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Bathroom Companies Listed On The Accelerated, What Changes Will Be Brought After Capitalization?

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According to authoritative data, the A-share market had a total of 248 successful IPOs in the first half of 2021, an increase of 110% year-on-year. It raised a total of RMB 212.7 billion, up 53% year-on-year. In terms of follow-up, A-share listing applications remained active, with about 690 companies applying for listing.

In the first half of the A-share listing in full swing, the long-silent bathroom industry has also frequently updated the progress of IPO companies. Hilk received listing counseling, Panasia bathroom, Lens home, Arrow home disclosed prospectus one after another.

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Sanitary ware companies’ listing chart

From the macro level, the number of domestic sanitary ware enterprises is large. The competitive pattern is scattered, mainly small and medium-sized enterprises. Sky Eye professional version shows that in the property and home industry, China’s more than 500,000 business scope containing “sanitary ware” and in the state of business, survival, move in, move out of the bathroom-related enterprises, registered capital of less than 1 million accounted for more than fifty percent.

The status quo of the large industry and small enterprises in the bathroom market, there are not many listed companies in the bathroom. As of July 2021, the domestic bathroom industry-related enterprises are Huida Sanitary Ware, Dongpeng Holdings, R&T, Oppein Home, Dio Home, Seagull Sumitomo, Jianlin Home, Solux Technology, Sitong shares and other listed companies.

However, as the market environment changes, the bathroom industry’s knowledge and understanding of capitalization continues to deepen. With the previous batch of crab eaters, the favorable side of listing appeared, and more and more enterprises began to think about the road to listing.

At present, in addition to listing Arrow home, Lens home, Panasia bathroom and other enterprises in the queue, accepting the listing of counseling Hilk, West horse, Tangshan He Xiang, special Jieer, Jinshali and other enterprises, Huayi bathroom has also publicly disclosed that it will start the IPO process.

For the industry, more and more enterprises listed, will pay more attention to standardize the operation, focus on generating scale effect and accelerate the process of digital synergy. They will eliminate backward production capacity, will further promote industry integration, improve industry concentration, and will have a positive effect on changing the status quo of the sanitary market large industry, small enterprises.

And after the completion of the capitalization of enterprises, the funds raised can be used for brand building, channel construction and capacity expansion, facilitating the use of cost advantages to merge potential competitors and business optimization. Secondly, the listing of enterprises is conducive to enhancing brand awareness and international market competitiveness, which will help a lot to enter the international market and capital market in the future.

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Market environment and national policy guidance

Sanitary ware enterprises enter the capital market, on the one hand, and the overall reconstruction of the large residential industry ecology is closely related, on the other hand, thanks to the relaxation of the audit system.

According to the Aowei cloud network data show that in 2020 the scale of the finishing market reached 3.25 million sets, and sanitary products are the standard products. Forecast to 2022, the scale of the finishing market will reach 5.05 million sets. Sanitary market size is also expected to exceed 5 million sets, and the market development is good all the way.

In the channel differentiation, the new needs of the new consumer crowd and the trend of refined housing, cooperation with the real estate end has become an important channel for sanitary ware companies. However, this is an important channel for the bulk of the business, which requires more cash flow.

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Especially after the tightening of the real estate financial policy, real estate enterprises will transfer the cash flow pressure to the supply chain, and only large enterprises with the ability to advance capital will be able to get a share of the cake. To enter the refined housing market, enterprises are required to have a stronger cash flow pressure-bearing capacity. Under the premise of not endangering the normal operation of the existing business, listing to raise capital has become a common choice.

Secondly, the reform of the listing system has given a huge boost to the IPO trend. The Securities Law of the People’s Republic of China will implement the “registration system” in 2020, amending the term “sustainable profitability” to “going concern capability”. Listed companies will pay more attention to the ability to continue operating, which is conducive to longer-term development.

The post-epidemic era will be positively influenced by the steady recovery of the domestic economy and the further development of the registration system. At the same time, 2021 is the official opening year of China’s 14th Five-Year Plan, and there are a series of new support policies around the new industrial layout to support the rapid growth of outstanding enterprises. Recently, Dongpeng Holdings was awarded 10 million RMB by Qingyuan Municipal Government for the listing of the company.

According to the national policy guidance, the issuance and audit system will be continuously improved in the future, and the capital market will become a normal trend to serve the real economy. The continuous optimization of the listing system reform and the policy of supporting excellent enterprises to go public around the world will open new doors for more and more enterprises, and will certainly bring new changes to industry integration and industrial upgrading.



Intelligent become the keyword

Capital for the bathroom industry and bathroom companies for the desire of capital complement each other. In the bathroom category into the capital vision, compared to the low technology content and not strong revenue scale growth of the bathroom category, it is higher attention and expectations given by the capital market to the intelligent bathroom.

Arrow Home stated in the prospectus that it will invest the funds raised from the issue in the smart home product capacity technical transformation project, smart home R&D and testing center technical transformation project, digital intelligence upgrade technical transformation project, etc.

And Lens home will issue the funds raised for Zhongshan Lens production base intelligent upgrade technology transformation project, Jiangsu Lens Pizhou R & D center construction project and supplementary working capital project.

Panasia bathroom will issue the funds raised for investment in two major projects, including “kitchen and bathroom products intelligent manufacturing production base and kitchen and bathroom R & D center and information technology construction project” and “bathroom products intelligent manufacturing expansion project”.

In recent years, the market share of intelligent sanitary products such as intelligent toilets, intelligent detection health mirrors, intelligent identification faucets, intelligent mood wall tiles has been expanding. The 5G smart factory on the enterprise side is also emerging like a spring. All these show the trend of intelligent, digital, high-end manufacturing has become the development of the sanitary industry.

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In the face of the world’s rapidly changing technological advances, in order to catch up with international brands, domestic sanitary ware enterprises to increase the strength of R & D innovation and strengthen the training of knowledge-based, skilled personnel, it is particularly important. Listed fund-raising, more funds will be invested in R & D innovation board, which can help enterprises break through the industry technology bottleneck. At the same time, after the listing of enterprises, you can use stocks or options to attract and retain talent to further achieve high-quality development.

Although this year’s bathroom industry has come to a number of enterprises to be listed, the current market concentration of the bathroom industry is also still at a relatively low level. Enterprise listing that is not the end game is only the beginning. Sanitary industry change, the future has a long way to go.



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