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Jomoo Shanghai Kitchen & Bath Show Reveals These Forward-Looking Information……

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May 26 to 29, the world’s largest offline kitchen and bathroom exhibition in the past two years. Shanghai International Kitchen & Bath Show KBC is about to restart. The world’s leading manufacturers and brands will showcase the world’s latest technological achievements and share the most cutting-edge innovation, creativity. It is also in the context of the normalization of global epidemic prevention and control, the major brands to explore and think about the trends and trends of the bathroom industry. As a global leader in intelligent sanitary ware, Jomoo will also make a heavy appearance at KBC to share its thoughts on the current development of global sanitary trends.

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Jomoo will take the theme of “Wisdom for the Future”. From the two dimensions of wisdom – technology and wisdom – national trend, to show the world how the Chinese brand with transcendent technology to solve the user pain points in the background of the times. It uses smart technology to provide a better lifestyle for global consumers.

Jomoo’s pavilion was designed by Paolo Cesaretti, a famous Italian designer, visiting professor of SPD Milan Domi Academy, Milan Polytechnic Institute, and IED Florence of ILUM Milan. 2020 Red Dot Brand and Communication Design Award winner. The overall visual design of the pavilion conveys to the world “smiling and dreaming of the future”, inspiring people to face the current epidemic with optimism. He will not give up his vision of the future, which is heartwarming and inspiring, and will become a landmark at KBC.

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Paolo Cesaretti

In the design of the pavilion space, it is in line with Jomoo’s humanized product design. The warm colors and rounded shapes, as well as the extensive use of balsa wood within the vibrant space, are filled with advanced smart applications. It symbolizes both the rebirth after the new crown epidemic and shows how technology will be an important way to improve human life in the future. The entire pavilion is divided into three main sections.

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Jomoo Smart Future Space E1-D26

Jomoo Smart Future Space brought together several of its latest boutique sets. Among them, the most widely watched is the Sensa set, which adopts the transcendent digital technology and will be presented in this exhibition area. It is the latest masterpiece of Jomoo and the industry in the field of intelligent change in the bathroom space. During the exhibition, Jomoo will adopt a limited reservation system and open a small number of viewing slots to the public.

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Jomoo Luxury National Tide Space E1-D37

In the Jomoo Luxury National Tide Space, people will be able to experience the new national tide product – Frame Square Series, which is launched by Jomoo together with the industry’s top experts. It combines the ultimate Chinese aesthetics, intelligent global technology, and unique industrial design. This allows the essence of Chinese traditional culture to be integrated into the design of bathroom space.

It is reported that Frame Square series will be open to the “luxury” mode, to create a more personalized Chinese aesthetic space for users.

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Jomoo high-end space E1-C26

Jomoo’s high-end space not only shows the latest scientific research products, but also the role of Jomoo as a national brand. Jomoo, which has led the development of industry standards for many times, will elegantly launch voyage Voyage Suite at this booth, setting a commercial benchmark for the industry. To solve the problem of water resources and improve the infrastructure of sanitation in poor areas, the world’s first waterless toilet in cooperation with the Gates Foundation will also be launched at this booth.

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From May 26th to May 29th, Jomoo will be waiting for you at the China Kitchen & Bath Show in Shanghai. We will witness how the national brand will respect the future and propose a better way of life for human beings.



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