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Sanzhitu CEO Han Jun: Full Bathroom Customization Is An Important Means For Bathroom Brands To Create Market Differentiation

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In recent years, with the significant improvement of national living standards, the concept of “customization” began to sweep the home improvement market. Whole house customization, cabinet customization, closet customization and other fresh words began to appear in people’s vision. The bathroom market has also ushered in the customization of the whole bathroom wind, a marketing revolution is quietly coming.

In order to control the pulse of the development of the bathroom industry and understand the marketing model under the trend of full bathroom customization, Wang Yao, a reporter of Kitchen & Bath Information, came to the marketing training meeting site at the headquarters of Dongpeng Group and interviewed the main lecturer of the training meeting – Han Jun, CEO of Sanzhitu, and let him reveal the marketing strategy under the wave of full bathroom customization for us.

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Why full bathroom customization has become the mainstream trend in the bathroom industry

“As early as 2015, there are already many sanitary brands started to do full bathroom customization. Now the full bathroom customization has become the mainstream trend of the bathroom industry, like Oppein, Arrow, Dongpeng, Aosman, Gold and so on most brands are doing full bathroom customization, just customize more and less. Some may be customized part of the overall space of the bathroom, some are customized.” Just for the Dongpeng Group headquarters for a two-hour-long marketing training Han Jun did not have the slightest tiredness, very patient to the reporter introduced the background and status of the full bathroom customization.

When talking about the full bathroom customization has become the mainstream trend of the bathroom industry, Han Jun carefully thought about it, said: “The full bathroom customization has become the mainstream market trend of the reasons, can be summarized as the following five points. The first point is the rise of the new consumer group represented by the post-90s and post-00s, which has led to the development of full bathroom customization. 90s and post-00s demand for the bathroom is not only a functional demand, but also an emotional, scene demand. In the past, the products in the bathroom are standardized configuration, and can only meet the needs of the function. That is, the toilet has the function of the toilet, bathroom cabinet has the function of the bathroom cabinet, the entire bathroom space is a simple functional patchwork. And full bathroom customization, is about the scene with. For example, single women and married women with children, their needs are not the same. Married women with children will be skin care, beauty, and care of small children are considered inside the bathroom space scenario. Single women, on the other hand, may only consider whether the bathroom space is aesthetically pleasing. This time the full bathroom custom can go to meet the needs of different people for the bathroom space scenario.

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The second point is that the consumer’s consumption level, purchasing power to promote the development of full bathroom customization. In the past, consumers tend to buy a standardized full set of sanitary products. And most bathroom brands do a standard bathroom full set of products at a price point of 5,000 to 6,000 yuan, the profit can be less. And with the consumer upgrade, today’s consumers will have a lot of their own ideas and needs for the decoration of the bathroom space. In this context, we put the bedroom space, living room space customization of some ideas and methods applied to the bathroom space. For example, the bathroom cabinet with a large storage cabinet, plus a cosmetic storage drawer, so in disguise to enhance the added value of the product. And the brand’s products are upgraded from a standardized bathroom suite that costs only 5,000 yuan to a full bathroom customization space that requires 10,000 yuan. In this way, under the same customer base, the merchant’s bill of goods value has become larger, the corresponding output value is also bigger.

The third point, because now the consumer’s design-led thinking is getting stronger, if the product is simply to do standardized placement, consumers can not meet their own personalized needs for space design. In the era of full bathroom customization, the bathroom can do a lot of design, do customization. Design is bound to have differentiation, and design differentiation is the pursuit of today’s consumers, so the dominant demand of consumers for design also promotes the development of full bathroom customization.

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The fourth point is that the entire home furnishing industry has become an inevitable trend. In this trend, the bathroom as a partial space of the whole installation, is to match the space of the whole house. The standardized bathroom package is unable to do a perfect match with the whole house style, and the whole bathroom customization can be integrated with the whole house customization scene. It can also be said that the so-called full bathroom customization, also belongs to the whole house customization. In fact, the whole bathroom customization is actually a part of the whole house customization component, it should be highly consistent with the whole home decoration environment. This is the fourth influencing factor, but also many brands into the whole bathroom customization is a very important reason.

The fifth point, because every bathroom brand is looking for their own differentiation. Now we can find that if you tear off the label of some brands, it is difficult to identify which brand this product belongs to. Because of the serious homogenization of today’s sanitary market, many brands do not belong to their own differentiated products. But after entering the custom field, the product has become a different style combination. In different style combinations inside the brand can slowly form their own differentiated genes. Therefore, full bathroom customization is an important means of creating market differentiation for each future bathroom brand. When the brand exists after the differentiation gene, even if the label is torn off we can tell which brand the product is. In summary, these five reasons constitute the fundamental impetus for the development of sanitary brands in the direction of full bathroom customization.”



How to do scenario-based marketing for full bathroom customization

As the founder of Sanzhitu shared decoration platform, Han Jun is not only proficient in business management, but also very good at “scene marketing” (Han Jun is the author of the best-selling book “Scene Marketing”). After “customization” has become the keyword of home furnishing and home decoration market, the era of scene marketing has arrived quietly. How the brand establishes the communication scene matching with consumers is the premise of successful marketing.

Han Jun said, in the background of the full bathroom customization has become the mainstream trend of the bathroom market, to do a good job scene marketing or design, you need to make efforts in the following five areas.

First, the brand should establish the whole strategy to scene with the product building system oriented, that is, with the scene to drive the product, rather than the product to drive the scene. For example, Dongpeng whole home division general manager Luo Yong, mentioned that Dongpeng designed different styles of products, such as the new Chinese style, Scandinavian style, Dongpeng whole has been useful scene driven products such a mode of thinking. Bathroom brands to have to establish the scene of thinking before designing products, such as the Scandinavian style of the scene, the use of simple lines based on the original wood. That product design should have these elements. Let the product to integrate into the design of the scene, is the first step in scene marketing and design.

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Second, the design of the whole bathroom scene must be matched with the overall decoration scene. Because the whole bathroom scene is part of the whole house decoration scene, can be perfectly integrated with the layout of the whole house scene is the basis of the whole bathroom scene to survive. So that the bathroom brand to do a good job in the whole bathroom scene, we have to interface with some decoration companies, design agencies. The whole bathroom scene design of their own brand into the decoration company’s scene design cases, so as to have a better effect of scene marketing.

Third, all the full bathroom scene should have design elements source. The brand should indicate the design source and design elements when designing the scene, and explain clearly what kind of people the whole bathroom scene is designed for, what kind of emotion they want to express, and what kind of life experience they want to convey. Only in this way can consumers better understand the product and have the desire to buy the product.

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Fourth, the layout of the product should be done. Products must be in line with the bathroom scene, but the layout of the product is more important. Because of the different ways of placement, can create different scenes. Now the bathroom in big cities is relatively small. How to rationalize the layout of the bathroom is a higher requirement for designers of full bathroom customization, and brings more challenges for them. The bathroom piping hidden design, so that bathroom products and other functional facilities in the bathroom, such as drainage systems or floor heating gas system to match, these are the need to consider inside the full bathroom custom.

Fifth, the value of the full bathroom customization to be tapped. Because consumer recognition is our ultimate goal, only to establish a full industry chain service support system from product design, to marketing, to delivery, in order to do a good job of full bathroom customization. In such a service support system, delivery service is the most important. Because custom products need to be installed, can not be designed in the company is very beautiful, but really to the consumer’s home has become a completely different. Therefore, the formation of a complete value chain from the company’s source to the hands of consumers is a prerequisite for the perfect construction of the full bathroom customization scene.

Follow the trend, follow the trend. Only in the wave of full bathroom customization to grasp the mystery of scene marketing, in order to usher in more opportunities for development.



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