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Pros and cons of sensor faucet

When it comes to the sensor faucet, everyone’s first reaction is intelligence: put your hand in front of the faucet and the water will flow out; remove the hand and the water will stop.
The appearance of the induction faucets really makes people feel the comfort and beauty of modern life. So what is the experience of owning a sensor faucets?

1. The experience of saving and environmental protection

Why is the induction faucet efficient, water-saving, resource-friendly and environmentally friendly?

Because the water output of the push faucet cannot be controlled, the induction faucet can effectively save more than 30% of water.
Some induction faucets can even save more than 60% of water, such as quick water discharge in 0.5s and sensitive switches, which greatly highlights the characteristics of water saving.
Here is a report:
The water on the earth, the freshwater resources that human beings can really use is part of the rivers, lakes and groundwater, accounting for about 0.26% of the total water on the earth.
lack of water


Global freshwater resources are not only in short supply but also extremely unevenly distributed across regions, resulting in about 1.5 billion people in more than 80 countries suffering from insufficient freshwater. Some 300 million people in 26 of these countries live in a state of complete water scarcity.
It is estimated that by 2025, 3 billion people in the world will face water shortages, and 40 countries and regions are seriously short of fresh water.
It can be seen that the global water resources are in short supply.

2. More convenient and hygienic experience

Why is it hygienic?

Why is it hygienic?
Compared with traditional faucets, sensor faucets are more hygienic.
Because the switch water is controlled by induction, there is no need for human hands to touch it, which avoids bacterial contamination caused by touching the faucet again after washing hands;
When washing dishes in the kitchen, after you touch the handle of the faucet with your hands full of bubbles, bubbles remain on the faucet, even unremoved oil stains, and the kitchen itself is heavy with oily smoke, which makes the kitchen faucet leave stains, thus reducing the Kitchen hygiene.
sensor faucets

Avoid bacterial contact

According to the US WebMD (2007), the recent US Centers for Disease Control report “Clean Hands Saves Lives” and the US Food and Drug Administration’s report “Can Your Kitchen Pass the Food Safety Test?” remind the public: the bacteria in your home More than you might think.
This means that when we turn off the water flow with the handle, we may be exposed to 10,000 bacteria. Therefore, you need an induction faucet to control the water in the air.

However, the induction faucet also has certain shortcomings.

1. Power supply is required, so it is necessary to replace the internal power supply system regularly.
2. It is not possible to take both water and hand washing. For example, if you wash your face, you need to pick up a basin of water.
It is impossible to keep your hands away from induction. In this regard, it is not suitable for home use at present. If there is improvement in the later stage, it can be considered.
3. The cost is relatively high. Due to the particularity of the induction faucet, its production cost is high, so the price of the induction faucet in the decoration material market is more expensive.
Generally between 400 yuan and 1,000 yuan, some sensor faucets may be even more expensive because of other excellent performance.
4. Since the induction faucet is driven by power, we should regularly repair and replace the internal power supply system components of the induction faucet during the use of the product.

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