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Shower Fixtures Installation and Maintenance

1.Classification of Shower Fixtures



1)Portable hand shower:

The handheld showerhead can be arbitrarily showered in the hand,

and the shower bracket has a fixed function.








2)Overhead shower:

The showerhead is fixed at the top of the head. The bracket is placed in the wall and does not have the lifting function.

However, there is a small ball on the showerhead to adjust the angle of the water, and the upper and lower movement angles are more flexible.







3) Concealed shower set:

The center distance between the wall and the ground should be 2.1 meters,

and the center distance of the shower switch and the ground should be 1.1 meters.



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4) Wall-mounted lifting rod shower set:

generally defined by the shower surface, the distance is preferably 2 meters.


2.Shower Fixtures Selection Methods

Firstly, look at the spray effect:

From the outside, the shape of the shower seems to be similar. The spray effect must be seen when selecting. The good shower can ensure that every small spray hole is evenly balanced, and the shower effect can be ensured under different water pressures. Test the water to see if it is evenly sprayed.


Secondly, look at the setting mode:

The interior design of the handheld shower is also different. When choosing a hand shower, seeing the spray effect is very necessary. Because hand shower spray method has different setting modes: power rain, energetic massage, comfortable and warm spray, smooth and soft water column, water-saving drip, jetting…etc

1) spray/rainfall: The shower water required for bathing is suitable for simple and quick showers.

2) massage: refers to the powerful and intermittent pouring of water, which can stimulate every acupuncture point of the body.

3) jetting: The water flow is concentrated into a water column, which makes the skin feel slightly itchy, and this kind of bathing method can stimulate and clear the mind well;

4) air jet/power mist: The water outflow is strong, and it can produce a misty effect through the collision between the water streams, which can increase the bathing interest.

5 functions hand shower 1

Thirdly, look at the surface coating

The quality of the shower coating, in addition to affecting the quality and service life, also affects the usual cleaning and sanitation, the shower is generally chrome-plated, the good coating can be kept at 150°C for 1 hour, no blistering, no wrinkling, no cracking Peeling phenomenon; 24-hour acetate spray detection does not corrode. The gloss and smoothness can be seen when selecting. The bright and smooth shower indicates that the coating is uniform and the quality is good.

Finally, look at the ceramic cartridge

The cartridge affects the lifetime of the shower mixer. The good shower mixer uses ceramic cartridge which it smooth and frictionless.when you turning the handle, it feels comfortable and smooth to ensure a reliable performance. The ceramic valve core, 500,000 times of trouble-free, large operation of the rotation angle, the water temperature of the cold and heat adjustment process is smoother, progressive, accurate, bringing more ideal shower enjoyment.


3.Shower Fixtures Installation Methods


Tools/material: drill, screwdriver, ruler, hammer

◆Read the instructions, measure the size up and down, find the best position to install the shower set.

◆According to the specific height, drawing the shower set on the wall requires installation position, height and so on.

◆According to the location just made, punch holes in the wall.

◆Screw the bottom cover of the accessory to the wall and screw it tightly. It may cause the shower set to fall off in the future.

◆Attach the shower rod to the wall, first stabilize the upper fixing point, and then fix the position below.

◆After making sure that the inner corner screws of the above-fixed points are all screwed in, carefully adjust them.

◆Tighten the shower hose and install the hand shower



4. Shower Fixtures Repair Methods

1. The basin faucet and the kitchen faucet have a small amount of water, no blistering

  • Possible causes: The water pressure is too low, causing the bubbler to not generate bubbles

  • Solution: Remove the faucet and replace it with a new bubbler

2.Water leaks at the hose and faucet connection

  • Possible causes: Improper installation, deformation of the rubber ring, uneven or too thin outlet pipe joint, or the hose does not match the faucet.

  • Solution: Select the appropriate hose and faucet according to the specifications, replace the rubber ring, and reinstall.

3.Low water temperature

  • Possible causes: The water heater is not enough, and the temperature is not adjusted.

  • Solution: Adjust the temperature control button or buy a larger water heater


5.Shower Fixtures FAQ

Q: When using a rain shower, I found that the water is not a jet of fine water. In some places, it is a thick water column. What should I do?

A: There are two reasons why the shower water becomes thick and fine mixed water. First, the shower spray method of your home is adjustable. You can adjust the nozzle rotation. If it is not the cause of the adjustment, the dirt inside the nozzle is too Caused by a lot, open a small round cap in the middle of the nozzle with a small flat-blade screwdriver, use a Phillips screwdriver to screw down the screw, open the shower with water, rinse the shower hole with a toothbrush, and then install the restore.

Supplement: There are several kinds of water discharge modes for the shower belt adjustment function. Adjusting the adjustment plate will have more internal results for function conversion, such as shower, large and small pulse, and mixing function.

Q: When the shower is used for a long time, it will often block, some holes will come out of the water, and some will not come out. What should I do?

A: There are two types of shower spouts on the market. One is hard material. Only clean the needle to remove dirt when cleaning. There is also a soft material, usually silica gel, which can be used to remove dirt by hand. The latter is recommended. However, due to the different quality and grade of silica gel, you should ask carefully when purchasing.

Supplement: The mask on the shower generally contains a self-cleaning mask. The function of the self-cleaning sheet is to adjust the amount of water, and to clean it. The self-cleaning sheet is usually made of rubber or silica gel.








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