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An Ultimate Guide On How To Pick Bathroom Fittings

In fact, many families have not studied the bathroom hardware accessories in detail. They may just buy them when they think it is suitable and cheap. They may not have paid attention to the material.

First of all, let me briefly tell you what are the main hardware pendants

Hanger classification:
Towel rack: usually you can hang towels, put bath towels, sometimes you can also put our clothes for use, not every one has a hook underneath, this mainly depends on the actual needs of the family

Triangular shelf: this is usually installed in the corner of the wall, there are single-layer, double-layer, multi-layer, etc., mainly used to place shower gel shampoo

Soap rack: We know from the name that this is a reassuring thing. It is usually used for placing soaps, soaps and the like. However, many families have rarely washed by hand, so fewer people install such racks.

Tissue holder: This is used to place tissues to prevent the tissues from being wetted by water. If the bathroom is separated from dry and wet, you don’t need to worry too much about this issue. When buying the tissue holder, it is recommended to choose a closed type or mist the tissue. Wet.

Of course, there are many different categories, such as toilet brush holders, special towel hooks and so on. In fact, the usage rate of different racks in our daily life is also different.

The usage rate of the towel rack is basically the highest. Usually, you can put bath towels and clothes with one click, and the soap rack is the lowest. It is also mentioned above. If it is not for the needs of the home, you do not need to buy it.

The other is the paper towel rack. In fact, the paper towel rack must have a good opening and closing effect, so that paper jams are not allowed, and the material must be corrosion-resistant and oxidation-resistant, otherwise the paper towel rack will easily make the paper towel dirty.

When we buy, we must consider the actual situation at home, choose the size and the required hanger, and do not buy the package blindly. Some things may not be available.
Materials of various types of racks:
Space aluminum: This material is widely used and is currently the mainstream in the market. The advantage is that the price is moderate, and the anti-oxidation effect is good. Usually the surface is made of matte treatment, so it does not look dirty, but the disadvantage is relatively light weight , Don’t hang things that are too heavy, otherwise they will be easily deformed and the cleaning power will be slightly weaker.

Stainless steel material: Everyone is familiar with it. It has advantages of high stability and good corrosion resistance. However, the welding process of stainless steel is difficult, so the disadvantage is that the style is relatively single, and it is indeed difficult for stainless steel to be truly stainless.

Copper material: This material is usually more expensive, practical, sturdy and durable. Copper is also available in solid or hollow. In fact, if you don’t need to hang heavy things, there is no need to blindly pursue solid ones. After all, the price is more expensive. The disadvantage is the problem of fading of copper.

It is not recommended to buy plastic materials here. I believe everyone understands the advantages and disadvantages.
Surface treatment:
Surface treatments are usually divided into different types such as wire drawing, polishing, chrome plating, and oxidation. These four types are used more. Different treatment methods have different surface styles, smoothness and fineness. The copper chromium plating process is generally good, and the overall look is relatively high-end. But it also needs to match the decoration style of the whole home, so that the overall look will be more beautiful.

The other is the brand issue that everyone is more concerned about: Kohler, Wrigley, Jiumu, Moen, etc. are relatively large brands of bathroom products, and the prices of different brands and materials are also different. It is recommended that you can choose according to your personal needs and budget.


Set of racks: bath towel rack + double pole + platform paper towel rack + toilet brush + double basket + 4 clothes hook

The material is made of space aluminum, and the surface treatment is made of wire drawing

Overall, the price/performance ratio is high, and the kits are also complete.





The double towel bar is made of copper, and the surface is chrome-plated.

The seamless welding process has high overall durability and good corrosion resistance.


Set frame: bath towel rack + towel rack + hook + paper towel rack + double triangle basket + toilet brush

The material is made of space aluminum, and the surface treatment is made of oxidation


Set of racks: towel bar + bath towel rack + clothes hook + toilet paper holder + toilet brush

The material is copper alloy, and the surface treatment is chrome-plated,

The interface is tightly closed, and the base is widened and thickened, so the whole bearing capacity is stronger


Set of rack: Towel rack + double towel rod + four rows of hooks + double triangle basket + paper towel rack + toilet brush holder

Space aluminum material with oxidation treatment on the surface

Stainless steel screws, the whole set is of economical type.



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