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Huida Bathroom Yin Kang: Bathroom Industry Has Entered The Platform Period, Began To Find The Second Growth Curve

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The current sanitary industry is developing from block homogenization market to group heterogeneity market. The head of the market share and market concentration of enterprises continue to rise, part of the industry’s dark horse with its special products to sprint the market segments.

“Since the reform and opening up, the manufacturing industry has experienced the era of rough development of high song and frontier expansion, and has formed respective head enterprises in each field.” In an exclusive interview with Kitchen News, Huida Sanitary Executive President Yin Kang pointed out the key to the evolution of the industry.


Yin Kang believes that the current sanitary industry has entered the second stage of development. Relatively into a platform period, companies began to look for a second growth curve.

“For Huida, this 39 years, Huida has been focused on the bathroom industry. We believe that the sanitary space is far from being thorough, the industry is still relatively fragmented. And in the channel is also more diversified, still in the midst of change”, Yin Kang stressed. Any industry that is still in the midst of change, for companies in the track is to have the opportunity. As long as the transformation and upgrading to keep up, the company’s development is still promising.



The same values, to create an alliance of dealers

Bathroom retail is in an important strategic opportunity period. It is both the “red sea” is also the “blue sea”, the layout of the retail channels of various brands has increased. The competition in the new retail era, in the final analysis, is in the “faster discovery of user needs” and “better meet customer needs” on the competition.

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As of 2020, the number of Huida sanitary ware distribution stores in the territory has exceeded 2,000, a strong distribution channels for Huida brand development provides a strong force. “Values consistent” is the most fundamental and most important criteria for Huida to choose distributors. Compared to other brands, Huida bathroom does not think that investment is only “recruiting in”, investment should be more of a mutual selection process. Alliances based on the convergence of values, this relationship is the most solid.

At the same time, on the basis of investment, Huida sanitary ware believes that stable business is greater than investment. Support policy, Huida sanitary ware held a number of training activities each year to help dealers operate. In the brand publicity, Huida upgraded a new brand image. It signed a Chinese girl volleyball, selected CCTV big brand, to give dealers enough confidence. In the store layout, one after another is helping dealers to update the store image, so that the new Huida presented in every corner of the city.

In addition to the values and business management philosophy of recognition, the dealer’s motivation to join also comes from the confidence in Huida bathroom product power.



Digging deeper into the industry potential, aiming at the new ecology of the balcony

In order to sustain growth, companies must be product innovation and business model, process, and service innovation, to make better integration.

As an extension of the indoor category and upgrade the space, the balcony space has become a new track Huida targeting. Yin Kang pointed out: “We also have the original balcony cabinet category, but this time to increase the investment in this segment. Balcony space is dominated by small businesses due to its own customization and localization services. So in the emergence of large-scale manufacturing, it is difficult for these companies to solve the conflicts arising from customization and local service.”

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Due to the low threshold of the balcony cabinet industry, the customer unit value is relatively small, and there are problems such as mixed, slow customization, high cost of the entire balcony cabinet industry, the processing of artificial stone pedestal basin is not environmentally friendly and serious pollution and other outstanding problems. One of the most critical is precisely scenario-based innovation and breakthrough. In this regard, Yin Kang said, based on a very deep understanding of customer needs, Huida’s revolutionary and innovative solutions for SMC assembled custom balcony cabinets, can be quickly realized and delivered.

Assembled interior technology is a strategic “new weapon” for Huida bathroom to fight the market. This provides a strong background support for Huida to achieve the scale of assembly of custom balcony cabinets.

Compared with smaller-scale competitive manufacturers, large-scale organizations have more resources, more talent, and access to a wider market.

Huida balcony cabinets use polymer aerospace SMC materials for their basins. They are molded by high pressure and high temperature of die casting. They are non-toxic and odorless, and the whole production process is environmentally friendly and efficient. They are molded in one piece. It takes only 8 minutes to produce a basin. The basins are easy to cut and angle cut on site for quick size customization. The cabinets are of assembled, modular construction. They are made of bamboo wood fiber panels that produce negative ions and environmentally friendly, easy-to-process aluminum cabinet frames. Installation can be completed in 5 minutes by a single person.They are fearless of sunlight exposure, high temperature resistance, non-toxic, odorless, non-yellowing and other characteristics. They are favored by the majority of customers and consumers.

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Enterprise innovation is only one side of the coin, innovation brought to the ground is the other side of the coin. For Huida, product innovation is not just limited to the constant introduction of conceptual new products, but will have innovative technology to achieve market transformation of the product. “This year, a number of Huida bathroom products won the German IF, Red Dot Design Award. We hope that the product in addition to meet the needs of the diversified direction, but also to meet the criteria of the direction of the immediate needs”, said Yin Kang.



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