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New California Regulations Will Ban The Manufacture And Sale Of Bathroom Products Without “Lead-Free” Certification

Lead is a toxin that has been associated with drinking water for decades. Recently, California officials announced that a new plumbing code signed into law in California will impose strict new restrictions on the manufacture and sale of plumbing fixtures that leach lead.

New California Regulations Will Ban The Manufacture And Sale Of Bathroom Products Without

According to the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO), California Governor Gavin Newsom has signed AB100, which sets new lead leaching standards for the state. IAPMO said The law also requires product packaging and labeling for any device used to convey or distribute water for human consumption to indicate compliance with “lead-free” standards.

“AB 100 will help reduce the risk of lead exposure in the built environment through certified ‘lead-free’ end-use devices,” said Robyn Fischer, director of government relations for IAPMO in Ontario, Calif. “This new law will complement the larger efforts underway to help protect California’s water infrastructure and underscore the state’s commitment to maintaining public health and safety.” IAPMO Executive Vice President Tom Palkon added, “We are pleased that California’s new law promotes industry-standard lead reductions so drinking water fixtures and faucets are accurately labeled.”

Notably, the recent passage of federal infrastructure legislation in the U.S. includes IAPMO-supported funding of $200 million to address lead in school drinking water systems and $11.73 billion in projects directly related to lead service line identification, planning, design and replacement.



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