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IKEA Kitchen Taps Exceeded The Nickel Standard

IKEA Kitchen Taps Exceeded The Nickel Standard

Stiftung Warentest found excessive levels of nickel in IKEA Nyvattnet kitchen taps and GROHE Minta taps when it tested 15 kitchen fittings, according to a report in the German Dortmund press on 4 August.

IKEA Grohe

According to the report, Stiftung Warentest checked if the water coming out of the taps contained metals and semi-metals such as nickel, lead, or arsenic over a 16-week period. IKEA’s kitchen taps produced poor results, with an overall rating of 5.0 and a poor grade. Stiftung Warentest claims that even after 16 weeks of installation, the tested Nyvattnet kitchen taps released more nickel than is allowed in German drinking water.

IKEA Kitchen Taps

The Stiftung Warentest test results show that, in addition to IKEA kitchen taps, water from GROHE taps also contained high levels of nickel. The faucets tested were: Blanco’s Mida HD Chrome faucet (4.0), IKEA’s Nyvattnet faucet (5.0), and GROHE’s Minta faucet (5.5).



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