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How Do Faucet Stores Live Better? Three Arrows In Quick Succession

A very important feature of network sales is to expand the scope of traditional sales, so that sales are not only in physical stores.

In recent years, store sales have become more and more difficult. Because the market environment has undergone major changes – network sales, building materials market, custom home furnishing enterprises, real estate developers, decoration companies have to share the business of the store, making the faucet store without some extraordinary strength, it is difficult to survive.

Faucet store how to live better? The three arrows? (Image from the network)

The author of the famous Chinese faucet brand found through market observation that there are still traditional stores that are alive and well. What they have in common is that they have fought back strongly against the intruders in terms of online sales and customization.

In order to counter the invasion of online sales, these traditional specialty stores have intensified the propaganda of online friends. This is the cheapest means of online publicity. Through the far-flung network of friends, some regional boutiques have taken their business abroad. Not only did they not become victims of the prevalence of network sales, but became the beneficiaries.

A very important feature of network sales is to expand the scope of traditional sales, so that sales are not only in the physical store. In response to this, some boutique owners in the expansion of the network publicity at the same time, but also increased the online friends in the publicity efforts. Through friends pass friends, relations pass relations means, as far as possible to expand their own shop outside of the influence, will shop outside of the prospecting ability greatly enhanced. The boutique is just a physical display place, through traditional interpersonal contacts, and then through the expansion effect of the network. The business of these traditional boutiques is not only not shrinking, but expanding.

Consumers’ strong customization needs have spawned a building materials market of customization companies and decoration company’s faucet sales business. The powerful counterattack for this is also transformed into their own decoration company, and customization enterprises directly face-to-face confrontation. Now many faucet enterprises is from the decoration company, in fact, faucet sales enterprises usually have more powerful financial strength. If you put down with a lot of decoration company to start competition, not a loss. The loss is the faucet sales business of the old thinking – sit shop sales used to, that the good old days will always come back. So for the decoration company, the custom enterprise market erosion do nothing.

Some faucet sellers began to put down their bodies to the community for publicity war, and decoration company to grab customers, which is the first step with the custom faucet enterprises, decoration company competition. If you want to completely capture the future market, you might as well set up a small renovation company to compete head-to-head with the renovation company. With the experience the faucet seller has accumulated in the faucet field, it is possible to accomplish a competitive advantage position.

Of course, if you are really strong, a traditional specialty store can also differentiate itself by opening an oversized store to compete. There are examples of successes and failures in opening a large store, but it is always an innovative sales model.

For more traditional faucet stores in the store, the more effective means or probably three arrows: start network sales – open an online store or a micro shop, almost no cost, why not. Spread out the circle of friends to explore customer action, through the publicity in the high-end circle of friends, successfully create a high-end brand. Compete head-on with renovation companies, not only to penetrate the community publicity, it is best to set up a renovation company, and they directly seize the market. After all, personalized home space service is the mainstream of the future home industry services, from a faucet seller into a home space overall service provider, is not now some large faucet companies are doing?



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