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SHKL, Chaoyang, Golden, TEPE, Huida, Hegii, Aosman, Leile, Xima, ANBI, Sun-Coo, Primy…. .315 Is Coming, They Are All “Fighting For Supremacy”?

Xiaoxin Bathroom Headlines

SHKL full bathroom customization

Hundred Cities and Thousands of Stores

SHKL 315 national campaign kick-off meeting and new product launch was successfully held!

On March 2, SHKL Sanitary Ware held the 315 national campaign kick-off meeting and new product launch with the theme of “Hundred Cities and Thousands of Shops – Precision Expansion and Deep Plowing”, as well as the opening celebration of Foshan flagship store in Foshan actually held successfully.

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Chaoyang bathroom

March 1-2, forever climbing the peak – create a miracle again

2021 Chaoyang Sanitary Ware Dealer Summit was successfully concluded!

Chaoyang Sanitary Ware Chairman Mr. Ye Guorong, Deputy General Manager Mr. Deng Shuyu, Administrative and Financial Director Mr. Zou Jili, Marketing Director Mr. Zhang Houquan, Production Director Mr. Li Shuangquan, Deputy Marketing Director Mr. Chen Xin and other leaders, as well as family members from all over the country gathered together to open a new future and a new journey for Chaoyang Sanitary Ware in 2021.

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Wish Chaoyang Sanitary Ware “Forever Climbing to the Top and Creating Miracles” annual meeting of distributors a complete success!


Golden bathroom

Golden Sanitary Ware “buy sanitary ware, send health” New Year’s promotion is in full swing! Preferential concessions, generous gifts, valuable services, heart-warming New Year’s Eve benefits, no compromise to start the year with a shopping bonanza, for more people’s bathrooms “icing on the cake”!

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TEPE bathroom

TEPE315 all the health of your value] the opening of the year a great gift not a great price! TEPE 315 special purchase, the whole health you keep value, the opening year of the great benefit hot attack, sweeping the country, March 1 ~ March 31, multiple gifts to enjoy non-stop. High-quality service, thanksgiving, and with you to build a new dream home!

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Hegii bathroom

Hegii once again leads the 315 home service survey list. 2 March, 2021 Netease Home 315 home service survey report. After winning the “double championship” in 2020, Hegii once again took the comprehensive service strength and service experience beyond expectation. In the 2021 “315 survey bathroom category comprehensive score TOP list”, “315 survey bathroom category store service total score TOP list” two lists occupy the first, successfully defending the “double champion! “!

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Huida bathroom

Huida bathroom executive president Yin Kang and his party visited the headquarters of OUYAIDA Home. Recently, Huida Sanitary Ware Executive President Yin Kang and his entourage visited the headquarters of Eurasia Home, and Eurasia Holdings Group Executive Vice President Xu Jiangang and other leaders for in-depth exchanges, the two sides further reached a consensus on the next in-depth cooperation in the national market.

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Aosman Bathroom

Aosman “quality 315 rights protection” the first wave of spring promotion, not to be missed. 2021, the first wave of spring, quality rights protection, Aosman drums of war has been beaten, the promotion activities are in full swing, not to be missed! The campaign will last until March 20, come on!

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Leile shower room

2021 Leile Shower Thanksgiving Dinner was successfully held. In order to thank all customers, suppliers and peer companies for their support and cooperation over the years, the 2021 Leile Shower Thanksgiving Dinner was held in the evening of January 20, 2021, at the Zhongshan City Dragon Hotel.

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Xima Sanitary Ware

On March 1, “Color Customization, Intelligent Future” Xima Sanitary Ware 2021 Live Investment Summit was held by Xima Sanitary Ware and Sanitary Ware News, and Xima Sanitary Ware Chairman Deng Zhihong, Sales Director Lu Guangcai, Luo Yongqiang and other executives attended the live broadcast. The live broadcast room interacted with the audience, shared and explained the development history, brand status and investment policy of Xima Sanitary for the dealers, and gave out a number of benefits.

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ANBI bathroom

Congratulations to ANBI Sanitary Ware No.3 tunnel kiln successfully ignited and put into production.On February 23, 2021, ANBI Sanitary Ware No.3 tunnel kiln was successfully ignited and put into production. The total length of this tunnel kiln is 138m, with a series of advanced equipment and production methods such as high-pressure grouting, automatic glazing and automatic transportation, ANBI Sanitary Ware has taken an important step in the strategy of optimizing the plant layout, building an intelligent workshop and improving production and efficiency.

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Warmly congratulate ANBI No.3 tunnel kiln for its smooth ignition and production


Sun-Coo Sanitary Ware

Sun-Coo sanitary ware “gift 3-15 thousand city big benefit war” start conference was held in hot throughout the country, Henan, Hubei, Jiangxi, Shandong and other provinces have been successfully held On March 2, the prairie fire of the start-up conference officially reached Shaanxi and Fujian, igniting the local industry market.

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Sun-Coo bathroom 315 thousand cities big wise war national linkage start meeting (Fuzhou station)


Primy bathroom

Stimulate talent vitality and promote enterprise development

Zhuhai Human Resources and Social Security Bureau visited Primy for guidance. At the beginning of New Year 2021, Primy welcomed Mr. Lao Zhiwei, director of Zhuhai Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Mr. Quan Guan, deputy director, Mr. Li Bongyao, Mr. Pan Jiejun, director of Zhuhai Human Resources and Employment Service Center, Ms. Li Chengclang, director of Jinwan District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Mr. Xie Jiangtao, director of Jinwan District Human Resources and Employment Service Center and his party Mr. Chen, the director of Primy Group, together with the leaders of the group, warmly received the visit. The two sides had an in-depth exchange on talent training and development planning.

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