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Smart Toilets Have Huge Potential To Enter The Chinese People’s Homes

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“Recently, I was on a business trip to Shanghai and the hotel I was staying in had a smart toilet. When I went to the conference venue, there were smart toilets in the bathroom. Smart toilet in Shanghai’s hotels has become standard equipment?” A friend of mine told a reporter from China National Grid about his business trip “surprise”. Coincidentally, when we will be smart toilet as a first-tier city emerging as a “new thing”, in Hebei Province, four small county in the building materials market, there have been businesses quietly layout smart toilet “sink”, bathroom dealers lose no opportunity to interested in Consumers recommend: “We have more than 3,000 smart toilets and also about a thousand dollar smart toilet seat, door-to-door installation, package change plumbing and electrical roads …….”

According to the “2020-2026 China Toilet Industry Market Competition Pattern and Future Development Report” published by Zhiyan Consulting, with the improvement of living standards, smart toilets are very popular, and the whole industry has witnessed rapid growth in recent years. However, this year, due to the real estate market downturn, the growth of the home improvement market slowed down, and the growth of the intelligent toilet industry matching the home improvement also slowed down. At this time, the stock market open will be particularly important. In fact, smart toilets in China’s housing stock market may have more room for growth than the new housing market. For example, according to the National Bureau of Statistics in 2016, the inventory of household toilets in China was about 44.8 million that year. Coupled with the acceleration of urbanization in recent years, there are a large number of traditional toilets in China’s bathroom space. Whether it can be matched with a smart toilet seat, or can be replaced in the second bathroom renovation of the smart toilet, can become a powerful addition to the traditional toilet or an effective alternative.


Smart Toilets for the Common People

In 2015, a financial V V Wu Xiaobo article on “to go to Japan to carry the toilet seat” sparked widespread concern and discussion, and thus the intelligent toilet into the national vision. Domestic demand for toilets is growing rapidly, domestic brands are booming, and the industry is maturing.Bianjiebao business leaders mentioned that the current Japanese smart toilet penetration rate of more than 70%, South Korea in more than 50%. The current domestic penetration rate is still about 2%, the national cognitive awareness of the intelligent toilet in the process of continuous improvement. In the first and second tier coastal cities and more economically developed areas are relatively better known, but for intelligent toilet product features and brand awareness is still stuck in a more basic stage.

Panasonic Intelligent Toilet

Panasonic corporate officer said, because intelligent toilets in Japan is a popular product, the development time is long. Therefore, Japanese brands still have some first mover advantage in this category. However, the gap between domestic brands is narrowing due to rapid progress in technology and expression of basic functions. In recent years, including Panasonic, many Chinese and foreign intelligent toilet enterprises in the product appearance of expression, iteration of basic functions, WIFI IOT, voice control and other IOT technology, do a lot of localization and innovation, its products will be more in line with Chinese consumers to use habits. The market has begun to take shape. In terms of product development and technology more qualitative leaps, and domestic intelligent toilet brand will be based on the domestic water quality, the use of the environment is different from foreign countries, in terms of product localization has made great improvements. The China Consumers Association has been on the Chinese and foreign brands of smart toilet seat for professional testing. The results show that the domestic sales of mainstream intelligent toilet products, in quality and use experience is not inferior to foreign brands. And on the whole, domestic intelligent toilet in terms of product quality, experience, service attitude and price, than Japan and other foreign brands have more advantages. Compared with foreign brands, domestic brands have a better understanding of local consumer pain points and are better able to meet the needs of Chinese consumers.

According to the 300+ cities research data from Ovid Data Real Estate Data, from January to May 2020, 663,000 units of newly opened buildings will be decorated, of which 108,700 sets will be equipped with smart toilets, and the rate of smart toilet parts for decorated houses will increase to 16.4%. In addition, the traditional toilet is a ceramic body, the lack of intelligent toilet special features, and this product is also the most common in China’s bathroom space. As consumer demand escalates, many families will choose easy-to-install smart toilet seats instead of traditional toilet seats. Other families will also consider smart toilets or smart toilet seat replacements during secondary renovations. The wide inventory of housing market space, become the smart toilet must be contested.

In the past “double 11”, smart toilet with smart speakers, sweeping robots, smart locks, ranked Jingdong, Tmall and other online platform smart home category TOP4 list. Hegii sanitary brand war report shows that “double 11” during the Liu Tao official live broadcast, sold 2,500 smart toilets, turnover reached 12 million. Hegii sanitary officer said, domestic smart toilet in product innovation, more for the actual environment of the Chinese home. For example, in the low water pressure environment, intelligent toilet cleaning performance and how stable to play? In most of China’s family bathroom space does not meet the conditions of wet and dry separation, how can the use of intelligent toilets more secure? In the case of a large number of family members, how to personalize the intelligent toilet to meet the different needs of each member? These are all domestic intelligent toilets in product innovation when more efforts to solve the problem.

This year, affected by the epidemic, consumer demand for clean and healthy products has increased significantly, while the intelligent toilet industry has also benefited from the national health awareness. Bianjiebao business leaders to improve, affected by the epidemic force majeure. The company’s sales volume in the first half of the year have declined, but the second half of the year trend quickly turned for the better. Along with the company’s power punch products T80 listed as well as the T series of 50 and 30 products to be listed in November. HaierWeixi mentioned that during the Double Eleven period, HaierWeixi’s online sales exceeded last year’s all-day sales in the first 10 minutes on the opening day. The smart toilet seat was selected for the Jingdong Kitchen & Bathroom Gold List, and ranked first in the Tmall smart toilet sales list. Panasonic and Hegii also mentioned a similar phenomenon.


Technology Escorts Intelligent Toilet Quality Upgrade

This year, foreign supermarkets once staged a “grab toilet paper” magic show; toilet paper grab not, many people turn to grab intelligent toilet. In the country, there are many buyers mentioned, many intelligent toilets with human body sensing, automatic sterilization and other functions, to avoid the manual lifting of the cover caused by cross-contact. At the same time, intelligent toilets with flushing, active sterilization, deodorization and other effects, but also let consumers double the peace of mind. Even if there is no epidemic, the intelligent toilet will be recognized by consumers for its unique superiority. For example, there will be consumer feedback that its purchase of intelligent toilets is as a “filial piety products,” “the elderly at home with constipation. In addition to the improvement of eating habits, we also hope that the intelligent toilet can help relieve the symptoms. The impact of water flow, wiping a sense is also a sitz bath treatment.” The smart toilet brings the comfortable toilet experience, but also let the experience of men, women and children all praise.

Hegii Smart Toilet

HegiiQ9 smart all-in-one machine as an example. Q9’s silver ion antimicrobial seat, UV sterilization and electrolytic water sterilization three constant sterilization technology, making the use of healthier. The five-fold safety protection and water-electricity separation technology make it safer to use. The body-sensing seat, water whirlpool energy system, and live water heating technology make it more comfortable to use. One-touch knob and intelligent Yi Design and smart flip function make it more convenient to use.

Bianjiebao has developed the “Three Shields and One Flush” patented technology, with “ultra-clean” as the core, to meet users’ needs for cleanliness and health. Considering the water pressure problem in some areas and buildings in China, they developed the “Power Flush” technology. In the first level of water efficiency standard (3.8L), 0 water pressure requirements to achieve a strong flushing effect, more powerful and more water-saving. At the same time, they for the embarrassment of the toilet PP splash water, developed to prevent the splash “foam shield”. There is also from the root of deodorization sterilization “super light shield” (sterilization rate of 99.99%). We have also developed the Hikari Shield, which purifies water used in the human body’s private parts, and the Hikari Shield, which is drinking water grade, to provide users with a more comfortable toilet experience.

There are Panasonic, Haier and other comprehensive brands, but also the intelligent toilet to elevate the overall household adaptability of the height of thinking. For example, as consumers are increasingly concerned about hygiene, cleanliness and comfort in the bathroom, Panasonic has proposed that the ideal bathroom should be a caring and relaxing space. With this concept in mind, they have developed a product equipped with a health detection function to “solve the body, care for you” to differentiate and innovate the bathroom space and give more quality attributes to the space.

HaierWeixi Intelligent Toilet

HaierWeixi mentioned that for users worried about the safety of intelligent toilet electricity, Haier will use the patented anti-electricity wall technology. For women concerned about water quality and hygiene issues, the “water purification” technology will be added to it. At the same time follow the pace of domestic “great health”, focusing on women, pregnancy, infants and children, the elderly, adolescents, sub-health and other people’s demand for wellness, based on the smart bathroom proposed smart bathroom wellness ecological solutions, to achieve the smart bathroom scene to wellness scene of the upgrade.

The innovative evolution of smart toilets is in full swing!


Consumer Education Actively Promote The Installation Of Adaptive No Longer A Problem!

Consumption upgrade, health consciousness, accelerated urbanization, aging society, refined proportion of the increase, all the positive factors are urging the arrival of China’s intelligent toilet market spring. A netizen shared, “Look at the decoration of building materials, passing by the store selling sanitary ware, a row of smart toilets in front of the door, after a person, a column of toilet seat opened!” See how ritualistic!

Of course, China’s smart toilet penetration rate is still relatively low, the lack of consumer education is obvious. In addition, bathroom plumbing and electrical adaptability, no renovation plan can also be replaced without intelligent toilet and other concerns, but also let many have not tried intelligent toilet seat or feel that the purchase conditions are not enough for potential consumers to deter.

In fact, Chinese consumers are not unfamiliar with intelligent toilets, as Panasonic’s corporate manager mentioned that their survey years ago found that 70-80% of people in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities in China know about intelligent toilets, and that awareness of the product should have reached a higher level by now. However, the current penetration rate of Chinese households is only 2%-3%, indicating that most of the people who know about it have yet to translate their needs or curiosity into action. It can be said that China’s smart toilet market is still in the early stages of the category’s development, and the growth phase of its popularity has yet to explode. At present, Panasonic invests a certain amount of money in advertising every year, actively uses online and offline media channels to spread the word, and actively participates in large exhibitions, as well as joint activities with multi-platforms and multi-brands and cross-border marketing to deepen Chinese consumers’ awareness and affection for the category.

They said that in the next few years China’s intelligent toilet market will still present a growth curve, as there are installation constraints of the product, the demand for intelligent toilets will have a dual attribute of home appliances, home improvement, the steady development of the economy and the real estate of new installations, refitting, as well as the stock of toilet seat dressing will be its growth engine.

Haier said, for consumers worried about the installation of intelligent toilet, refitting, changing problems, Haier use a strong after-sales system, to provide users with a variety of innovative solutions. For example, with the national service network 7 * 365 * 24-hour service standards, Haier collection of 30,000 service network, 20,000 delivery terminals, can be 31 provinces, autonomous regions, more than 2,000 cities and counties to provide free home installation, free electricity, five-year warranty and other services. For everyone’s concerns about the installation of new inconvenience, water and electricity transformation difficulties, damage to the bathroom decoration, Haier will provide free circuit transformation, free removal, etc., “for example, there are many old house, bathroom no power, we will provide free electricity service. Some users are worried about moving when the smart toilet seat can not take away, then we will provide free removal service. Again, choosing the right smart toilet starts with choosing the right pit distance. For those who don’t know how to measure the pit distance, we offer free measurement service. In addition to this, there are services such as free removal of old machines and assistance in removing old toilets to provide maximum convenience for users.”

Bianjiebao Smart Toilet

Bianjiebao mentioned that the company actively participated in the drafting of the smart toilet national standard, regional standards, industry standards, etc., so that the smart toilet has standards to follow. Bianjiebao has donated smart toilets in Beijing, Hangzhou, Taizhou and other public places, with offline stores all over the country and official online display and sales, so that consumers have more opportunities to experience. At the same time, through the multi-platform actively participate in joint enterprise display activities, science education activities, promotional activities, technical exchanges and other activities, to give consumers more reference when choosing smart toilets. In terms of installation, the company has its own professional installation team, as long as the user in the formal network platform authorized stores, such as the Tmall flagship store to buy the product, there are parcel delivery upstairs, and an installer will take the initiative to contact for door-to-door installation, as well as to provide demolition services. And offline stores, you can call the official 400 hotline for installation and other services.

Hegii relies on more than 3,000 service outlets nationwide, through the development of “bathroom new Chinese goods technology exhibition”, “State Chixiang GO” and other large-scale marketing activities, focusing on the intelligent toilet in the terminal market publicity, so that consumers zero distance to cognitive Hegii, experience, buy smart toilets and other new bathroom products. In addition, Hegii also hand in hand with Netease Health, Dr. Clove, a number of authoritative expert platform, joint experts continue to output Chinese family bathroom life “guardian plan” to accelerate the awareness of new bathroom products.

With the smart bathroom electrical business service level to improve the level of enterprises, local means of renovation of the rich, no renovation plan for consumers, dress smart toilet, early experience of the smart bathroom new life, will no longer be difficult.



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