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2021 Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition

New opportunities in development:
China has undertaken the transfer of manufacturing of kitchen and bathroom enterprises in developed countries, which has enabled my country’s kitchen and bathroom industry to continue to grow and develop, and the overall technical level and management level have been improved to a certain extent. The globalized and professional division of labor and cooperation system provides a good market opportunity for the Chinese kitchen and bathroom industry, which is conducive to the Chinese kitchen and bathroom industry to participate in the development and competition of the global kitchen and bathroom at a higher level. Although faced with difficulties such as the slowdown in international economic growth, increasing uncertainties, and increasing downward pressure on economic operations, in the domestic market, the process of urbanization is accelerating, the urban economy is developing rapidly, and the mass completion and delivery of affordable housing, and the livelihood of urban residents The level and consumption power are also rapidly increasing. It is expected that the kitchen and bathroom sanitary ware market in the second, third, and even fourth-tier cities in China will usher in a critical period of development. my country’s kitchen and bathroom industry must be closely connected with the real estate industry, building materials industry, industrial design and architectural decoration design industries, strengthen communication and cooperation between the upstream and downstream industrial chains, strengthen innovation and win-win cooperation, further adjust the structure, transform and upgrade, and achieve The new stage of promotion and development.
With the continuous improvement of the living standards of Chinese consumers, the continuous acceleration of the pace of life of young people and the westernization of their lifestyles, the kitchen, as a home eating area, has developed from a functionally supporting type to a part of the living home. Green modern kitchen culture is becoming more humanized, artistic and intelligent with the change of people’s concepts. More and more consumers are choosing kitchen appliances, especially kitchen appliances, at the same time, they are also pursuing the reasonable functional division of the kitchen and the uniform collocation of the material appearance.
In the future in the kitchen appliance market, manufacturers will pay more attention to user needs. According to the data, in the first half of 2015, the growth of kitchen appliances such as range hoods, gas stoves, and disinfection cabinets was better than that of traditional categories, and they developed towards high-end, fashionable and intelligent development. Take range hoods as an example. In the first half of 2015, the retail sales of range hoods reached 15.1 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 15%. Among them, the retail sales of European-style range hoods accounted for 53.9%, an increase of 3.3 percentage points from the same period last year. Emerging small kitchen appliances such as electric kettles, rice cookers, coffee makers, and toasters have also sprung up into the lives of Chinese residents. The annual market size is growing at an annual growth rate of over 10%.
In 2019, the exhibition opened the 12 major exhibition halls of Shanghai New International Expo Center, with an exhibition area of ​​150,000 square meters. Nearly 1,200 exhibiting companies participated in the exhibition. Nearly 100,000 professional buyers and more than 200 media participated in the promotion. The overall image of 40 theme forums further consolidated the position of “Asia’s No. 1 Green Building and Building Materials Exhibition”.
With new time, new scale and new opportunities, VIGA will as always wait for your visit at the Shanghai New International Expo Center!

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