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What is the difference between single handle and dual handle faucets?

The difference point between single handle and dual handle faucet is:
1.Single-handle faucet: It refers to the introduction of cold and hot water from two pipe holes, and the outlet water flows from a water nozzle. Its water temperature is controlled by a handle left and right. Generally the left is hot water and the right is cold water. This kind of valve is actually a commonly used hot and cold water mixing valve.

2. Daul-handle faucet: refers to the introduction of cold and hot water through two pipe holes, and the water is controlled by two valves, a nozzle out. Its water temperature is realized by two valves controlling left and right respectively, and its water temperature is easier to control.

Single handle shower faucet

Single handle basin faucet 801100CH


How to choose dual handle water faucet?
1. Depending on the quality, there are several types of material: titanium alloy, copper chrome-plated, stainless steel chrome-plated, aluminum alloy chrome-plated, and iron-made chrome-plated.
2. Look at the cartridge. The ceramic cartridge is the best. The better quality cartridge are made of ceramic, which have the characteristics of strong wear resistance and good tightness. Generally, they can be used more than 300,000 times. Low-grade products mostly use copper, rubber and other seals, which have a short service life, but Low price.

Single handle shower faucet

4”centerest lavatory faucet 801500CH

3. Look at the plating layer. In the chrome-plated products, the common product is 20 microns thick, and the material is easily oxidized by air over time. The copper chrome plating layer with sophisticated workmanship is 28 microns thick. Delicate, it can keep bright as new after using for a long time.
4. It is best to look at the appearance and integrate it with the style of the basin, bathtub and bathroom, to complete the finishing touch.
5, China domestic brands of copper chrome-plated products are relatively favorable, while stainless steel chrome-plated products are cheaper.

Single handle shower faucet

3-hole basin mixer 804300CH

How to install the dual handle basin faucet?
First, turn off the water gate, and then look at the type of faucet at home. Some are twisted under the washbasin, so you have to twist the screws first. One of the more ancient ones is directly twisted. The beginning of the faucet will do.
1. The interface is rusty and difficult to remove: When the faucet in the bathroom is disassembled, at least the connection at the inlet pipe is easily separated. And whether the kitchen is the water inlet or the connection between the faucet and the countertop, the two interfaces are difficult to unscrew.

Single handle shower faucet

kitchen faucet 802300CH

2. Use a saw to cut off the faucet above the table: If you drip oil at the interface and twist it hard, the interface is still moving, you can only use the saw to remove it. The kitchen countertop is not like the bathroom countertop. If you can’t remove it, you can only saw off the faucet above the countertop so that the faucet is separated from the countertop.
3.Separate the water inlet pipe and hose with a saw: Since the water inlet hole and the hose cannot be separated during the installation of the bathroom faucet, I also thought that if I saw it directly, the sawed water inlet hole was connected with a new It’s a bit difficult to manage.



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