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Zhejiang fixes 5 inferior quick-heat faucet enterprises

Under the situation of fierce competition in the industry, building China-made quality is now the focus of industry development. Each region takes quality monitoring to control the quality of products made in China, aiming to improve the quality of China and build strength Chinese quality. According to the Chinese bathroom network was informed that on September 22, the Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision audit team together with Ningbo, Huzhou City Bureau audit detachment, Cixi, Changxing County Bureau audit brigade, five of the low-quality quick heating faucet production enterprises to carry out three-tier joint law enforcement action, on-site seizure of low-quality products involved in the case of 389 units, and ordered the relevant enterprises of the products involved in the case for immediate removal from the shelves for further investigation.

It is reported, zhejiang province quality supervision bureau recently joint related third-party testing organization, on tmall, beijing dong, suning tesco, gome online and other popular online shopping platform part of the merchants, a total of 30 pieces of fast hot type faucet products, in order to electronic commerce form to buy samples for inspection, found that 19 of the products because of “the touch and live parts of the protection, grounding measures” and other indicators failed, prone to leakage injury accident, suspected of serious quality violations.

After the discovery of the above-mentioned situation, the provincial quality supervision bureau heavy-handed attack, five of the low-quality products production enterprises (Tmall Su Wei flagship store to buy samples marked Mengjing Trading Company Limited, Gome Online Long Yi Ou electrical appliances franchise store to buy samples marked New Asia Electrical Co.

According to the national quality inspection administration this year “quality inspection sword” special law enforcement action and the province “blue sword” series of special law enforcement action of the unified deployment, the recent Zhejiang Province quality supervision bureau organized to carry out the air purifier, rice cooker and other consumer goods as the focus of the province, the quality of the province, the quality of the province, the quality of the province. The “Blue Sword No. 3” special law enforcement action concentrated on investigating and dealing with a number of quality violations of consumer goods, punishing a number of enterprises engaged in the manufacture and sale of counterfeit and shoddy products, and effectively promoting a sustained improvement in the economic order of the consumer goods market in Zhejiang Province. According to statistics, 6400 law enforcement officers were dispatched, 2871 enterprises were inspected, 388 batches of samples were taken, 172 cases of quality violations were investigated and dealt with.

Product monitoring is a long road, the quality control of each enterprise and regional market needs time to transform and improve. Improve the quality of Made in China to build the strength of Chinese quality made is not a temporary thing, want to really do China quality made, in addition to the need for enterprises to consciously improve their own, the relevant government and relevant departments for the market product quality monitoring and control is also very necessary and urgent.



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