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In the bathroom cabinet 1㎡ space, the

The homeowner’s expectation of life is full.

Let us enter the bathroom space of two homeowners.

Decrypt the exclusive customized formula of happiness.



Pick-Up Green

/ Healing Chinese style elegant residence /

Ada’s flower store owner

For Ada, home is not only a house but also a life that carries oil, salt, wine, and tea. She aspires to a poetic habitat and favors bright and fresh decoration styles.

For young girls like Ada who have a need for poetic atmosphere in-home space but prefer bright and fresh style, they can refer to the hot new Chinese design this year.

The new Chinese style “Pick-Up-Green” bathroom cabinet is different from the heavy and dense traditional Chinese style. It is a new interpretation of the fresh national style with light and simple design. The fresh green of cardamom full of eyes injects infinite vitality and vigor into the space.

640 1

△ Oppein bathroom’s 2021 new bathroom cabinet “Pick-Up Green”.

Urban ladies with the unique quality pursuit of life should treat life with exquisite, starting from washing and makeup in the morning. The smart mirror of runway type has the functions of flexible touch control, three shades of light, and one-touch defogging. It provides great convenience for dressing up.

640 2

There is a reasonable partition of wet and dry. Washing and storage functions are all available.

If the shelf is often wet, it is easy to grow mold and bacteria. And this bathroom cabinet is made of black gold rock board. It is easy to clean and does not hang dirt. You just need to wipe it with a rag to wipe away the dirt. This greatly reduces the stress of housework while protecting your family’s health.

640 3

Large capacity storage cabinet. This cabinet can accommodate large toiletries. The drawers can hold small items that are commonly used. This allows for scientific partitioning and fine storage, thus keeping the bathroom neat and organized.

Waterdrop fastener. This design is inspired by the cheongsam teardrop collar, interpreting the oriental softness and elegance. The door shape is designed with simple lines, outlining both rigid and soft charm.

640 7

Semi-open storage side cabinet. It can store some beauty tools, skincare products, etc. The design of the grille blocking strip is both decorative and can prevent items from falling.

640 4

The storage cabinet can store shower gel, laundry detergent, bath towels and towels, change of clothes and other large and small toiletries. “Makeup removal – wash – bath” in one step.

640 5




/ The ideal choice for the new urbanite /

Simon Senior Auditor

Because of his work, Simon travels a lot and is impressed by the design of bathroom cabinets in star hotels. He wanted to incorporate both the chic design of the hotel style and the warm atmosphere of the home into his bathroom.

If you share Simon’s preference for hotel-style luxury and chic, then the “Brindisi” bathroom cabinet is sure to be to your liking. By creating a minimalist Italian lifestyle aesthetic, it portrays the extraordinary taste of modern urban elites.

The design of the “Brindisi” bathroom cabinet is a simple silhouette outlined by geometric lines. The dark gray tone renders a stable and warm space atmosphere. A splash of retro red breaks through the dullness and metal accessories embellish the light luxury style.

640 6

△Oppein bathroom’s new 2021 bathroom cabinet “Brindisi

The new urban smart home. Get up in the morning, you just need to touch your fingertips to light up a good mood of the day. Golden crescent border micro smart round mirror. It has a unique and fashionable shape, and it can intelligently display the time and weather. It has three colors and you can dim the light as you wish. It also has the function of easy defogging with one button.

640 10

The textured rock slab replicates the natural stone texture and brings the natural language into the modern space. For the seamlessly connected rock slab integrated basin, the sewage on the countertop can be cleaned in one sweep. You no longer have to worry about hiding dirt and grime.

640 9

The design of the raised water barrier can prevent water from flowing out. These humanized details are all thoughtful considerations for life.

The hanging cabinet has 3 built-in compartments, which can be used according to the frequency of scientific regulation of daily necessities.

The champagne gold aluminum frame glass door creates a transparent view and prevents moisture intrusion. The built-in light strip is the finishing touch to make things easier to see. The light and shadow create a unique view and enjoy the brightness.

640 6

Practical side cabinets add to the storage space, where all kinds of bottles and jars can be hidden. The double veneer door panel in Yao-lime is wear and corrosion resistant, and it lasts like new.



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