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Shi Jinping: Creating A Better Life For People Is Dongpeng’s Persistent Goal

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After two years of accumulating energy, the 2021 Shanghai International Kitchen & Bathroom Exhibition, which has attracted the attention of the global home furnishing industry, officially kicked off on May 26 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. As the leading brand of the whole bathroom section, Dongpeng whole bathroom to the “future community” of the wisdom of the whole of habitat scene as the theme of debut, and during the exhibition shock release “Dongpeng whole bathroom 2.0 development plan”. A series of combination of actions triggered the industry’s collective attention. Industry insiders have speculated, what kind of “ambition” is hidden behind these big moves of Dongpeng?

During the Shanghai International Kitchen & Bathroom Show, Yu Zhenrong, president of Kitchen & Bathroom News, interviewed Dongpeng bathroom general manager Shi Jinping, with the development trend of assembly-type construction, Dongpeng bathroom Shanghai exhibition theme “future community” concept, “Dongpeng bathroom 2.0 development plan” and other topics to start Discussion.

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Dongpeng whole bathroom general manager Shi Jinping (left) Kitchen and bathroom information President Yu Zhenrong (right)


Ten years ahead of the layout

Dongpeng whole bathroom thick accumulation

Since February 2016, when the State Council of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China issued “Several Opinions on Further Strengthening Urban Planning and Construction Management” and “Government Work Report”, almost every year, the country has implemented new policies on assembled buildings. “Vigorously develop assembled buildings, increase policy support, and strive to use about 10 years to make assembled buildings account for 30% of new construction area” and other information has become the source of motivation to promote the layout of the home industry in recent years assembled interior. Especially in the kitchen and bathroom industry, the proportion of kitchens and bathrooms in the assembly rate is pivotal.

But according to current observations, despite the attractive policy dividends of assembly, the market outlook is broad enough, the layout of companies in the assembly interior is always a handful. Assembly layout in the field of relatively high threshold, the technical and financial requirements are significantly higher than the traditional kitchen and bathroom industry. Throughout the industry status quo, Dongpeng whole bathroom of Dongpeng Holdings, which was listed on the A-share main board last year, can be said to be one of the leaders in this field.

Dongpeng whole bathroom general manager Shi Jinping said in an interview, Dongpeng Group chairman He Xinming as early as ten years ago: “from selling a single piece of product, to sell space, to sell the whole home solutions” strategy of everyone living. In 2018, Dongpeng sanitary ware was upgraded to Dongpeng whole bathroom, from that time Dongpeng began to layout a comprehensive overall solution.

Shi Jinping believes that the traditional kitchen and bathroom space structure is complex, construction costs are much higher than the assembled interior, the traditional bathroom space decoration involves 6-7 interspersed operations, management rights and responsibilities are unclear, after-sales maintenance is difficult, the interior effect of the decoration workers by the high and low level of technology, may also face water leakage leading to mold, odor and slow water and other problems. In addition, the traditional bathroom construction cycle is too long, the time cost is too high, usually takes 15-21 days of renovation time. Serious old renovation projects have a high repetition rate, while new projects are cumbersome to manage the interior, with more hidden costs.

And Dongpeng whole bathroom is based on the customer’s perspective to provide assembled bathroom system solutions, to provide one-stop bathroom system solutions.

In 2019, Dongpeng began to layout in the field of intelligence, through the intelligent factory to the shower room, bathroom cabinets and other bathroom space components to complete the connection. Dongpeng built its intelligent factory with “China Industry 2025” as the standard. It is under the strategic layout of the Group’s “big home” and “whole bathroom”, Dongpeng whole bathroom configuration intelligent production line, integrated into data management, accessed the Group’s information technology, standardized systems, to help promote the efficient and high-quality delivery of each project. Dongpeng whole bathroom intelligent factory planning construction area is about 300,000 square meters, with a total investment of about 940 million yuan, covering an area of 300 acres. The intelligent factory is also equipped with the intelligent conveying line, robot grinding, visual recognition and other hardware systems. The whole process to achieve 95% automation, is the industry’s well-known “green health factory”.

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In 2020, Dongpeng fully completed the construction of the whole bathroom intelligent factory, and ceramic sanitary ware, bathroom cabinets, shower rooms, soft furnishings with Dongpeng tile flooring to make a complete engineering integration, the whole bathroom space solutions presented to consumers.

Today, the annual production capacity of Dongpeng whole bathroom intelligent factory is up to 60,000 sets, and has been delivered in large quantities in Chongqing, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Beijing, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Fuzhou, Changsha, Changchun, Shenyang and other cities. Product use and performance has exceeded customer expectations, can achieve zero leakage, fast delivery, fully customized, more environmentally friendly, space-saving and many other advantages.

Shi Jinping said, in addition to the above advantages, such a whole space solutions are more competitive than the past purely single product sales. The advantage of Dongpeng is Dongpeng itself in the tile and sanitary two sectors have a solid foundation, so doing the whole bathroom is actually a natural thing. Therefore, the whole bathroom not only attracts dealers around the country to join, but also favored by many heads of the real estate business. In the past three years, Dongpeng has undertaken a total of 82 large-scale projects, the delivery of 55,880 sets of the assembled bathrooms, and also Vanke tile system as the only collection of bathroom suppliers.



Health, intelligence, environmental protection

Is the future industry development of the three key words

Speaking of future industry trends, Shi Jinping that the industry will develop around the “health, intelligence, environmental protection” three major trends. In this Shanghai kitchen exhibition, Dongpeng whole bathroom with the theme of “future community” to bring immersive whole bathroom life scene is a healthy, intelligent, environmentally friendly value-oriented, to bring consumers to experience the health of intelligent bathroom new products. This is also the Dongpeng whole bathroom is expected to bring the information to the outside world through the Shanghai Kitchen & Bath Show.


Health development trend

Shi Jinping said, Dongpeng innovation in recent years to explore the interpretation of the mission of “creating a better life”, and the primary factor in creating a better life is health. In this year’s Shanghai Kitchen & Bath Show, Dongpeng’s “Future Community” showcased a wellness space that showed the ultimate care and humanistic concern for the health of the elderly.

In this space, visitors can see the advanced human sensor floor system. The system records the usual living, action and behavior habits of the elderly, senses the walking status and trajectory of the elderly, and will notify and alarm when abnormalities are found, always guarding the safety of family members; in addition, Dongpeng’s graphene thermal wall panels also bring the health elements to the extreme, graphene thermal wall panels make the bathroom quickly achieve constant temperature, creating a warm and comfortable bathroom, helping consumers enjoy high-end Technology life.

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Intelligent development trend

At the scene, Shi Jinping conveyed Dongpeng’s determination in the layout of intelligent sanitary ware by showing us Dongpeng’s “Future Community” intelligent station of 2021 Dongpeng whole bathroom intelligent and healthy new products. In this space, Dongpeng laid out the intelligent habitat ecology from various details, from the silver sit series intelligent toilet, platinum face series bathroom cabinets, to the silver series basin faucet/shower and other experiential bathroom health products, all linking technology and life, to meet people’s aspirations for a better life.

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Environmental development trend

The future of industrial development must be the priority of environmental protection, whether the industry is now hot to discuss the carbon-neutral or the national vigorously promote the assembly type in recent years, the core goal is energy saving and environmental protection, green manufacturing. Shi Jinping believes that assembly technology is a highly efficient and green construction method of information. Traditional interior environmental pollution is serious, according to the survey, construction waste waste accounts for 40% of the total urban waste, and can cause noise pollution, harmful substances emissions, and other secondary pollution, assembly interior can completely avoid these pain points.



Continuously strengthen patenting, standardization and industrialization

At the end of the interview, Shi Jinping told us that Dongpeng whole bathroom will not stop at the current innovative achievements, the future will continue to strengthen product innovation, practicality, and use intellectual property rights to escort the development of enterprises and establish a patent moat.

In addition, the company will also unify the modular design standards, unified production and installation standards, and strive to improve construction efficiency by 70%. We will effectively reduce cost and resource waste, improve product precision and assembly efficiency, strive to save 30% of materials and reduce decoration waste by 90%.



Dongpeng whole bathroom is not only a decade ahead of the layout, seized the opportunity of the assembly building dividend, enhanced the competitive barriers of their own enterprises, and built a strong moat. And to promote the future development of the industry has played a leading role in demonstration. In addition, Dongpeng whole bathroom from “selling single products” to “selling the whole kitchen space solutions” also solved the terminal dealers to sell goods, low customer value of the pain point. This effectively empowered for its terminal, and enhanced the competitiveness of the brand in the terminal. Finally, Dongpeng whole bathroom also made a positive contribution to social development, to provide consumers with a healthy, intelligent, environmentally friendly living environment, create a better life.



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