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Basin Sink Faucet Installtion

How to install the basin sink faucet?

The single hole hot and cold tap is common used in our daily life,like basin faucet,kitchen faucet,bidet faucet…etc.but how to install the faucets correctly in case of any leakage?it’s very important for us to follow below steps for the right way installtion,so it won’t bring you trouble for your home usage.

iVIGA Basin faucets 561100LWC 

Surface treatment:white paint;Material:brass body,zinc alloy handle,35mm ceramic cartridge

Fittings:one pair of 50cm inlet hoses,washer and fixing nuts.

Step 1:Before installation, clean the pipe and angle valve to prevent the impurities from entering the cartridge and causing malfunction.

Step 2:Put the faucet into the basin deck hole.

Step 3:Take out the washer and fixing nuts.

Step 4:Tighten the washer and fixing nut into the connection tube

Step 5:After adjusting the faucet to the proper position, tighten it with wrench and Phillips screwdriver and then lock it.

Step6:Screw the hot and cold inlet hoses,and connect the corresponding joints to the angle valve joints.

Installation Complete

As you know,different faucets have different installtions,our “operating instruction”will be along with our faucet products if you needed,so you don’t have to worry about hard to install it after buying our bathroom and kitchen faucets.

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