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Yan Zhen: The Future Of Sanitary Space Infinite Possibilities, Jomoo Let The World See The Chinese “Wisdom” Letter

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On May 29, the 26th Shanghai International Kitchen & Bathroom Exhibition came to an end, and Jomoo has created a technological trend and a national trend style in this exhibition. The digital technology of Sensa intelligent fantasy space, the national trend of the new Frame Fang suite, Voyage Voyage suite, the world’s first waterless toilet in cooperation with the Gates Foundation and other national trend, technology and new products are greatly appreciated, amazed by the rapid progress of Chinese sanitary technology.

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Jomoo pavilion is very popular

At the exhibition, Jomoo brand president Yan Zhen was interviewed by Kitchen News, disclosing the next development direction of the Jomoo brand.

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Jomoo brand president Yan Zhen was interviewed by Huang Xianjie, the operation director of kitchen and bathroom information


Global technology presents future bathroom space solutions

In the future, what will our house look like? What does the bathroom space look like? What do you think of the future disruptive bathroom technology, Jomoo in the Shanghai Kitchen & Bathroom Show in the heavy release of Sensa wisdom fantasy space gives an answer.

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Sensa intelligent fantasy space is full of future technology: intelligent personalized experience, intelligent identification of users, intelligent health consultant, intelligent privacy control. This allows everyone to the future of bathroom space change is full of infinite fantasy. Jomoo hopes to integrate scenario, technology and intelligence through the way of IOT, so that consumers can enjoy a new way of experience in the bathroom space.

Yan Zhen said that Jomoo is using global vision and global technology to present a future bathroom space scene to everyone. It is also changing people’s perception of Jomoo, which is no longer just a brand of sanitary products, but a global brand of sanitary space solutions.

Jomoo chairman Lin Xiaofa often stressed on several important occasions, Jomoo to stand in the industry to do business, stand in the global industry. Jomoo has integrated the global industry quality resources. It has laid out 30 research institutes in the world, such as Munich Design & Technology Institute and Silicon Valley Artificial Intelligence Institute, and also set up joint innovation centers with Huawei, Siemens and Siemens respectively to inject vitality into the future development of science and technology innovation.

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The world’s first waterless toilet “MJ eco-toilet”

At the Shanghai Kitchen & Bathroom Show, Jomoo’s world’s first waterless toilet “MUJING Eco-Toilet” in cooperation with the Gates Foundation also attracted widespread attention. This is a public welfare “black technology” for the purpose of saving water resources and improving sanitation infrastructure in poor areas. It shows the original intention of Jomoo as a national brand “leading the world” to improve the quality of human life with technology.


Exploring the connotation of national trend and exploring the development of Chinese brands

The influence of the national trend is gradually expanding among the young generation in China. This trend of cultural self-confidence has also reached the Shanghai Kitchen & Bath Show, where Jomoo launched Frame, a national trend set that combines Eastern philosophy, Chinese aesthetics and intelligent technology. Its sub-brand, Xiaomoo Youpin, also made its debut at the show with the new masterpiece “Dunhuang Feitian”. Yan Zhen introduced, Jomoo national tide products through the cultural way, technology and display way to present a different bathroom space to consumers. They can experience the convenience brought by technology, but also feel the connotation of Chinese culture.

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Jomoo national trend set Frame side

Jomoo’s understanding of the national trend will not simply change a LOGO, a slogan like other brands or industries, but always uphold the respect, reverence and longing for the history of Chinese culture, and shoulder the social responsibility that Chinese head brands should have to spread Chinese culture. In 2020 Jomoo’s “Chinese ancient architecture culture craftsmanship heritage public welfare action public welfare donation signing ceremony”, the Palace Museum three presidents Zheng Xinmiao, Shan Jixiang, Wang Xudong rare support on the same stage, which is highly recognized national sanitary ware enterprises.

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Today, Jomoo bathroom products into the Forbidden City in Beijing, the Great Wall, the Summer Palace, the Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Qin Shi Huang, the Museum of Stele Forest, Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes, Yungang Grottoes, Potala Palace, the Great Zhao Temple. The reason behind this is that Jomoo does not forget its original intention, does a good job with its products, does a good job with its technology, does a good job with its services, takes up its social responsibility and really spreads Chinese culture.


Grasp the “potential” and “market”, help national brands to lead the world trend

At present, China’s economic situation is good, Chinese brands are in the rapid growth stage, brand development should follow the trend. Yan Zhen believes that the “trend” contains three key points. First, at least 500 million people in the country have not used the toilet (Chief Economist Li Xunlei announced data in 2019), the bathroom market potential is huge. Second, national confidence, national tide confidence, no longer overseas rush to buy “toilet seat”, will promote brand confidence. Third, the brand should be good at using the big “potential” to “market”.

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Earlier this year, global public opinion on the use of 5G topic. The world’s first 5G wisdom ceramic factory in March by the Chinese mainstream media, after the major international media have been reproduced in the report. This sparked the attention of international public opinion. Many internationally renowned brands in the U.S., Germany and Japan were impressed by Chinese companies and exclaimed, “It’s amazing that the Chinese ceramics industry is using advanced 5G technology!” and have asked Jomoo to understand the 5G ceramic factory. Famous financial writer Wu Xiaobo also praised that this is the best 5G factory he has ever seen in the world.

Mr. Yan Zhen said, since the 5G factory “burst into the limelight”, Jomoo has shown the world the confidence and strength of the Chinese brand, Jomoo will continue to use global cutting-edge technology to promote the transformation of the bathroom space, explore a road with Chinese brand characteristics, Chinese cultural characteristics and Chinese category characteristics, so that national brands lead the international trend.



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