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Hometriangle Design Tips. Easy To Clean Bathroom And Types Of Wall-Mounted Faucets

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People don’t like to clean their bathrooms. You don’t have to be ashamed of it. We understand that you definitely have better things to do with your time. When you don’t have a housekeeper and have to do your own cleaning, design choices can have a huge impact on daily cleaning. That’s why HomeTriangle has come up with strategies that will not only help you get a bathroom that looks and feels like a dream, but will also make cleaning as easy as possible.

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Say no to grouting

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The part of the bathroom I hate cleaning is the part where I have to scrub the grout lines. You can save yourself by using a solid surface instead of your walls. From slate to Caesarstone to vinyl walls, you have a plethora of options. Painting your bathroom walls with a specially formulated paint is also another great option instead of opting for grout.


Use linear drains

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Installing linear drains instead of the old traditional drains will ensure that your shower floor has a flat slope in one direction. This is very useful because you can install large format floor tiles directly into the shower instead of using small mosaic tiles to accommodate a slope in multiple directions.


Try Saying No to Glass

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Cleaning glass can be almost as difficult and off-putting as scrubbing grout. So, consider eliminating the need for glass partitions by strategically placing the shower in a corner of a wet area. Large format tile and slab countertops can help make your bathroom low-maintenance. Another option you may want to consider is a handheld showerhead.


Go with a frameless design

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One of the biggest junk magnets in the bathroom is the aluminum frame around the glass shower door. Frameless glass means you can wipe it clean with a simple sheet. We also recommend that you check with the manufacturer about the various coating options available on glass that repel water and soap scum. Or, if you hate cleaning glass and you don’t think a wet room is for you, you might consider using a shower curtain. One of the benefits of using a shower curtain is that the fabric visually brings warmth to the décor.


Get everything off the floor

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When people hate cleaning grout or glass, it’s obvious they hate cleaning toilets. Personally, I hate using my hands and knees to clean a toilet that’s crammed into a tight space with horrible, curvy shapes on the sides. That’s why we recommend wall-mounted toilets and lavatory units, which are easier to reach all around. If, for some reason, you don’t have a wall-mounted toilet, we recommend a model with smooth edges so that you don’t create a lot of dust and dirt.


Wall-mounted faucets

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Wall-mounted faucets are perfect because they take the water and soap residue away from the faucet instead of collecting it on the base. It’s also easier to wipe down the countertop because wall-mounted faucets are visible to it at a glance. If you follow us, you know we absolutely love anything seamless and minimalist, like the picture below.


Everything has to have a place

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Last but not least, the thing that makes cleaning your bathroom easier is having a designated spot for everything you want to put in it. When you have a specific place for the things you want to put, you can stop thinking about where to put them and organizing messy drawers to make room.


Wall Mounted Kitchen Faucets

There are basically two main criteria to consider when choosing a wall-mounted faucet for your bathroom: functionality and aesthetics. The faucet should be designed so that it complements the décor of the bathroom.

Also, the choice of faucet must essentially be made with function in mind. Saying that in the bathroom should do the trick. It is a space-saving feature that has free counter area so that you get more space.

The location of the faucet, slightly higher, enables you to put the sink For example, if in the bathroom people just wash their hands, then a standard faucet works well.

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Types Of Wall-Mounted Faucets

There are two types of faucets that are mounted on the wall. One type is a bathroom faucet and the other is a kitchen faucet. Then these types may include the difference between the design and the type of spray head. Let’s get to know the main types of kitchen faucets.

Types of wall-mounted faucets

– Wall Mounted Kitchen Faucet with Spout – Delta Wall Mounted Kitchen Faucet

– Delta wall-mounted kitchen faucet-

– Wall-mounted kitchen faucet with single handle-

– The best types of wall-mounted utility faucets

– Wall-mounted kitchen faucet with pull-out spray

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– Moen Wall Mounted Kitchen Faucet

– Wall-mounted kitchen faucet with soap dish-

– Long Neck Wall Mounted Kitchen Faucet

However, if it is a sink basin that you often use for facial conditioning, shaving, etc., a spacious vessel will help you work comfortably. Therefore, this suggests that a wall

Wall-mounted kitchen faucets are suitable for any size of home

Wall-mounted kitchen faucets are not only suitable for small spaces but are also beneficial to add to larger premises. These are made of maintenance free ceramic material that prevents the faucet from leaking.

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There are different well known companies like Delta Wall Mounted Kitchen Faucet, Moen Wall Mounted Kitchen Faucet and Danzer Kitchen Faucet as well. Let’s learn about the main types of wall mounted kitchen faucets.

Features of Wall Mounted Kitchen Faucets

These designs usually include two handles and a spout that is arched or even angled upward. Such bathrooms present a luxurious feel while maintaining a functional look.

Some wall-mounted kitchen faucets have pull-out spouts that Will ensure easy cleaning. The installation promises a tidier cooking space and a water delivery mechanism that is simpler to separate than standard faucets.

Online Stores and Sellers of Wall Mounted Faucets

There are several sppliers that offer discounts on such purchases online. You will find some wall mounted kitchen faucets with spray heads and some wall mounted kitchen faucets with soap dish options as well.

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Bes types of wall mounted utility faucets

Make sure you do your research before making such a purchase as these come with expensive pricing depending on the features and brand in the industry. The rising popularity of these designs is sure to keep the wall mounted bathroom faucet installation rage in the market for a long time.

If you, like many others, want to equip your bathroom with wall mounted faucets, we have listed the top three products below. Or you can take a look at my faucet comparison chart.

Wall-mounted faucet design

Modern faucets offer an aura of incredible elegance and sophistication to the bathroom, making the most of interior design. There are chrome wall mounted faucets, Delta wall mounted kitchen faucets and Moen wall mounted kitchen faucets.

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These faucets offer great one or two handles that give a unique and sleek look which is also a superior space saver.

Wall-mounted faucet spouting

Wall Mount Faucet Spouting Technology The spouting technology of the faucet is amazing and its controlled flow allows for comfortable use. Wall-mounted bathroom faucets can be installed in multiple locations within a space. I Properly wall-mounted utility faucets not only enhance aesthetics, but provide a sleek look. As a result, even the most boring designs add a modern touch.

Variety of Wall Mounted Bathroom Faucet Designs

Wall-mounted bathroom faucets have recently made a comeback with the advanced customization of homes and commercial spaces. The emergence of several designs in the industry has found suitors for the amazing styles of bathroom faucets. Take a look at retail stores and online to get an idea of the vast array of designs that are available.

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Experts in the field will give you an accurate idea of the styles that must be included in your bathroom renovation or installation job. Of course, professional services specialize in easy wall mounted bathroom faucet installation. The cost will vary depending on the complexity of the job. The task will take anywhere from a few hours to several hours, again depending on the procedure.

Final Thoughts

If you think that wall mounted faucets can only enhance the look of a space, then you are definitely focusing on the aesthetic part of the installation. These faucets are far more functional than the standard variety, as well as the space usage regulations, which is an added benefit.

There are different companies of top kitchen faucets, such as Moen wall mounted kitchen faucets. You only need to finance the best one for your kitchen or bathroom. Choose from an array of exclusive styles of kitchen accessories in the line. These are usually built-in Kohler wall mount kitchen faucets, Delta wall mount kitchen faucets.



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