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Xiaomu Youpin Won The “Young Fashion Bathroom Brand Of Choice”

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Xiaomu Youpin was awarded the title of “Young and Stylish Bathroom Brand of Choice” by the China Industrial Cooperation Association at the 2021 National Marketing Conference on July 19, “Gathering Strength at the Terminal, Retailing to Win”. The brand was awarded by the China Association of Industrial Cooperation.

Xiaomu Youpin Won The

In the presence of Jomoo Group Party Secretary and Chairman Lin Xiaofa, Jomoo Executive President Lin Yousai, Jomoo Vice Chairman Lin Sinan, and Jomoo Brand President Yan Zhenzhen, China Association of Industrial Cooperation (CAIC) Home Furnishing Branch Chairman and Kitchen & Bathroom Information Founder Yu Zhenrong awarded Xiaowei Lin the “Young and Stylish Bathroom Brand of Choice” on behalf of the national association, China Association of Industrial Cooperation.

Xiaomu Youpin Won The

Xiaomu Youpin as a representative of the new generation of young and fashionable bathroom brands, Xiaomu Youpin’s rapid development has not only attracted the attention of the industry, but also gained the recognition and affirmation of young people. According to the Baidu search index, the post-90s and post-00s are the main force to pay attention to Xiaomu Youpin. The results of a survey conducted by Kitchen News also showed that 81.3% of participants agreed that Xiaomu Youpin is a youthful brand.

In response to the characteristics of the Generation Z consumer group and the youthfulness of the consumer force, Xiaomu Youpin is shaping its brand culture with a more youthful mindset. It has put forward the slogan “youth is infinite, quality is priceless”.

Youthful infinite, it deeply focus on young core consumer groups. It also indicates that Xiaomu Youpin will take the lead as a young brand with a promising future.

Quality is priceless, this is Xiaomu Youpin insist on the love of life. It uses the champion quality to create a high-quality, value-priced life experience for consumers.

Xiaomu Youpin Won The

Xiaomu Youpin precisely positioned “value and price is considerable”. It will be the brand concept throughout the brand image, product design, store style, terminal marketing and other aspects of the “technology + value + quality” to better meet the pursuit and aspirations of contemporary young consumers for a better life.

Xiaomu Youpin Won The

The company’s branding and sportsmanship are the key reasons why Xiaomu Youpin has won the recognition of young consumers. Xiaomu Youpin has become a product for the 13 national teams of the State General Administration of Sports Training Bureau to prepare athletes for battle, and has also reached a deep cooperation with Xu Jiayu, Lin Yue, Luo Xuejuan, Jiao Liu Yang and other famous athletes. At the same time, the Olympic diving champion Lin Yue, “national model worker”, Olympic champion Wang Xin has joined the Xiaomu Youpin distributors, become the brand champion partners, and created a “sports star + bathroom brand” marketing precedent.

Xiaomu Youpin Won The

Olympic champions are the model, with the Olympic spirit together. “Breakthrough innovation” is the core driving force behind the development of the Xiaomu Youpin brand. It will continue to promote it to become a representative and influential young national brand.



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