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What Is Consumer Upgrade? How Should Chinese Faucet Brands Upgrade?

In the past two years, “consumer upgrade” has become a hot topic on the Internet, and many faucet brands want to be associated with consumer upgrade, as if whoever holds the key to “consumer upgrade” will be successful. In this year’s government work report, the premier mentioned consumer upgrade and quality consumption again. So, what is the consumption upgrade? For the Chinese faucet brands, how to upgrade?


What is the consumption upgrade? How should Chinese faucet brands be upgraded? (Image from the network)


Consumerism Is Not Defined By Price

10 years ago, casually buy an old-fashioned cast iron faucet, now also casually want a stainless steel dual temperature dual control, the price is more than 5 times higher than before. So some people think that the escalation of consumption is that consumers buy more and more expensive things!

In fact, the consumer upgrade is not defined by price. The consumer upgrade, in addition to consumer purchasing power, more importantly, will bring consumer knowledge to improve, no longer blindly follow luxury brands or greedy to buy cheap low-cost low-quality products. Rather than blindly following luxury brands or buying cheap, low-quality products, they will pursue brands that are cost-effective and close to their own personalities, attitudes and lifestyles.


Consumption Upgrade, How To Upgrade The Chinese Faucet Brand?

1, From ” sale ” to ” experience “

The unique nature of the faucet industry makes the customer’s experience with the product more important. If a customer comes to the store to buy a shower, you’ve been talking to him about the copper casting valve body, 360 ° rotation under the water, the big top spray evenly, as opposed to directly bring him to the product, let him touch, and then turn on the shower to let him feel the smooth and fast water to be practical.

2, Cost performance

Price competition, the “psoriasis” of retail model innovation! So when talking about cost performance, more people will only see “price”, cheap is cost-effective. In fact, the key to price/performance ratio is “comparison”. Comparing performance and price, the value of the money is the core of the price/performance ratio.

So in today’s consumer upgrade, it is very important to upgrade the quality of the brand, so that it can afford its price, and then continue to expand the influence of the brand.

3, Consumerism

If brands are still resorting to product features and satisfying consumer “desires”, they may need to change their thinking.

Under the escalation of consumption, people’s concept of consumption has undergone a qualitative change. Even if I buy something expensive, it’s to express my value proposition. But on the other hand, is it possible to lead consumers to identify with the value proposition of your product?

The simplest example is to be able to afford a six or seven thousand iPhone, but to use a few dollars of a phone case at the roadside, but the phone case is not only the face of the phone but also the face of the user. This is more acceptable for consumers to buy a good phone case.

The upgrade of the concept of consumption, let consumers know that their consumption is not used to meet the daily needs, the need to put the hands of the RMB really valuable to spend. Purchase something that is not just a necessity but is directly related to your life, career and even your aesthetics.



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