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During May 27th-31st,2019, the 24th Shanghai Kitchen and Bath Show (KBC), known as the“Ocean Oscar” in China, officially kicked off.

iVIGA factory has become an important part of this intensive drug, and the innovative products have been unveiled at the W5D87 Pavilion at the Shanghai International New Expo Center.

In the exhibition hall, the scene is crowded with domestic appearance exhibitors. iVIGA has established a solid reputation in the industry. Since its launch, it has ushered in an endless stream of visitors every day.

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They are pretty much love iVIGA faucet products and thumb up like it,the following are the details of the buyers and importers to negotiate with us:

Aaron Somerhalder: Shanghai Kitchen and Bath Show,as a wind vane for the development of the industry, this year’s show has gathered thousands of home kitchen and bathroom brands at home and abroad. is this iVIGA the first time to participate in the Shanghai exhibition? What is the main reason for the continued appearance of Shanghai Exhibition? What do you think is the significance of participating in the Shanghai exhibition for iVIGA?

iVIGA: Since 2012, iVIGA has participated in domestic and international exhibitions (such as Canton Fair, Shanghai Kitchen and Bath Show, American IBS Building Materials Exhibition, etc.), which is the 7th year of Shanghai Exhibition. Shanghai Exhibition is very important for our company. First of all, there are many people to watch and there are many opportunities for cooperation. Secondly, Shanghai Exhibition is a product that can display iVIGA brand and innovative products.

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Paul Walker: This year, iVIGA participated in the exhibition “Innovation, Leading Fashion”. What is the meaning of this theme? How does the design of the pavilion and the products exhibited in this exhibition reflect this theme?

iVIGA: This year we have the theme of “Innovation, Leading Fashion”, because “Innovation”is very important for our products. Customers often need new products to support their business. As supplier, we need to help them innovate products, adjust prices, and provide a better consumer experience for end consumers. With its minimalist and extravagant style, iVIGA brings a sense of glamour to the audience to the North and South America,Europea,Asia…all over the world.The design is simple and elegant, yet
high-end fashion sense. The subtleties highlight the unique brand charm and create an innovative and healthy lifestyle.

Johnny Depp: Last year, iVIGA series of high-quality kitchen and basin faucets attracted the attention of many leading domestic and foreign counterparts. What products did you unveil this year, and what are the main new products? What are the highlights of the new product?

iVIGA:focuses on three categories of faucets, showers and pendants. It focuses on high-end hardware products, bringing traditional and simple sanitary ware products closer to professional and refined development, and constantly satisfying consumers’ style, quality, function, and customization. High demand.
Among the products unveiled this year, ZORA’s new series of bathroom faucets, as well as UNA series matt black bathroom faucets and shower combinations, bathroom accessories, have been well received by most of the clients.

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Ben Affleck: As far as you know, is there a lot of exhibitors at the Shanghai Exhibition this year? What are the advantages of the track spool compared to other leading brands? Please give an example?

iVIGA: There are still many domestic and foreign leading brand companies to participate in this year, but we pay more attention to their performance and market feedbacks.
Our strength lies in strict requirements and constant innovation. iVIGA uses market feedback to verify the quality of the product. If it is good, we will increase the development of this direction. If it is not good, we will increase the intensity. This rigorous requirement and constant innovation is the brand advantage of iVIGA.

Anna Paquin: Will you still participate in the Shanghai Exhibition next year? why?

iVIGA: We will continue to participate in the Shanghai exhibition next year and even more in the future,also the Frankfurt Bathroom Show and related exhibitions abroad, which it focuses on product trends, and the Shanghai Kitchen and Bath Show has a commercial taste. Many customers will sign the exhibition and carry out annual cooperation. This is why iVIGA will always appear in Shanghai.

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In the future, we will continue to upgrade the dealers system, and hope to invite more high-end dealers to join the iVIGA family.

Looking forward to build up business relationship with each other!



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