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Bathroom Industry Services In The Field Of High-Profile Event Is Here!

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In order to create a more understanding of consumer wisdom home life, to promote the overall level of service in the bathroom industry to improve, to stimulate the enthusiasm of practitioners to love their jobs, study skills, and strive for first-class work, to improve the overall quality of service engineers, and to train more service professionals with excellent professional qualities and “diamond” skills, a ” Diamond Cup Jomoo Service Engineer Skills Competition” organized by Jomoo in conjunction with the China Household Electric Appliance Service and Repair Association will soon be launched!

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It is reported that the “Diamond – National Appliance Service Industry Vocational Skills Competition” is the highest level event in the appliance service industry. As a national level two competition has been included in the national event pool of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, and belongs to the China Skills Competition. The China Skills Competition is the selection competition of the World Skills Competition in China. The Diamond Diamond Competition takes the World Skills Competition as the leader to comprehensively promote the cultivation of home appliance service skill talents.

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First-line service engineers “innovation training camp”

The event is called the bathroom industry service competition event “F1”, the service engineer circle “creation training camp”. At the beginning of June, Jomoo first-line service engineers showed their strength in the national sea selection of one in a million. After the selection process, the Top 30 national service elites will advance to the finals and have the ultimate PK in Nan’an, Fujian at the end of June, where the winner will be awarded the senior engineer certification and the title of “Home Appliance Technical Service Achiever” issued by China Household Appliance Service and Repair Association.

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The assessment scope of the competition is divided into two major parts: theoretical knowledge and practical skills, covering service standardization and service strain, environmental design and transformation ability, installation ability of common products, and intelligent product maintenance and diagnosis ability.It is believed that the final selection from such a refined, standardized and professional layers of the C-position are the most sophisticated talents in the circle of service engineers!



Online service advisor “Huashan Jian”

In addition to the first-line service engineer skills competition, the Jomoo online service consultant skills competition will also be launched soon. The competition process is divided into three stages: daily points competition, team advancement competition and team finals. The professional and fierce competition process is not only a test for online service advisors, but also a rare opportunity for learning, communication and competitive growth.

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This June, let us focus on the bathroom service sector high-profile events, to see Jomoo hero, how to “light up the diamond, take down the porcelain work”? In the new era of intelligent sanitary ware, with excellent overall strength, “high precision” of the full range of service skills, the bathroom service “rivers and lakes”, to set a service benchmark for the industry!



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