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Undercounter ceramic basin VS counter ceramic basin

Now, the bathroom cabinet and wash basin are installed in the bathroom of each family. The wash basin also has an over counter type and an under counter type, so let’s summarize the differences between under counter basin and over counter type.
1.What is a countertop basin and its advantages and disadvantages
Above counter basin: easy to install, rich in style, diverse in style, easy to have dead corners
Applicable space: prominent style, large and medium-sized countertop width greater than 70 cm
Applicable people: prominent personality, like items with strong sense of design, tend to simple installation
With the diversification of bathroom decoration styles, the above counter basins have gradually begun to be favored by everyone. Above counter basins are basins that show a protruding state on the countertop, that is, the entire body of the countertop is above the countertop. The products are divided into two types: free-standing and built-in countertop basins. Compared with the under counter basin, the installation of the counter basin is much simpler. Just open the countertop according to the design, and then place the basin body at the hole position. Finally, it can be sealed with glass glue. The possibility of water leakage (but the sealant may leak water and open the glue). During use, water does not flow down the gap, so it is used in a wide range of family life. The biggest feature is that the style is rich and diverse, and consumers can choose according to their preferences. It is most appropriate to use the above counter basin to highlight the distinctive style of the homeowner.

2.What is under counter basin and its advantages and disadvantages
Under counter basin: easy to clean, difficult to install, easy to fall off, simple design
Applicable space: small and medium-sized units, modern and simple decoration
Applicable people: People who don’t have much time to clean bathrooms, good at DIY and love simple life.
Different from above counter basins, just check whether the frame of the entire basin is under the counter. This is different from the basin on the stage. Because the countertop is a basin, the entire frame is above the countertop. This is also the most obvious difference between the two. The countertop is a basin. The advantage is that the edge of the sink is not higher than the countertop, so it is very convenient when cleaning. All the water stains and dirt on the countertop can be washed into the basin. All the basin sinks under the countertop is the undercounter. The overall appearance is tidy, and cleaning and care is easy and simple. At the same time, the countertop can hold many items, so the undercounter was very popular in the past. But its biggest disadvantage is that it is difficult to install and easy to fall off over time. When installing an under counter basin, the countertop must be cut out according to the size of the counter basin, and then a basin bracket can be made. If you want to disassemble it later, it may be relatively unchanged. Once the counter basin is not spliced ​​with the countertop, hidden dangers such as water leakage will occur. During use, the water flow often splashes off the countertop, so it is often cleaned and organized. At the same time, its replacement is cumbersome, and the sink can only be replaced by lifting the entire countertop. From the appearance point of view, his shape is not as rich as that of the basin.

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