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Leading U.S. Cabinetry Company Announces Closure, Top German Cabinetry Brand Sold

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★ U.S. cabinet company Tru-Wood Cabinet to fire employees and cease operations by Sept. 3

According to U.S. media reports, Tru-Wood Cabinet Company, a well-known U.S. cabinet maker, recently announced that the company will no longer accept orders for cabinet products, and it will cease all operations and fire all employees by September 3.

In a notice to employees, Butch Reimer, the company’s president and chief executive officer, said, “We will begin shutting down operations immediately, and the jobs of some employees will end by September 3, 2022.”

Leading U.S. Cabinetry Company Announces Closure, Top German Cabinetry Brand Sold - News - 1

“While we wish we could provide you with more notice of the company’s shutdown, it is not feasible to do so. Previously, Tru-Wood sought new funding and new business opportunities in an effort to keep the business a going concern. Unfortunately, on August 16, 2022 it was determined that no new funding or other business opportunities could be obtained and Tru-Wood had to be forced to shut down completely,” concluded Butch Reimer, adding that the decision to close the company was made after unsuccessful efforts to obtain new funding.

The company’s quality manager said he was not shocked to receive the information about the company’s closure, “If you understand how the business works, then it’s not surprising that it’s closing down just from that perspective.” According to the company’s website, its founding history dates back more than 50 years and it changed its name to Tru-Wood in 1990. the company experienced a wave of growth and expansion through 2019 and expanded its plants into the Midwest, adding 46 new jobs and growing its business by a record 53 percent. The company is a member of the Cabinet Manufacturers Association of America (KCMA). The company is ranked 164th on the FDMC 300 list for 2022, with estimated sales of $40 million.


★ Top German Cabinetry Brand Interlübke Sold to Bathroom Company Domovari

Schramm, the parent company of Germany’s top cabinetry brand Interlübke, recently reported that the sale of Interlübke to bathroom company Domovari is a guarantee of the former’s next safe and sustainable development.

Leading U.S. Cabinetry Company Announces Closure, Top German Cabinetry Brand Sold - News - 2

Founded in 1937, Interlübke is Germany’s top cabinetry brand. In 2012, Interlübke went through a turbulent period following a bankruptcy and a change of ownership of the company. After the Schramm family business took over in 2018, the company was able to recover and its number of employees grew to 160. Today, its owners have changed again. It is now owned by Domovari, a bathroom family business that was founded almost 30 years ago.

Martin Kaus, managing director of the Schramm Group, says he is pleased to see Domovari become the family-owned owner of Interlübke, thus further strengthening the circle of traditional mid-brand cabinetmakers. “We believe in a German production site with a business philosophy that builds secure brands, companies and products for the future. We will continue to be a reliable and strong partner for the professional trade and the end customer.” Frank Oehlke, CEO of Domovari, said in this regard.



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