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Dofiny Sanitary Ware’s General Manager Cheng Minghua: Sink by channel, Digging Gold In County Market

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On July 20, 2021 China Construction Expo (Guangzhou) was successfully opened in Guangzhou Pazhou – Canton Fair Complex. This is the first large-scale exhibition in Guangzhou after the fluctuation of the epidemic in June. Dofiny bathroom was heavily presented in Hall 11.3, Zone B, and brought new bathroom products such as intelligent bathroom cabinets, shower rooms and intelligent toilets, which were widely praised by consumers.

In order to deeply explore the brand strength of Dofiny Sanitary Ware, Kitchen & Bath Information reporter Lin Xiao Xiong conducted an interview with Dofiny Sanitary Ware General Manager Cheng Minghua at the exhibition site.


Create a well-known brand in the distribution channel

“In the first three months of this year, Dofiny is more in the brand, the channel to readjust the positioning.” Cheng Minghua informed the kitchen and bathroom information reporter.

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▲Dofiny sanitary ware general manager Cheng Minghua (left) Kitchen and bathroom information reporter Lin Xiao Xiong (right)

The times are changing, the market is also changing, and the competition is still fierce. In 2021, Dofiny bathroom takes “build a famous brand in circulation channel” as the new brand positioning, and takes the channel market as the important market positioning, and then fine tuning.

Cheng Minghua revealed that the main point of innovation in the channel is that Dofiny sanitary ware is currently positioning the market at the county level four or five markets. The county-level community, hardware stores are also the most important channel for Dofiny sanitary ware sales in the future.

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On the market layout, Dofiny took the south, southwest and eastern regions, as the most important development area this year. It is in the original deep plowing of the North China region, deep excavation. It realized the sinking of the channel market and created the network layout of “one store in one county and one strong in one town”.

Last year, Premier Li Keqiang had in the 127th Canton Fair cloud opening ceremony when encouraging Huida bathroom president Wang Yanqing, now we are promoting consumption and promote consumption upgrade. If the traditional industries like ceramics do a good job, as usual, you can dig out the gold mine. I hope you seize the new urbanization construction of the old neighborhood transformation of this “big cake”, use the national policy to promote exports to domestic sales opportunities. I hope you continue to improve the quality and variety to better meet the needs of thousands of households.

Today, the bathroom industry from the past “general” situation differentiated into different consumer dynamics, breeding many new opportunities. As previously released by the Development and Reform Commission, the country will accelerate the transformation of old neighborhoods. In 2021, 53,000 new renovations were started, and the conditions can be synchronized with the building energy-saving renovation. At present, the country has more than 4 trillion yuan market of urban old neighborhood renovation and 5.28 trillion yuan market of consumer goods for rural revitalization.

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From the existing sanitary industry, there are not many brands that go deep into the fourth and fifth markets. Dofiny sanitary is to see this opportunity, the future focus on the fourth and fifth markets, to achieve the channel market sinking. What’s more, it takes the network layout of “one store in one county, one town and one strong” to radiate the surrounding market and continuously improve the brand share and market influence.


Rejuvenating image

Along with the Internet era of small town youth, and the new middle class rise one after another, consumers demand for bathroom space gradually to the idealized form, hoping to improve the home environment through high quality, high value, high standard of bathroom facilities.

Dofiny bathroom is precisely insight into the rise of the new generation of young consumers, as well as the rapid increase in demand for intelligent sanitary ware market trends and changes in consumer demand, so in 2021, it has upgraded and improved in VI and SI as a whole. This will enable the rejuvenation of the brand and create a new Dofiny bathroom brand image to present to new consumers on new channels.

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Cheng Minghua said, Dofiny sanitary ware relying on Huida Sanitary Group, has built a complete product system, marketing system and service system. It has formed a professional R & D team and the domestic leading efficient intelligent and automated production line. In the traditional sanitary products to do a good job, on the basis of fine, it is also extending the product chain to intelligent toilets, bathroom cabinets.

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In the face of “intelligent”, “national tide”, it has become a new growth inflection point in the sanitary industry. Dofiny bathroom reshape the aesthetics of product design, which is also a breakthrough in the process of polishing and design for the Dofiny bathroom in recent years. It aims to meet different consumer groups, to create higher quality, higher value, more cost-effective products.

Those who do not plan the overall situation, are not enough to plan a field. In the context of consumer upgrading and after the younger generation has become the main consumer, Dofiny sanitary ware seizes the double cycle of internal and external, the transformation of old urban areas and rural revitalization opportunities to accelerate the pace of channel sinking and penetrate into the fourth and fifth level markets at the county level. It is committed to providing Dofiny sanitary products and services to more cities and more customers.

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▲Dofiny Sanitary Ware General Manager Cheng Minghua (middle)

Huang Xianjie, Operation Director of Kitchen & Bathroom Information (left) Lin Xiaoxiong, reporter of Kitchen & Bathroom Information (right)

In the next three years, Dofiny Sanitary Ware will transcend from the “new” to a new image, new intelligence, new channels, new marketing posture, to achieve new development in the new track. This is something worthy of attention and expectation.



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