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Imagine Life, N+ Customization | The Secret Of Leibolden Sanitary Ware Shanghai Kitchen & Bath Show

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“Believe in the power of professionalism and reconstruct the imagination of shower space”. This time to participate in the Shanghai Kitchen & Bathroom Show, Leibolden Sanitary Ware will continue the classic minimalist style, explore the modern light luxury trend, and present you more possibilities of shower space with the spirit of concentration, focus, professionalism and elegant, fine and beautiful design.

The 26th China (Shanghai) International Kitchen & Bath Show is counting down!

Affected by the epidemic, the 2020 Shanghai Kitchen & Bath Show was forced to cancel. After a year of accumulation, this year’s Shanghai Kitchen & Bath Show, with a mega scale of 236,000 square meters, brought together more than 1,400 star companies to bring a more sumptuous “gourmet feast” to the kitchen and bath industry.

As a leading brand in China’s shower industry and a regular visitor to Shanghai Kitchen & Bath, what will Leibolden Sanitary Ware present to you during the show? Kitchen and bathroom information reporter on the eve of the Shanghai Kitchen and bathroom exhibition to the chairman of the board of Leibolden Duan Jun will interview, in advance to reveal for you the secret ~

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Minimalist fashion, the classic is eternal

Duan Junhui introduced to us, “The profile is super small, simple and beautiful is an advantage of our products. Leybolden shower room uses extremely narrow and ultra-white adhesive strips, which on the one hand can save materials, and on the other hand can make the product without excess traces of finishing, and the overall effect is more beautiful.”

Extremely streamlined border, smooth and natural lines, delicate and gentle texture, transparent and clear glass. From point to line, from line to surface, the design of every part of the Leybolden NPP series shower room is just right. In the dynamic space, it exudes elegance and fashion, and blossoms into a charming posture.

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Leybolden NPP series shower room


Personalized and customized to meet all needs

Duan Junhui said, “Meeting personalized customer needs is the way of survival for a single brand to be refined and specialized. Every customer’s request, we have to go one by one to solve.”

Personalized customization is the direction that Leybolden has been exploring. In addition to flexible size customization, the NTJ series shower room breaks through the 2.2m height limit of traditional shower room products. It adopts no trolley pole and heaven and earth pivot, and the solid glass extends into the ceiling, and the design to the top makes more space, giving customers a free and comfortable showering space.

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 Leiperton NTJ series shower room


Easy installation, presenting the beauty of integration

The installation of shower room is a great headache for users. Leybolden shower room products solve the installation problem from the source of structural design. Minimalist design and simplification, so that the appearance of the product does not see a screw, and strive for the perfection and beauty of every detail.

Duan Jun will take the construction of shower room door handle as an example to show us the fine points of its products, “First of all, the hole of our shower room product handle is oval, so the design is convenient for later adjustment. Secondly, the total length of the gasket we use between the door handle and the glass is 1.5mm, while the part visible to the naked eye is only 0.5mm. This ensures the beauty of the product while avoiding the problem of the handle not being stable due to the leakage of the gasket during the installation process.”

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Leybolden NBD series shower room


No drip, true wet and dry separation

The sealing and waterproofness of the shower room is of paramount importance. Duan Jun will mention that the 180° patented adhesive strip exclusively developed and built by Leybolden can fit perfectly with the beaten corner glass. When the shower room door is closed, it can be completely sealed.

In addition, the opening and closing of common shower doors in the market basically rely on two soft rubber strips, which are prone to wear and tear due to friction back and forth and have a short service life. In contrast, Leybolden’s patented technology of hidden built-in retractable magnetic strips

Not only can make the shower room sealing effect more remarkable, but also more beautiful and durable. With the double protection of the two patented technologies, Leybolden shower rooms can truly achieve drip-free, wet and dry separation.

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Leybolden NPO series shower room


Safe guarding, escorting for the family

The quality of the shower glass and auxiliary protection measures are crucial to the safety of the shower. Duan Jun will confidently say, “The safety factor of Leybolden’s shower products has reached the level of perfection. You can see that although our glass is cut very straight, its safety factor is very high.”

Leybolden is currently the only company in the shower industry that uses white crystal glass in its entire line, which is more than ten times higher than ordinary glass in terms of safety factor and anti-bacterial and anti-mold properties. In addition, the double-opening product design is also an important safety measure, which enhances the safety performance of the shower room.

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Leybolden NAM series shower room

Imagine life, N+ customization believes in the power of professionalism and reconstructs the imagination of shower space.

On May 26, Leibolden Sanitary Ware will meet you at booth E6B03 in Shanghai Kitchen & Bathroom Show.



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