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Kitchen sink and faucet FAQs are all here!

1、Why will the newly bought stainless steel sink rust?

A: The sink is made of 304SU stainless steel, rust is due to the decoration process of residual chemical substances and chemical reactions caused by water to form surface rust, you can use the package with five clean powder or from the purchase of “clean and bright stain removal liquid” with a damp soft towel to wipe and clean, you can remove. Normal use (do not contaminate with strong acid and alkali chemicals) will not happen again.

2, the kitchen sink water leakage or drain pipe off the reason?

A: Seal aging, or installation is not in place to play a sealing effect
3、The newly installed sink is very slow, is it blocked?

A: Most of the similar reports belong to the owners do not use the waterfall outlet normally. As shown below: double blocking waterfall can be lifted together, after taking away the following cage clean up can be used normally.

Why are there water droplets under the pelvis?

A: Due to the large temperature difference between the bottom of the basin body and the top of the basin body, it is called condensation, generally a small amount of condensation is evaporated through the coating on the bottom of the basin body, and the coating on the bottom of the basin body is called condensation/anechoic layer, which mainly plays the role of muffling sound and evaporating a small amount of condensation.

5、Why does water seep under the countertop after using the basin and kitchen faucet?

A: First check if the water seeping down from the countertop, you can pour some water from the countertop when the faucet is closed, if there is water infiltration under the countertop, the faucet and the countertop sealing reasons. Check if there is a problem with the faucet or its sealant gasket, and re-lock the faucet or replace the invalid sealant. If it’s water seeping inside the faucet, you can only call for after-sales service. All brand products have official after-sales service numbers.
6、Why the new faucet is small?

A: The imported faucet using American standard 3 points into the water pipe, than the national standard 4 points into the water pipe slightly thin, if the water pressure does not meet the requirements, will lead to a small water (pull-type kitchen faucet more); not properly installed such as hose twisted, before installation without cleaning the pipe, water pressure, etc..



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