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Teach You How To Choose A Quality Faucet

When purchasing an ordinary Faucet Market In addition to the appearance, the most important thing is to choose the quality. High-quality water should pay attention to the following 6 methods and steps.

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1, Look at the surface of LED faucet .

Surface water usually uses nickel-chromium plating technology, normal product requirements are relatively high, the surface gloss uniformity, no burr, porosity, spots and other oxidation phenomena.

2, Handle

The upper part of the main components of the valve box is generally made of brass casting, brass plating quality is better, the surface layer is not easy to corrode. Poor quality products are used in some places to replace alloy materials and engineering plastics to reduce costs, so that the service life and quality will be greatly reduced. It is recommended to try to use brass material faucet when buying. A larger proportion of brass can be used to evaluate the heavy brass, held in the hand is heavy, can feel the presence of gravity. Low-density alloy material is soft to the touch and gravity is even. Engineering plastic is light in the hand.

In addition, direct contact with drinking water of the national standard components, do not allow the use of zinc alloy materials.

3、Listen to the sound

A good leader should be a whole cast brass, brass emits a dull sound. If the sound is clear, usually stainless steel or alloy material, the quality is poor to a new level.

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4, Touch corner seams

The good faucet has a rounded edge, no burrs, sharp edges, etc.. In addition, the seams between the main components are very tight, no loosening phenomenon.

5, Check valve accessories

Quality is the key to antique faucet sales The valve spool on the valve, the faucet’s process is accurate, swinging can feel loose but not tight, lightweight, not clogged.

In addition, the ceramic of the faucet is easy to roll crack, should pay attention to the filter function, so as not to affect the service life.

6, Look at the warranty card and identification mark

Light factory generally to carry out the strength, shower faucet Inspection of traffic performance, noise, life, regular manufacturers of products and warranty cards and manufacturers of brand identity and after-sales service in relation to the details of the product. Although some informal products are often affixed to some paper labels, but be careful when buying.


How To Choose Into The Wall Bathtub Faucet

The so-called in-wall installation actually means concealed installation, that is, the water supply pipe fittings buried in the wall, the appearance can only see a faucet and switch. How to choose into the wall bathtub faucet one, up to see how Sohu.com is to analyze the weapons for you.

1, Faucet embedded in the installation needs to be placed on the wall accessories are not much, but the general accessories can not be easily replaced after installation. It is best to choose some products of excellent quality. This requires a full understanding of such faucets and accessories before purchase.

Teach You How To Choose A Quality Faucet - Blog - 3

2, When you purchase a waterfall faucet to start trying. The main thing to try is whether the switch handle is convenient, not only to choose the artistic style, but also to ignore the practicality of the product. Generally, a good quality faucet switch, is relatively smooth, with no resistance, but the poor quality faucet is not the same. Also if you choose induction into the wall faucet, be sure to try to sense whether the switch is sensitive. You should know that many faucets on the market its sensitivity are quite poor, not only to play the role of water-saving but also inconvenient to use.

3, Faucet pieces into the wall size are fixed. After installation, it is good or bad with the matching basin, bathtub and another related size, so when buying, must first understand their bathroom space in the basin and bathtub distance from the wall, so that in the choice of the faucet, the length of the spout has an accurate choice of requirements, the faucet spout can not be close to the edge of the basin or bathtub, otherwise, it will affect the convenience of use.

4, In the purchase of such faucets, it is recommended that the best choice of copper materials or ceramic spool faucets is good. Because its sealing performance is good, wear and tear, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, in short, it has a long service life.

5, Try to choose the regular bathroom brand manufacturers to buy. Once the faucet into the wall is decorated, it is not easy to replace or repair, so be sure to sign a service contract with customer service when you buy to ensure follow-up use.



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