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The First Quarter Of The Refined Smart Toilet Brand Share Ranking, Kohler, TOTO, Country Garden Blue Balloon Ranked In The Top Three

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According to AVC (AVC) online push the total data show that the annual scale of smart toilet ushered in high growth in 2020, with sales close to 5 billion and sales of more than 2 million units. Since 2019, the refined decoration market smart toilet supporting the scale and supporting rate have continued to grow, 2019 smart toilet supporting the volume of 33.20 million sets, configuration rate of 10.2%. 2020 annual supporting the volume of 535,700 sets, an increase of 61.3%, the configuration rate increased to 16.5%.

By 2021, the refined real estate market intelligent toilets still maintain high growth. The first quarter supporting volume of 90,300 sets, an increase of 36% over the same period last year, the configuration rate of 23.5%, an increase of 7 percentage points over 2020.

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In the first quarter of 2021, the allocation rate of the finishing market in the first line, the new first line, the second line, three or four lines were 35.9%, 26.2%, 22.0%, 21.7%, in a decreasing trend. Among them, the allocation rate of second-tier and third- and fourth-tier cities is lower than the national level, but it is increasing year by year, and the future market potential is promising.

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From the perspective of individual cities, North, Guangzhou and Shenzhen four first-tier cities, Beijing, Guangzhou intelligent toilet demand is high. Among them, Beijing’s demand for intelligent toilets in the first quarter increased four times year-on-year, with a matching rate of 52.1%. Guangzhou in the first quarter, a year-on-year increase of 95.7%, supporting the rate of 55.1%. New first-tier cities, Nanjing, Wuhan, Kunming intelligent toilet demand is high, including Nanjing supporting rate of 50%, Wuhan supporting rate of 37.4%, Kunming supporting rate of 90.7%. Second-tier cities, Zhongshan, Wuxi, Nantong intelligent toilet demand is high, the configuration rate of 40%, 32.1%, 28.1%. Hefei and Taiyuan although the demand is not among the TOP3, but the configuration rate of 71.3%, 85.3%, much higher than the average level of second-tier cities. In the third and fourth tier cities, the individual city intelligent toilet configuration rate is polarized. For example, the matching rate is higher than 80% of the city Shaoguan, Datong, Urumqi, Jiujiang, Wuhu, Handan, Liaocheng, etc.. Does not support the intelligent toilet city also has a lot, this phenomenon is mainly related to the number of finishing projects in third and fourth-tier cities less.


From the intelligent toilet type, one machine and intelligent toilet cover in the first-tier, new first-tier cities in the market share of equal shares. First-tier cities: 52.8% share of the integrated machine, 47.2% share of the intelligent toilet cover. New first-tier cities: 49.1% share of the integrated machine, 50.1% share of the intelligent toilet cover. In the second-tier and third- and fourth-tier cities, all-in-one machines are more popular, with a market share of more than 75%. On the whole, the finishing as the initial installation market, one machine demand is higher than the intelligent toilet cover.

In the first quarter of 2021, the refined decoration market smart toilet sub-city sub-type supporting share.

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In terms of smart toilet seat brands for finishing decoration, in the first quarter of 2021, the share of foreign brands was 71.9%, a slight decrease from 2019, down 19.2% year-on-year. The share of domestic brands is 28.1%, an increase of 19.2 year-on-year.

Among the top 10 refined smart toilet brands, except for Country Garden Blue Balloon and Jomoo, all are foreign brands, with Kohler, TOTO and American Standard in the forefront. Kohler still ranked first, supporting the scale of 129.9% growth over the same period last year. In addition, in addition to the blue balloon accounted for 72.8% of the share, Jomoo accounted for 14.9, Arrow for 3.9%, Hegii for 2.9%. In addition, Moen successfully broke into the ranks of intelligent toilets TOP10 in the first quarter of this year.


Previously, kitchen and bathroom information published by the “Data | Refurbished house domestic and foreign bathroom brands, foreign brands still account for a high proportion“, it was pointed out that although the share of domestic brands refined decoration has increased slightly in recent years, but still dominated by foreign brands.

2021’Q1 refined decoration intelligent toilet market brand nature performance.

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