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Global Bathroom Market|Chinese Bathroom In Bangladesh

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Over the past decade, Bangladesh’s ceramics industry has become one of the country’s pillar industries, driven by growing demand from both domestic and international markets. The total investment in the whole ceramic industry is about 1.57 billion USD (about 10.7 billion RMB). Total industry production has increased by 200% and over 1.3 million people are directly and indirectly dependent on the industry.

According to the Bangladesh Ceramic Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BCMEA), 61 of the 68 (previously 70) existing ceramic manufacturers in Bangladesh are currently operating in the country. The total investment is about Tk. 90 billion (about RMB 6.39 billion). These include 20 daily-use porcelain companies, 30 tile companies and 18 sanitary ware companies.

Major Manufacturers in Bangladesh Ceramic Industry

# Company Products
1 AB Ceramic Industries Tile
2 Abul Khair Ceramic Ind. Ltd. Bathroom
3 AG Ceramics Ltd. Tile
4 Akij Ceramics Ltd. Tile
5 Artisan Ceramics Ltd. Daily porcelain
6 ATI Ceramics Ltd. Tile
7 Bangladesh Hard land Ceramics Co Ltd. Tile
8 Bangladesh Insulator & Sanitaryware Factory Ltd. Bathroom
9 BCL Ceramics Ltd. Tile
10 Best Ceramic Ltd. Tile
11 BHL Ceramic Co. Ltd. Tile
12 Charu Ceramic Ind. Ltd. Bathroom
13 China-Bangla Ceramic Ind. Ltd. Tile
14 Clay Image Daily porcelain
15 Dacca Ceramics & Sanitarywares Ltd. Bathroom
16 DBL Ceramics Ltd. Tile
17 Excellent Tiles Ind. Ltd. Bathroom
18 FARR Ceramics Ltd. Daily porcelain
19 Fu-Wang Ceramic Ind. Ltd. Tile
20 Great Wall Ceramic Ind. Ltd. Tile
21 Hamid Ceramic Ind. Ltd. Bathroom
22 Hua Thai Ceramic Industry Ltd. Tile
23 Kanika Commercial Ltd. Tile
24 Khadim Ceramics Ltd. Tile
25 Madhumati Tiles Ltd. Tile
26 Mir Ceramic Ltd. Tile
27 Mirpur Ceramic Works Ltd. Tile
28 Monalisa Ceramics (BD) Ltd. Tile
29 Monno Bone China Ltd. Daily porcelain
30 Monno Ceramic Ind. Ltd. Daily porcelain
31 Paragon Ceramic Industries Ltd. Daily porcelain
32 Pa-Wang Ceramic Ind. Ltd. Tile
33 Peoples Ceramic Ind. Ltd. Daily porcelain
34 Protik Ceramics Ltd. Daily porcelain
35 Protik Fine Ceramics Ltd. Daily porcelain
36 RAK Ceramics (BD) Ltd. Bathroom tiles
37 Royal Industrial Park Ltd. Tile
38 Sanita Ceramics Pvt. Ltd. Tile
39 Sheltech Ceramics Ltd. Tile
40 Shinepukur Ceramics Ltd. Daily porcelain
41 Solar Ceramics Ltd. Bathroom
42 South East Union Ceramic Ind. Ltd. Tile
43 Standard Ceramic Ind. Ltd. Daily porcelain
44 Star Ceramics Ltd. Bathroom tiles
45 Star Porcelain Ltd. Daily porcelain
46 Sun Power Ceramics Co. Ltd. Tile
47 Tajma Ceramic Ind. Ltd. Daily porcelain
48 Top One Ceramic Ind- Ltd. Tile
49 X Ceramics Ltd. Tile

Source ,Bangladesh Importers and Exporters Association, Kitchen and Bathroom Information

Some of the better-known brands in the local daily porcelain industry are Shinepukur, Monno and FAAR Ceramics, and in the bathroom market are RAK Ceramics, Abul Khair and Excellent Ceramics, among others. Limited by the local economy, with a modern level and international management level of the factory is basically not. There are basically no upscale home furnishing stores. Import stores are more like small Chinese hardware wholesale markets.

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In Bangladesh, a large number of Chinese brands are imported into the country through trade, with a concentration of imported and local brand stores in Sonargaon Street in Dhaka. Most of them call themselves Gallery, and many of the import companies are Sino-Bangladeshi joint ventures.

The price of toilet in Bangladesh
Brands Price (BDT Taka)
RAK 8,000 -25,000 BDT
Stella 9,000-30,000 BDT
RFL 8,000 -35,000 BDT
Cotto 6,000-25,000 BDT
Charu 5,000-25,000 BDT
Rosa 7,000-30,000 BDT
Source: Network, Kitchen and Bath Information

According to the selling prices on some local online e-commerce platforms, the average toilet costs between Tk. 5,000-30,000 (about RMB 300-2,000 or so). Faucets are priced between Tk200-2000 (about RMB14-141). Their styles are mostly Chinese 10 years ago, a few of them such as bathtubs and basins have new models.

In addition, more cost-effective than this, there is a huge local market for second-hand furniture, including bathroom furniture.

Cheap labor once also attracted a large number of Chinese companies to invest in the past. At present, foreign capital direct investment is dominated by China and the Middle East (UAE), with two existing wholly foreign-owned companies and six joint ventures outside Bangladesh, including RAK Ceramics (Bangladesh & UAE), CBC (China-Bangladesh), GreatWall and COTTO joint venture operation COTTO. Chinese past investments are now mainly in Shaanxi and Taiwan, with tile factories. Among them, the former Shaanxi Import and Export Corporation (CBC) joint venture in Bangladesh in 2001 is currently the largest Chinese direct investment project in Bangladesh.

Global Bathroom Market|Chinese Bathroom In Bangladesh - Blog - 4

In 2020-2021, the annual domestic sales of tiles, sanitary ware and ceramic tableware in Bangladesh will reach Tk46.656 billion (about RMB 3.3 billion), Tk8.106 billion (about RMB 580 million) and Tk5.482 billion (about RMB 390 million), respectively. In 2021, the export value of tableware is Tk330.58 million (about RMB23.47 million), tiles is Tk80.8 million (about RMB5.74 million), and sanitary ware is Tk40 million (about RMB2.84 million). The main export destinations are the European Union, the United States and the Middle East.

Global Bathroom Market|Chinese Bathroom In Bangladesh - Blog - 5 Global Bathroom Market|Chinese Bathroom In Bangladesh - Blog - 6

Attracted by the hot market, some big companies from other sectors in Bangladesh are also entering the ceramics industry. For example, Meghna Group, a local consumer goods company, Akij Group, a former tobacco giant, and Pran-RFL, a plastics company, are investing Tk 5 billion in the cross-border ceramic tile industry.

The industry meets about 86.53% of the demand for tableware, 59.77% of the demand for sanitary ware and 86.74% of the demand for local tiles.

However, gas prices have increased by nearly 400% in the last 10 years and gas costs account for 20-22% of total local factory costs. Limited by the country’s development, local demand in Bangladesh has reached 85%, and domestic and foreign competition has become more intense.

Currently, there are about 20 local companies exporting, and the industry as a whole generates over $40.35 million in annual exports, with a value-added of 65%. With limited production, it will also be a difficult task for Bangladesh to compete in the global market.

According to newagebd, due to the ongoing gas crisis, Bangladesh’s pottery industry production fell 40%, and most companies’ performance decline.

Bangladesh Ceramic Manufacturers and Exporters Association President and Managing Director of China Bangladesh Ceramic Industry Limited Shirajul Islam Mollah in an interview with the local media pointed out: “Due to the gas supply crisis, Bangladesh factories daily downtime up to 12 hours, production is severely reduced, while production costs are still increasing. On the other hand, ensuring product quality consistency has become difficult due to the lack of gas supply.” He stressed, “If the situation continues to deteriorate, local companies will need to lay off employees to adapt to the environment.”



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