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How to choose bathroom accessories

For bathroom hardware pendant products, let’s take a look at what are included, then discuss the pros and cons of various materials, and finally answer the situation of these brands. Hardware pendants are not a kind of complicated products. According to their use, there are the following types.
1. Divided into categories by purpose
1) Towel bar, towel rack, etc. for putting towels

Towel bars are generally available in the market such as single rod, double rod, multi rod rotation, etc. The towel ring and towel rod have a single function, and are generally used to hang towels. The towel rack can also be called a bath towel rack. The underside of the ordinary towel rack is for hanging towels, and the upper layer is used to put clean bath towels or clean clothes.

2) Hooks for hanging clothes

There are not many hook products. There are generally single hook, double hook and row hooks on the market. They are usually used to hang clothes in the bathroom, and you can also hang bath balls and other daily necessities that can be hung.

3) Tissue holder for putting roll paper

The paper towel rack is generally used to store toilet paper. The paper towel rack needs to consider whether it is easy to use, and whether it can protect the paper towel from water. Some new paper towel racks also consider the storage function, such as a mobile phone , Wallets these items.

4) Pendant used to put the toilet brush

The toilet brush does not feel good on the ground, so there is a toilet brush pendant, you can put the toilet brush inside, on the one hand it is clean and tidy, on the other hand it looks very beautiful. (Now there are disposable toilet brushes that are flushed away when they are used up, not shown here.)

5) Soap dish used to put soap

I remember that the soap I bought when I was young had a plastic soap dish, which can be used as a soap dish. Nowadays, many soaps in supermarkets are packaged in paper and there is no soap dish. We need a soap dish that can hold soap.

6) Pendant for holding the toothbrushing cup

This pendant is actually not very useful. If you have a bathroom cabinet or a washbasin in your home, it is usually placed on the countertop or on the shelf. Anyway, take a look at this pendant.

7) Powerful shelf

The shelf can usually put shampoo, shower gel, tooth brushing cup, etc., women can put moisturizers, cosmetics, etc., men can put razors, in short, you can put the bathroom products you can think of, and you can put them where there is no place. On the shelf. The shelf is distinguished according to the installation position. There are ordinary rectangular shelf, which is installed on one wall, and a tripod, which is installed at the junction of two walls. The triangular shelf can effectively use the space and is very easy to use.

8) Bathroom vanity mirror

There is already a mirror on the bathroom cabinet, what else do I need a makeup mirror for? This kind of makeup mirror is different from ordinary mirrors. The makeup mirror has two sides, one is an ordinary mirror, and the other is a 3x magnification mirror. You can clearly see the pores on the face, from the perspective of makeup. It’s easy to use. The vanity mirror can be retracted, pulled out when in use, and retracted when not in use to save space.

The above is a simple classification of the pendants according to the purpose. Many pendant styles on the market are not so strict. Some towel racks have hooks under them, which can be used for multiple purposes. Some racks can be connected to a towel bar underneath. The pieces are multi-purpose. When you buy, you have a general idea and just buy the right one.

2. Material and technology
There are many materials used to make bathroom pendants. The most common and cheap ones are plastic pendants. However, the main hardware pendants discussed here are mainly space aluminum, zinc alloy, stainless steel and brass.

1) Space aluminum pendant

Space aluminum is a specially processed aluminum-magnesium alloy. Its main component is aluminum oxide. It is characterized by high temperature resistance. The melting point can reach 2000 degrees. Because the melting point is too high, it is difficult to be used as a casting material, so the pendant of space aluminum is not There will be nice designs and styles. The impact resistance and load-bearing of the space aluminum are also good, and it can hang some heavier objects, while the weight of the space aluminum itself is very light, and the thickness and texture of the metal cannot be felt in the hand. The surface of the space aluminum is white, and most of the pendants only have simple processing, which will feel very rough when you look up close, but its price is cheap, and it is still very good from a practical point of view. If you have low requirements for the product, you can consider it.

2) 304 stainless steel pendant

304 stainless steel is an austenitic stainless steel containing high chromium and high nickel. Because of its high content of chromium, it will oxidize to form a passive film on the surface to protect the stainless steel matrix from corrosion, so its corrosion resistance is very good. The surface of 304 stainless steel material is easy to process. It only needs to be polished. Most of the 304 pendants on the market are brushed surfaces. Because of the high content of nickel, the surface will feel a little yellow, and there will be a few bright Surface 304 pendant, but this kind of shiny surface is very different from the chrome-plated shiny surface. 304 stainless steel rarely uses castings for modeling, so many designs and curves are difficult to apply to pendants. There are not many styles on the market, and the market positioning is in the mid-range position. If you like this kind of brushed surface pendant, you can consider 304 material.

3) Surface plating pendant

Surface electroplating pendants not only refer to copper electroplating, 201 stainless steel and zinc alloy can be electroplated. Of course, copper electroplating is the best in general. The electroplating of copper surface has excellent adhesion, so copper electroplating products are not only high-end but also durable. Zinc alloy castings are easy to produce. Many designs and curves can be embodied in zinc alloys. The styles are very beautiful. However, zinc alloys are generally not used as pendants. Most of the time, zinc alloys can only be used for a certain part of the pendant and can be combined with other materials. Make a complete pendant. 201 stainless steel can also be electroplated after being polished. The style of 201 pendant is not much different from that of 304. The difference is that the surface of 201 has a coating, so there are requirements for its polishing process and electroplating process. Electroplated products are better than products without electroplating. The surface process is much better.

The brass surface has excellent electroplating adhesion, and the surface of the pendant will appear very high-grade. The surface coating is mainly chrome-plated, and there are a small amount of titanium-plated gold, rose gold and so on.

3. Purchase advice
I think the purchase of hardware pendants can be considered from these three aspects. First, it is suitable and easy to use. Second, consider the durability and durability of the pendant. Third, consider the style and style of the pendant.

1) Applicable and easy to use

The first point is to choose according to the installation position of the pendant. If you want to install it in the corner where two walls are connected, choose a triangular shelf. That is to say, see which places are reserved in your bathroom, and choose the right one according to the corresponding position. Pendant. The second point is to choose the right size. If there is only one person, a towel bar with a length of 30cm is probably enough. If there are two people, a towel bar of 60cm or longer may be needed. If there are multiple people, Maybe you need double or multiple towel bars.

2) Strong and durable

Regarding the firmness, most of the hardware pendants nowadays are drilled, then plugged with rubber pads and then fixed with screws. There is basically no problem with the firmness. What is the problem? The problem lies in the screws. Everyone is accustomed to paying attention to the material of the pendant, but no one pays attention to the quality of the screws. Good screws are made of 304 stainless steel, which is durable and will not rust, but basically all iron screws on the market, some iron screws It is anti-rust treatment, such as a layer of copper or zinc on the screw, this kind of iron screw has a certain degree of corrosion resistance. Iron screws that have not undergone any treatment will be corroded in a year or so under the humid environment of the bathroom.

Regarding durability, we mainly consider corrosive issues. Space aluminum pendants and 304 stainless steel pendants have good corrosion resistance, and the surface treatment is relatively simple, so I won’t discuss them in detail here. For brass electroplating products, its positioning is high-end, and the process requirements are relatively high, so pay special attention to the surface electroplating process when purchasing. Brass pendants are basically directly plated, and there are some differences with the faucet (the plating process of the faucet refers to what should be paid attention to when purchasing a bathroom faucet? (material plating)-know the column). Direct plating is no more than acid copper. The problems with the pendant material and the problems of grinding and polishing are easy to show on the electroplating layer. If the pendant material is not pure, there are many blisters and impurities, then the electroplating layer is prone to blisters or burrs. Point, if the polishing is uneven, the surface plating layer can also reflect it. When purchasing high-end copper electroplating products, remember to place the product under the light to see the electroplating process.

3) Style match

Regarding collocation, I think if you have already bought a square basin, a square faucet, and a square shower, then you can buy a square bathroom pendant, the overall look may be more coordinated and beautiful. It is recommended that the overall design should be handled by the designer.


Regarding style matching, since many people have asked me about this part, I have selected a few for everyone to explain based on the elements of home APP users’ posts.

In fact, the colors of the three kinds of hardware are relatively similar, and most of the bathrooms are decorated in white color, so the color matching is basically not a big problem, but if there are certain elements, some kind or a few Kind of specific hardware would be better.

1. Space aluminum

Because the surface of space aluminum is aluminum oxide, the color will be grayish white, not as bright as stainless steel and chrome-plated brass, but it is also warmer and softer. It will be a good choice in warm retro-style home decoration.

So if the bathroom uses a lot of white tiles to enhance the lighting, then the choice of space aluminum may be a bit out of place. And if it is a soft gray tile wall, space aluminum will be more comfortable to use. For example, as shown in the picture below, the stainless steel faucet is not as pleasing as the space aluminum towel rack.

In addition, there are also many space aluminum pendants or zinc pendants that are mixed with other colors during the oxidation process. If used properly, it will be very textured.

2. Stainless steel

The color of stainless steel hardware is brighter than that of space aluminum, and its own material characteristics make it a bit tough, so it fits the industrial style perfectly.


With some brass hardware, the industrial style effect is better.

3.Chrome-plated brass

Chrome-plated brass is the most eye-catching among them. The chrome-plated layer improves the brightness of the hardware to a very high level, which is very suitable for the mainstream minimalist Nordic style. Basically, it can be used as long as the bathroom has sufficient lighting and tiled tiles, even if it has log elements, it will not appear cold.




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