 38 years old or more, the number of 50 years old or more accounted for 49%. Companies are facing a period of transition between the old and new, young people have more new ideas, companies in the staffing structure, development plans will reflect the young ideas side.

In general, ceramic sanitary ware is still facing the problem of effective delivery of counterpart talent.

Data | Which Is The Strongest R&D Investment Of Pan-Home Listed Companies? High-Level Talent Demand Growth - Blog - 4

Data | Which Is The Strongest R&D Investment Of Pan-Home Listed Companies? High-Level Talent Demand Growth - Blog - 5



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