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Dofiny Sanitary Ware Marketing Director Long Ke: Multi-Wheel Drive Helps The Terminal Market Development

Original Lin Xiaoxiong Kitchen And Bathroom Information

On July 20, 2021 China Construction Expo (Guangzhou) officially opened. And as a representative of sanitary ware brand, Dofiny sanitary ware was heavily presented in Hall 11.3 of Zone B, which sparked wide attention inside and outside the industry.

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In order to understand how Dufini bathroom goes deep into the fourth and fifth market at the county and township level, the kitchen and bathroom information reporter Lin Xiaoxiong conducted an interview with Dufini bathroom marketing director Long Ke.



Channel sinking, intensive cultivation

“Our positioning this year is the year of the breakthrough, mainly in several dimensions, the first dimension is the comprehensive sinking of the channel, hoping to achieve vertical to the end.” Long Ke slowly said.

In the rapidly changing market, the only way to keep changing is to let the enterprise occupy a favorable position, change and innovation to hold the market initiative. In 2021, Dofiny bathroom seizes the opportunity of internal and external double cycle, urban old district transformation and rural revitalization, to “create a well-known brand of distribution channels” as the new brand positioning. It penetrates into the fourth and fifth level markets at the county and township levels, and then refines its efforts.

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▲Long Ke, marketing director of Dofiny Sanitary Ware (middle)

Huang Xianjie, Operation Director of Kitchen & Bathroom Information (left)

The reporter of kitchen and bathroom information Lin Xiao Xiong (right)

Long Ke said that many township dealers are actually the local program deliverers, but also the builders of the package to the household. If you can cut it to the brand’s channel, I believe it will spread the brand to other places, and then support the second dealer, and finally develop by the brand, into a “dealers want to do “.

Now online information penetration ability is strong, the information flow is very fast, and the brand word-of-mouth effect is further expanded. For the rapid occupation of the market, depends on whether there is a good service to this market. If you can really open up the channels of the township vertically, it is likely to mean that there are more markets will radiate away.

In 2021, after Dofiny newly established three offices in Henan, Hebei and Jiangsu, now there are six offices. This is an important step on the way to sink Dofiny bathroom channels across the country, but also an important base for Dofiny bathroom to deepen the market.

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In the “channel is king, the terminal to win” era, it is only to grasp the market in order to have the absolute right to speak. Dofiny offices were established to facilitate the concentration of manpower, material resources, energy and financial resources to lay out the county, township market, but also more conducive to radiation around the market.

“Our channel down, the team down, collaborate with dealers down, all must be around the customer. First, meet our b-side, and then move from the b-side to the c-side, this is what we want to do in the next three years, slowly come out of a good rhythm.” Long Ke added.



Multi-wheel drive helps end market development

Facing the change of brand positioning, other aspects should also be adjusted. Long Ke said, “We do breakthrough in the channel. Long Ke said, “We do breakthrough in the channel. Long Ke said, “We do breakthrough in the channel.  For investment and products, we will also make a breakthrough. Originally, we mainly focus on retail, now to do circulation channels, so in terms of investment and products, we will also make adjustments.”

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Kitchen and bathroom information reporter learned that the second half of Dofiny bathroom plans to develop 30 new business in the country, and focus on circulation dealers mainly. In the stock market, Dofiny sanitary ware will be optimized in the second half of the year, the image of 50-100 stores for new upgrades, and the incremental market for new development.  To do “a county a store, a town a wall”. Dofiny’s image will be left in more markets, aiming to quickly increase the meeting rate of Dofiny’s products, brand awareness, and improve Dofiny’s reputation in the industry.

In the face of “intelligent” and “national trend”, it has become a new growth inflection point in the bathroom industry, for which Dofiny bathroom reshapes the aesthetics of product design. It is designed to incorporate the elements of the national trend, followed by the creation of more cost-effective products.


Long Ke revealed that Dofiny sanitary ware is mainly hardware products, to form a coverage in the market. Secondly, focus on intelligent toilets and bathroom cabinets, to create more cost-effective best-selling products, flow-type products. It is worth noting that Dofiny bathroom will be put into production a new rock panel factory. After the commissioning, the bathroom cabinet products will be improved to include rock slabs. Finally, Dofiny bathroom in the shower room and intelligent toilet, extended to create some multi-functional intelligent products to serve as profit-oriented products and image type products.

After this brand positioning adjustment, Dofiny sanitary ware sales in the first half of the year increased by more than 40% compared to last year. The future Dofiny sanitary ware will empower the terminal from the marketing policy, the creation of product power and other dimensions to help the terminal market development and achieve new development.



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