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What Makes This Hardcore Brand Stand Out From The 1400+ Companies At The Shanghai Kitchen & Bath Show?

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On May 26, the Shanghai International Kitchen & Bath Show, known as the “Oscar” of the bathroom industry, kicked off at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. It has 220,000 square meters, 18 halls, 1400+ exhibitors. Heavyweight exhibition, starry-eyed. As the wind vane of the industry, exhibitors are making every effort to use this stage to perfectly show their strength.

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On the first day of the show, the brand did not clamor for gimmicks. It did not overly promote itself, but only conquered the visitors in a hurry with its hardcore strength. It stands out in the 1400+ companies, shining. It is the artisanal imperial sanitary ware.

This hard-core brand, why is there so much charm? Follow my footsteps below to find out!



Brand power, unstoppable

Craftsman Royal sanitary ware, founded in 2013. It is a collection of research and development, design, production, sales and service as one of the professional faucet independent innovative enterprises. Insist on the combination of modern technology and artistic elements, follow the world trend, push the new, deepen the reform, review the situation to adjust the brand development strategy. Introduced DIY concealed shower, intelligent constant temperature shower and personalized faucet trinity of product system. It also launched the “full category of aesthetic bathroom hardware customization” new trend mode, excellent quality. So far, it has won more than 80 product development patents and the 2020 Cotton Tree Award – China Design Award.


In this exhibition, Craftsman Royalty, with its new brand VI image and annual trendy new products, was presented in Shanghai New International Expo Center 4W202. With the theme of “Iteration and Reinvention, Empowerment and Co-progress”, it is centered on original design and individual customization. It shows the brand’s professional advantages in the field of bathroom hardware in an all-round way. It brings the strongest wind vane of the trend for this year’s Shanghai exhibition.




Original new debut, tide leading the industry

All along, Craftsman Royalty is committed to using original design. Its professional R & D team is boldly innovative, dedicated to research and development, and follows strict standards. It has broken through the heavy technical barriers by cooperating with top designers at home and abroad to truly break the shackles of industry homogenization. It advocates the use of technology to solve the pain points of the bathroom industry, so that the customer experience down to earth.

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Shanghai show premiered the new personalized customization – Zunyun series piano shower. It combines value and function, breaking through the image of the traditional shower in the middle, more fashionable personality.


Digital display intelligent shower, digital display basin faucet, proper “black technology”, can control the water temperature independently through the digital display function. It is clear at a glance, intelligent life is within reach.

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Personalized button type concealed shower, broken and new, different. Minimalist personality panel, customized at will. It is versatile in style. Small space solution extension, brings infinite possibilities to the bathroom and leads the direction of humanistic home trend.

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In 2021 Shanghai hotel exhibition popular in the whole field of the creation of the series of constant temperature shower shower also reappeared. The surprise from the fingers, a “key” love. With the touch of the finger, the water flows between the fingers, experiencing the extraordinary bath contains “joy”.

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In addition, there are also a number of annual boutique products – the elegant series, the annual series, the rhyme series, the crystal Rui series, the style series, the series of the Gezhi. Each series of products have a unique style, with an inherent sense of seniority. They are low-key but dazzling. The craftsmanship is exquisite, interpreting the connotation of modern aesthetics. At the same time, it also manifests the new fashionable lifestyle.

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The DIY concealed showerhead and the new concealed pre-installation box are promoted by the artisanal imperial sanitary ware. It has a more powerful configuration, a higher level of technology. It is simple and atmospheric, easy and convenient to install. It is easy to maintain, no need to demolish the wall. It can meet the needs of modern bathroom decoration in small spaces. Intelligent thermostatic shower, adopts the thermostatic valve core of Kellos imported from Hungary. It has passed NSF, WARS, GB, TUV and many other certifications. It has precise temperature control and rapid response. Its 38℃ constant temperature is just right. Smart shower, impeccable.

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Multi-functional open showerhead. Industrial style gunmetal gray, light luxury and elegant brushed gold, fashionable and avant-garde chrome color, by the personality of the classic black. Whether it is light luxury, Scandinavian style, new Chinese style, minimalist style, it can easily manage. Such an exquisite and superb product, attracting many viewers to stop and taste.

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Craftsman Royal has integrated the concept of ultimate humanistic care into the design and application of the product. It fully takes into account the physiological needs and psychological needs of consumers. It is to create a natural and harmonious bathroom space as its mission, the “humanistic bathroom – aesthetic custom” as the ultimate goal, to show all the imperial people’s craftsmanship.



Brand upgrade, highlighting the charm of aesthetic customization

Brand upgrade, is also the highlight of this year’s artisanal sanitary ware. Follow the trend, the exhibition hall as a whole to the most popular Morandi blue as the main color. It is set off by black and white gray tones, senior and simple. It effortlessly renders a sense of chic. The space layout is concise and sharp, divided into four areas: display area, experience area, reception area and leisure area. Visitors can enter the exhibition hall from all directions to experience different products in all aspects and feel the charm of aesthetic customization.

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Strategic overlap, sharing new opportunities

After a year’s absence from the big stage of Shanghai Exhibition, the company returned again with a strong presence. Craftsmanship Royalty not only brings new products, but also a new model and annual heavy policy support to empower dealers’ operation. For new and old customers, there are different degrees of preferential policies, full of sincerity. For the majority of dealers, this is a rare opportunity. Don’t miss it easily!



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