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No-name sanitary ware companies or will be reduced by 30%

A few days ago, many experts publicly released predictions: “At the beginning of 2017, miscellaneous sanitary ware companies will be reduced by 30%!” They also pointed out that “the way of survival of enterprises lies in innovation and development. The era of large-scale demand has passed, waiting for death!”. This alarm is by no means alarmist!

Many bathroom companies in Henan stopped production for rectification!

The bathroom circle of friends has exploded: Has everyone heard that the Central Environmental Protection Inspection Team entered Xuchang, Henan, and conducted a comprehensive investigation of more than 2,000 polluting emission manufacturers in Xuchang City. Enterprises that did not meet the rectification standards would face power outages. Stop production for rectification.

It can be said with certainty that the government has come for this environmental rectification action, which will inevitably have a profound impact on the industry, and a major reshuffle will be inevitable. Large and medium-sized enterprises can use their own advantages to make timely adjustments. If relatively weak micro-enterprises cannot adjust their development direction in time, they will face elimination.

The country promulgated three laws to combat counterfeiting, and a good day for regular brands is here!

1. The State Administration for Industry and Commerce Order No. 85 promulgated on March 17, 2016: Measures for the Supervision and Administration of the Quality of Commodities in the Circulation Sector. During random inspections by law enforcement officers, including in terminal retail stores, the main qualifications of brand suppliers, product qualification certificates and For other marks, check the licenses and certification certificates for commodities that have a production license or compulsory product certification system in accordance with laws and regulations.

This is considerable. If the company or store cannot provide the corresponding certificate, even if it refuses industrial and commercial law enforcement, it will face heavy fines.

2. Article 25 stipulates that for goods that are based on the belief that they do not meet the national standards and industry standards for the protection of human health and personal and property safety, or goods that have other serious quality problems, as well as the original auxiliary products directly used for the sale of the goods Materials, packaging and special tools shall be sealed up or seized. This is also one of the strict regulations for commodities in the circulation field.

Interpretation: Fake toilets, shower rooms, faucets and other products are all products related to human health and safety. Once the products are found to be unqualified or have serious safety hazards, such as the lead content of the faucet exceeds the standard, the smart toilet has the risk of electricity leakage, and the shower If the glass is unqualified, it will be sealed or seized by the industrial and commercial department.

3. Article 31 stipulates that for sellers who provide sellers with goods that do not meet the national and industrial standards for the protection of human health and personal and property safety, they shall be ordered to stop selling, confiscate the illegally sold goods, and be punished in violation of the law. The sale of goods (including sold and unsold goods) shall be fined at least three times the value of the goods; if there are illegal gains, the illegal gains shall be confiscated; if the circumstances are serious, the business license shall be revoked.

Interpretation: If the manufacturer sells fake and inferior sanitary wares to distributors, sales will be stopped, the merchandise will be confiscated, and a fine of three times the inventory equivalent will be imposed. All other illegal gains will be confiscated, and the business license will be revoked in serious cases.

Why has the bathroom market been shuffled frequently in recent years?

Due to the low barriers to entry for sanitary wares starting late, inferior brand-name products abound in the market. Inferior brand-name products have rough workmanship and substandard quality, which may even cause personal safety risks. In recent years, fake Wrigley, fake Jiumu, fake Zhongyu, fake Dongpeng, fake Huida, fake Anhua, fake Shenluda, fake Kohler, fake Faenza, fake emperor, fake Hengjie, etc., and well-known brands have been faked, even The amount involved in a single case is as high as one million yuan, which not only brings many security risks to the market, but also disrupts the development order of the industry market.

Once the counterfeit, inferior or infringing products cause a bad impact, the safety of consumers will be affected, and the reputation of the brand will be affected. There are exposures and omissions, but it is difficult to conceal the injury of the brand and consumption. Therefore, in the past two years, the state has continuously stepped up its efforts to crack down on counterfeit and shoddy products. Once caught, they will not be punished severely.

The lower the price, the less the market!

Why are counterfeit sanitary products much cheaper than genuine products? Insiders pointed out that each product of genuine sanitary ware is carefully researched and developed. Most of the counterfeit products are counterfeit products and basically do not require research and development expenses; second, sanitary ware is to be made For quality inspection, the counterfeit products have not been inspected, and their factories are also small workshops with low costs; third, the materials and key parts of the counterfeit products are also low-cost materials, even recycled; fourth, the counterfeit products There is basically no after-sales service, which greatly reduces costs. Therefore, consumers look down on such low-quality sanitary wares, and the Quality Supervision Bureau is also cracking down on them, and even e-commerce companies have begun to exclude them.

Since last year, e-commerce companies have also begun to crack down on low-quality and unqualified sanitary wares. Fake and inferior sanitary wares have attracted more and more attention from the country and society. The Zhejiang Quality Supervision Bureau has even organized a group of consumers to buy samples to conduct random inspections. The unqualified product ** time began to spread in major media. According to statistics, last year Tmall used the “popular review + big data” method to find counterfeit goods. More than 200 counterfeit sanitary ware companies were removed. Sanitary ware companies shouldn’t always think about “dipping into the light of others”, as the saying goes, self-reliance, adequate food and clothing, why bother to live by looking at others’ faces in order to be greedy for something cheap

All in all, for this environmental protection rectification, it will definitely benefit the development of the industry. Faced with this “sudden” storm, companies must take advantage of the trend, actively embrace, start from their own, see where there are irregularities, and make improvements as soon as possible. Only in this way can we not be afraid of any rectification and supervision storm, and only in this way can we be invincible in this major reshuffle, and even take advantage of the momentum to take off.



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