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Some tips about the hand shower

When we bought a hand shower, sometimes we encountered such a situation. After we turned off the hand shower, water dripped occasionally, or after a period of time, it suddenly started dripping water. This situation not only wastes water, but also the sound of dripping water. It’s irritating.

This usually happens, and many people think that it is a quality problem of the hand shower, but often the problem cannot be solved after the shower is replaced. So what is the reason for the leakage of the hand shower?

After the hand shower is turned off, the water leakage is actually the water stored in the top spray and the hand shower tube. After the hand shower is turned off for a while, the sudden leakage is because the air pressure and atmospheric pressure in the shower are in equilibrium at the beginning, so the water inside is temporarily It won’t flow out, but after a period of time it loses its balance, the water will flow out.

Solution to water leakage problem

1.The leakage of the hand shower turned to the ball

For the leakage at the steering ball, the operation is actually very simple. We just need to open the steering ball, find the O-ring or a similar seal, and finally install the hand shower.

2.Leakage at the hand shower handle connection

If you find that there is a leak in the handle connection of your hand shower, then repurchase the shower hose and faucet directly according to the original specifications and replace the rubber ring.

3.Grit or sediment in the hand shower

If the leak in your shower is due to some leakage in the hand shower, then we can first clean the shower, if necessary, soak the parts with vinegar, and scrub such parts, Take care not to damage it. If the replaced part shows signs of excessive wear, then repurchase the part. If the rotary handle does not move smoothly, the entire hand shower needs to be replaced.

4.Hand shower blocked

Sometimes when we use the hand shower, we will find that the thickness of the water flowing from the hand shower is mixed, and the water output will become smaller, so the hand shower may be blocked. Generally, because the water we use contains more alkali, the scale is deposited in the water outlet , Causing the hand shower to become clogged. It is also very easy to solve. For a hand shower designed with silica gel particles, just knead it gently. If the scale is serious, you can use a plastic bag to hold white vinegar, soak the hand shower and soak it in water for a while, then rinse it with water. This can easily solve the problem of water leakage from the hand shower.

So for the situation we mentioned above, what you need to know is that this may not be the quality of the shower. For the specific situation of the leak, patiently find the cause of the leak and replace the worn parts in time.





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