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Faucet Enterprises, How To Achieve “Industry 4.0”?

For a long time, Germany is synonymous with respect for production. Since, the concept of Industry 4.0 has been repeatedly mentioned, and since the development of Industry 4.0 strategy, it has quickly swept the world. Well, for the faucet enterprise, that is, it is a revolutionary opportunity but also pressure. In the intelligent manufacturing-led development background, faucet enterprises how to achieve the “Industry 4.0”.

Faucet Enterprises, How To Achieve

Faucet enterprises how to achieve “Industry 4.0”? (Image source)


Building International Competitiveness And Developing An Industrial Powerhouse.

The “Industry 4.0 Platform” is Germany’s central network for promoting the digital transformation of industry and is responsible for developing and coordinating information and cooperation matchmaking services between the political, economic, scientific and technical communities, associations and trade unions, introducing Industry 4.0 solutions to companies and promoting the implementation of Industry 4.0 by tap companies, especially small and medium-sized ones.

In the era of great changes in the trend, both industry and capital must choose to change. In the new ecological environment, explore the most suitable for the future form of the company. The survival of the fittest, the survival of the change. As one of the most important platforms for market-based resource allocation, capital can meet the needs of industries and companies for transformation and change. The transformation of industries, in turn, pushes the engine of capital market to continuously innovate and change. Industry and capital are interdependent, symbiotic and win-win. Only through the perfect integration of industry and the capital can we create a new economic ecology that is vibrant, stable and prosperous.

As the world’s second largest economy and the largest country in terms of population, China is the mainstay of the national economy. The manufacturing industry is the main body of the national economy, the foundation of the nation, the instrument of its development and the foundation of its strength. Creating a manufacturing industry with international competitiveness and realizing the leap from a large industrial country to an industrial power is the only way for China to enhance its comprehensive national strength, safeguard national security and build a world power. To become an industrial power, we must vigorously develop the high-end manufacturing industry. The high-end equipment manufacturing industry is the foundation of the high-end manufacturing industry and the top priority.


Transformation And Innovation, Do The Groundwork For The Faucet Industry’s Industry 4.0 Strategy.

The industrial cycle of smart manufacturing combined with the current economic cycle, in terms of inventory to do incremental is the key. The best mode at this time is the stock real estate + industrial research institute + industrial innovation center mode. The best model at this time is the stock real estate + industrial research institute + industrial innovation center model. In the past, it was “hugging other people’s children”, but now it is “pregnant in October”, so it is very important to adjust the mentality.

Throughout the world’s industrial history, except for the leaders of the industrial revolution, who can develop in an all-round way, other countries have developed according to capacity, design and technological innovation in sequence. If we want to break this curse, we will have to work much harder.

There are many ways to transform and upgrade. There are those who step forward, but also those who transform and innovate. Such as text transformation method: write a few articles on the transformation. PowerPoint transformation method: according to popular trends, talk about how they will do, what to make, which can also be called wearing a mask. This situation is more common in some of the past famous enterprises. The good thing is not backward on the surface, the bad thing is to bring the internal judgment and disdain of the enterprise, we will also be upward mobility and downward effectiveness. This round of industrial change, only for the real action was born.

The landing of a 4.0 strategy is an exquisite process. Once the leading or following strategy is clear, the route has to be chosen. Next is the market strategy, technology strategy, product strategy, organization strategy, talent strategy, investment strategy, step by step. The 30-year long run should be grasped, but also to grasp the pace.

In general, faucet enterprises should first of all start from the actual situation, to develop the right 4.0 strategic development policy. Make long-term planning objectives, and strengthen the internal innovation capacity of the enterprise. Calm down, fully prepared, the 4.0 strategy will really land. From practice to test the advantages and disadvantages of this 4.0 road, win the first opportunity to win.



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