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Faucet main fittings

Faucet is a complete faucet made up of accessories.


So, what are the faucet accessories? To know them is to know the whole faucet, then you can grasp the key points naturally when you purchase!

Faucet cartridge


Although the faucet cartridge material is quite many, but in terms of practicality, the choice of stainless steel or ceramic valve core is the best.

And what role does the cartridge play in the faucet? We are selecting cartridge by rotating the handle in general. Through the cartridge core to adjust the flow of water faucet speed and size.
So the cartridge can be said to be the heart of the faucet.

The cartridge is also divided into single – hole cartridge and dual – control cartridge. But either double or single, most of them rotate is 90 degrees at a maximum, the opening Angle is about 20 degrees.

Valve body


Valve body refers to the appearance of the faucet, which is the material of the faucet.

Body material includes stainless steel body, cast iron body, plastic body, brass body, zinc alloy body and polymer composite material body. It is recommended to choose one of the three materials: copper, ceramic and stainless steel. Cast iron and zinc alloy are both vintage body,can not meet more needs of modern people.

Flexible hose


Hoses are used to get water in and out. Faucet fitting hose 50 cm long is suitable. It depends.

viga faucet basin faucet 1

Also be careful less to buy hose with aluminum wire, stainless steel hose is most practical.
There’s a very simple way to distinguish stainless steel from aluminum wire.
Hold the hose tightly with your hand,after releasing the hand, the hose turns black, which is the aluminum wire. No change is stainless steel.



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