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How to maintain bathroom products in winter

How to maintain bathroom products in winter.

Winter is here, we should not forget to maintain the sanitary products in the bathroom while we are changing our clothes, so that we can prolong their service life and make them better serve our lives.

Maintenance method of basin:

You can use a sponge dipped in a neutral detergent to wipe, or you can use common daily necessities such as toothpaste, washing powder, etc., to achieve a bright and clean cleaning effect. But remember not to use hardware scrubbing materials such as steel brushes and iron brushes to avoid scratching the surface of the basin, causing the surface to be rough and accumulating dirt to affect the use and other serious consequences.

Maintenance method of toilet:

The temperature of the toilet should not be lower than 0 degrees, otherwise the water in the toilet will freeze, and then squeeze the ceramic body; the overheated water can not be directly introduced into the toilet and placed under the principle of thermal explosion; do not use steel brushes The toilet is cleaned to avoid scratches.


Faucet maintenance method:

Do not use frosted rags and cleaning agents, so as not to damage the coating of the faucet and affect its brightness; in the very cold winter, when the indoor temperature is too low, you can use a soft cloth or similar objects to hug the faucet to avoid freezing and cracking Phenomenon: Do not use acidic cleaners, so as not to corrode the faucet and affect its service life.

Maintenance method of bathtub:

First of all, keep the bathtub dry after each use of the bathtub to avoid long-term water seepage and cause deformation or the surface layer to fall off and become unusable; do not use strong acid and strong alkali cleaners when cleaning to avoid corrosion of the surface of the bathtub; wipe with a soft cloth to avoid causing it Scratch, if there is a slight scratch, immediately polish it to restore the smooth surface; do not place metal objects on the surface of the bathtub to avoid rust or damage to the bathtub, which will affect its beauty and practicality.

The maintenance method of the sink:

Wipe dry with a dry cloth immediately after use to avoid surface icing and cracking; do not use steel sanitary ware to avoid scratching the surface of the sink when cleaning; you can choose to cover the sink with a layer of cloth when the indoor temperature is too low. It is insulated to avoid rupture due to low temperature.

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