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Hot and Cold Faucet Purchase Tips

According to the current house faucet, there are generally two types, one is the lower water and the other is the side water (post-water).

The water is placed in the basin and the water inlet is from below.The side water is installed on the wall or the open pipe. The water enters from the wall or from the back.

Under water loading method: The water valve is closed and a water inlet hose is prepared. Knock down the previous faucet, insert the hot and cold water faucet into the basin hole and fix it so that it does not tilt. The inlet hose is connected to the water outlet under the basin, and the other end is connected to the water inlet of the faucet. The water is first energized.


Side inlet water (post-inlet water) loading method: The water valve is closed, and a raw material belt is prepared. When the previous faucet is smashed down, there will be a gift connection for the general side water inlet, and the raw material belt is wound twice with the raw material thread.


Screw the connector on the wall first. The water inlet of the faucet and the nut of the connector are screwed and fixed. In the process of screwing the nut, if the strength of the hand is small, you can use a wrench to screw it. After installation, the water is first supplied with electricity.


In the selection of skills, choose a regular manufacturer, specializing in hot and cold water leading brands, must be sure to have 3C certification, insurance when buying. How to maintain after the key after-sales. Choose a suitable and practical product according to your own economic situation.



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