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How ARROW Home Group Is One Step Ahead In The Age Of Evolving Experiences

How ARROW Home Group Is One Step Ahead In The Age Of Evolving Experiences


2021 is a year of complex intertwining and ambiguity. The world is still not free from the shadow of the epidemic. Affected by the macro situation, the industry has been up and down. The seemingly calm surface is dormant with paradigm shifts. We can see that the home furnishing industry will face more and more challenges in the economic situation that accelerated the shift during the epidemic.

According to the analysis of EWEB, the world is undergoing a fourth wave of consumer shift and international brands continue to increase their presence in the Chinese market. International niche brands are also flooding in because of China’s digital ecosystem. A profound change is brewing in the global home furnishing industry. On a global scale, we can see that business and technology are evolving. Traditional business models such as branding, marketing, marketing, PR and sales are being constantly disrupted. This could be a golden decade for Chinese brands to achieve world-class brands.


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Redefining The Home Retail Experience

New Highs And Highlights Under The Epidemic

The beginning of new retail is commonly perceived as some business models landed by Ali. With several years of market incubation, omnichannel + multi-format + multi-scene has become the strategic play of head players. For example, retail giants Walmart China, KFC China, and RuiXing Coffee through digital technology applications. From the performance point of view, it has driven the high growth of their online sales, and the technology extended behind them has become a powerful catalyst for a brand evolution.


In 2021, home furnishing company ARROW pioneered XR innovation technology for the home furnishing industry. In the new product launch held at Dubai Expo 2021, they launched the Dubai Expo’s new products and global strategy in a comprehensive manner. In the second half of the year, ARROW brand day in Dubai Expo global online launch, they let the global viewers experience the Chinese Pavilion of Dubai Expo in the United Arab Emirates across time and space through the “China + Overseas” dual-venue. The application of innovative technology has provided new ideas for corporate events limited by the epidemic, which makes it a powerful catalyst for a brand evolution.


If new technologies are changing the value of high-end brands, deeply transforming marketing and sales, services, and brand assets, then scenario experience, as a way of expression in the post-epidemic era, will test the super experience terminals laid out by brands offline.

Whether online or offline consumer experience, the future will inevitably revolve closely around scenes. Only with real scene experience can users make purchase decisions. In 2021, ARROW Home opened its first experience center nationwide, and the global experience research center, which covers an area of 4,000 square meters, was open for visits.

In ARROW Home Experience Center, the whole category of sanitary ware, tiles and customized home furnishings are connected to create the whole scenario of bathroom space, kitchen space, bedroom, living room and balcony to provide a one-stop shopping experience for consumers. And in ARROW Home Experience Research Center, you can experience the scientific simulation restoration of scenes through the planning, development and application of experiential research equipment and instruments. You can also study in depth the real reflection of users in different home spaces and product application scenarios. We also continue to improve the quality of products and the comfort of using innovative sanitary products through data statistics and analysis, based on the real feedback of user experience and continue to optimize the positive user experience to meet the real needs of users.


Wu Sheng, the founder of Scene Lab, mentioned a concept: the product solves a problem, while the scene continues to solve the problem. People are the reactor of the environment. In different contexts, there will be different preferences, which in turn will produce different behavior. The only way for home brands to make the brand also become a scene asset is to surround the whole home with the whole scene resources, and the brand value information will continue to pour into the users.

And currently, with the intense competition in the market, the interpenetration and integration between industries have been very intense. The systemic combination of ARROW’s large home experience center and research experience center allows consumers to realize “single store single product” from “single store single product” to “single store full product”: from single store, you can only buy a single product category, to the one-stop purchase of all the soft furnishings, hard furnishings and other essential decoration; from the original finished standard furniture to the current full design of any style of customization. For the user, the one-stop configuration is more intimate and convenient. Naturally, there will be more inclination when choosing.

However, whether the value of user trust can be established in a real sense depends on the brand’s ability to develop. In 2021, ARROWARROW and Huawei reached cooperation, ARROW Home and Huawei will cooperate in the field of HarmonyOS Connect and whole house smart scene intelligence. They form an all-around partnership in products, technology, channels, marketing, branding and artificial intelligence to jointly provide users with a new experience in the whole scene of the smart home. According to GFK consumer trend research data, intelligent and humanized user demand has reached 85.5%. Obviously, intelligence and humanization will become the immediate needs of families. It can be predicted that after the epidemic, intelligence will be an important trend in the home industry. ARROW home can voice control intelligent bathroom, a full set of bathroom products equipped with smart chips, and then through Huawei HarmonyOS Connect to achieve full-scene interaction, voice control, product interconnection, and health management.


Home companies from Hong Kong told Kitchen News that ARROW Home experience center has been at the cutting edge compared to them. Based on ARROW Home Group’s strong supply chain system and large-scale production capacity of its own factories as a leading enterprise in the industry, they provide strong support for users’ “big home + big consumption” experience.

The consumption scenario of rich diversification and future experience mode is based on ARROW Home’s deeper understanding and insight of the scene users. This is also a deeper understanding and value distribution of “family time, family space and members’ attention” in the post-epidemic era, such as home, bath, office and party: a smart bathroom with social functions; a restaurant with more leisure and entertainment; and a living room for home office. As lifestyles and work styles change in the post-epidemic era, more and more consumers are spending more time living and playing at home. The number and quality of scenes developed by brands will re-establish the user value chain.



Digital Restoration Of Segmented Scenes

ARROW Home Re-Evolution

In today’s digital era, underlying technologies such as voice control and artificial intelligence have exploded. Users as the largest clientele of use scenarios, new organizational forms and collaboration methods have emerged. In the digital era, while the retail model requires dual-line integration, data-based application management must also be realized within the enterprise.

ARROW Home, as one of the typical representatives of digital transformation in the home furnishing industry, the deepening of data has brought about changes in production factors. This provides a reliable guarantee for enterprises to significantly reduce labor costs and operations. Product power, accurate social marketing capabilities, the ability to operate customers, and the digital system of new retail provide new power for home furnishing enterprises to traverse the growth cycle. Take ARROW Home as an example, in 2021, ARROW became the official and exclusive supplier of the National Stadium for two Olympic venues. In addition to deepening engineering channels, traditional retail and foreign trade, it has more noteworthy innovations in new retail models and new channels.


According to the “Development Report of Entity Retail Omnichannel and Digitalization (2021)” released by the China Department Store Business Association, the light-weight mobile channel system such as small program and the public number is becoming more and more developed, while the operation of private domain traffic is being paid unprecedented attention.

As the first company in the industry engaged in the transformation and implementation of new retail, ARROW Home has made a major shift in the value management of “customer lifecycle”. The new retailing of all-time and all-domain efficient connection will lengthen the business time, and you can talk business at any time. It realizes the extension of space. People can talk about business anywhere and are no longer limited to in-store shopping and transactions. The time for order conversion is shortened, and the efficiency of closing deals becomes very fast. Starting from 2020, the guide of ARROW bathroom stores sold the goods to the whole country through Tmall Live, Jitterbug Live and ARROW bathroom’s own small program.

The scene of the digital era is updated more and more rapidly. In today’s ARROW home experience center, it is no longer a retail scene breakthrough with a single brand category but upgraded to a full-scale growth of the whole category and the whole scene. ARROW home is based on a digital system, and its new scenes are constantly shared with users in real-time on the model of digital capability. Based on segmented scenes, ARROW Home can go through each segmented scene corresponding to the customer group to provide different products and services, so as to achieve the matching between the crowd and age and products. The explosion of the underlying technology has evolved the former cold selling transaction and scenario landing into something that can be given both meaning and emotional satisfaction.


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New Thinking Of Home Under New Technology

Re-Deepen Brand Value

With ARROW’s all-time and all-domain connection with users, home as the starting point of everyone’s life is being rethought. The focus of the home is not only to meet the needs of life but also in meeting the pursuit of the times and the inspiration of life wisdom.

ARROW Home’s “fully automatic urine detection toilet” allows users to achieve basic medical self-examination at home. Through Huawei HarmonyOS Connect, users can get the indicators of the regular six urine tests including body fat health, urine sugar, urine calcium, urine protein, urine bile origin, urine nitrite, urine acid-base, etc. in the cell phone APP and bath mirror display. People can easily interpret the basic health status without leaving home.


At the same time, with the new living space under the epidemic as the core, the intelligent anti-epidemic bathroom created by ARROW Home is also the focus of the current market attention. This innovative bathroom space is isolated from air circulation through medical airtight doors. The non-contact induction opening and closing block the spread of the Covid-19 virus, thus preventing cross-infection. It uses a space purifier, high-efficiency HEPA filtration plus plasma cloud technology to inhibit bacteria and kill viruses. Among other things, the configured smart toilet utilizes a plasma cloud electrode field for antibacterial virus and isolation against odor. The flushing of the closed lid can prevent the spread of fecal mouth. The fresh air system automatically replaces the fresh air and opens the real ” the mode of protecting against diseases”.


In addition, in 2021, the X6-Leo Lion Seat (AKB1331) intelligent toilet developed by ARROW Home became the only product in the industry to be selected for the national “Energy Efficiency Star” equipment catalog (2021). The product has a self-cleaning function, a germicidal flushing device, an inductive flip lid, a new “slope down” water-saving flushing method, and a power-saving mode that makes it better than the Class 1 energy efficiency seen in the market. This provides a strong guarantee for families to save energy expenses.


Humanity and technology are unified. Every granularity of the scene needs to be valued. In terms of “how to understand the true meaning of technology-driven good life”, ARROW Home has shown a new certainty. At the beginning of 2022, ARROW Home was listed among the major global bathroom companies in 2021 released by Ceramic World, an authoritative European industry media. As the global consumption center shifts to China, the market will take a fresh look at local Chinese companies, mainly ARROW Home and others. As a sample of local Chinese home furnishings from a global perspective, ARROW Home is typical and exemplary. According to CITIC Securities Research data, in the TOP500 housing developers’ preferred supplier service brands in the bathroom and sanitary ware category in 2021, ARROW Home caught up with international brands to squeeze into the top three, with more than 15 percent of the brand’s preferred rate.

“As an active digital ecology with 1 billion users, China is taking a fresh look at the new era of competition through a new digitally-driven model to meet the needs of the new consumer value of the main customer segment in the Z era. This will become the core competitiveness of home brands competing for new consumption in the future. The trend of scene segmentation will also be an important opportunity for companies such as ARROW Home to run a step faster in the new round of ‘economic-technological’ paradigm revolution”, said Eddie Mubo, Brand Director of ARROW Home Group.



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