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Reduce The Middle Into Or Because Their Own Market Competitiveness Is Not Strong? France Wirquin Bathroom Production Line From Zhongshan Moved Back To France

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It is reported that the French Wirquin bathroom Wirquin plans to move the production of its shower floor drain series back to France. These products had been produced by Wirquin (China) Sanitary Ware Co.

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Wirquin France is part of the French company FORCE 5. The company owns Wirquin (Asia) Ltd. in Hong Kong, Wirquin (China) Sanitary Ware Co.

Wirquin (China) Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. was once known as Zhongshan Wirquin Hermes Sanitary Ware Co. It was established on February 9, 2010. It mainly produces toilet lids, water tanks, downpipes, shower floor drains and other bathroom accessories.Before 2017 the company’s shareholding structure was a joint venture between Hong Kong Wirquin and Shanghai Guanbiao Decoration. Hong Kong Wirquin accounted for 80.77%, of which the main figures on the mainland side of the company’s side are now shareholders of Zhongshan Belmar Sanitary Ware Co. In 2017, Zhongshan Wirquin Hermes Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. changed from a limited liability company (Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao and domestic joint venture) to a limited liability company (wholly owned by Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao legal persons), Wirquin (Asia) Ltd. achieved 100% holding.

No. Shareholder Contributed capital Contributed capital Date of Contribution Contribution method Paid-in capital Date of paid-in capital Contribution method
1 Shanghai Guanbiao Decoration Engineering Co. 1071.43 million RMB 1071.43 million RMB August 9, 2010 Currency 1071.43 million RMB August 9, 2010 In-kind
2 WIRQUIN ASIA LIMITED RMB45.0 million RMB45.0 million November 22, 2010 Currency RMB45.0 million November 22, 2010 Money

It is understood that Wirquin Hermes had set up offices in Guangdong Chaozhou, Henan Changge and other sanitary ware production areas. It is mainly engaged in water tank water fittings, etc.. It is reported that the Chaozhou office still has personnel in operation.

According to French media reports, the shower floor drain series will be moved back to the French factory in Carquefou, where Wirquin invested 1.3 million euros, including the purchase of a 500-ton double injection molding machine from China to deliver 180 flanges per hour, among other things.

In an interview with the press, Wirquin Vice President Grégory le Coënt said that the aim was to reduce intermediate costs. Since last year, high transportation costs and various intermediate fees have further pushed up the cost of globalized trade.

The water parts and other plastic products professionals pointed out that low-line international bathroom brands are not competitive in the Chinese market.
WirquinWirquin has six factories and ten subsidiaries, employing about 1,200 people. Sales in 2021 are expected to be 130 million euros.



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